How I entertain my 11 month old / Developmental games for 11 month +

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hey everyone and welcome back to my

channel i hope you guys have had an

amazing week and for those who don't

know me i'm angela

and this is my little girl aurora

yes say hello


um in today's video i am going to show

you some developmental games

that i play with my 11 month old

finger painting


this is such a quick and easy activity

and works a treat at meal time

if your little one doesn't want to stay

in their high chair all you need is some

food coloring in some water

then put little droplets on their tray

and watch them use their pointer finger

to drag the droplets around

once it's all done wipe and repeat

they will end up with a coloured

fingertip that easily washes out a




pattern and shape recognition

puzzles provide a great opportunity for

bubs to develop pattern and shape


they are heaps of fun and offer a range

of benefits for your baby's brain

development as well

for example hand-eye coordination fine

motor skills

and problem solving just to name a few


sorting baskets are another great way

for bubs to develop pattern and shape



to start all you'll need is two baskets

or containers

fill one with objects of the same colour

and the other with objects of a

different colour

keep it simple to start you can increase

with difficulty

as they get more confident then give

above an object

and ask them to put it in the matching


blue yep blue and yellow

green green put the green on the green

music time


you can pretty much use anything you

find around the mouse

i've used muffin tins to make these


containers utensils and good

old-fashioned pots and pans for drums

we also use sensory bottles the

favorites of course

are the ones that make noise this one's

pretty simple

it's just rice in a water bottle jeremy

it makes a really good moroccan

the pink container is just an empty

nappy sand container with some of her

plastic swords

to make a deeper sound water play


now that we're heading into summer in

australia water play is a great way to

keep cool

be able to still get outside and have

some fun


you don't even need anything fancy a lot

of fun can be had with just a bucket of


what's in the bucket


you can also chuck some balls in there

for some extra fun


oh is that delicious is that delicious

oh thank you

putting objects into containers

now putting things into containers can

be quite a fascinating task for your

little one

so why not make a game out of it

for this activity you can use a range of

different containers

and objects to put inside for example

this whale that i got from kmart


muffin tin with sensory balls


put the toy inside put the toy

nappy sand container and her shapes put

another toy

toy are you gonna put the lid on

two containers and transfer objects

between them


now that my little one can put objects

into containers

and gives me objects when i say tar

i have started introducing the pack up


we sing it packing up packing up packing


time but there are plenty of cool songs

on youtube

pop it in the bucket


yes just keep in mind that it's supposed

to be fun

so it may take a long time they may put


in and then take it out again and then

put it back in again and then take it

out again

it might mess everything up after it's

clean yeah

pop it in pop it in the box


thanks everyone for watching i hope you

enjoyed the video

don't forget to subscribe bye bye