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but I was always let's write to the

topic and net as general orders there's

a kid that posted out there on the

reddit saying he's having a hard time

learning general orders because he's

playing too much PlayStation and hanging

out with his family now I want to say

this is very basic you need to know this

it's going to be in boot camp it's going

to be in a school it's going to be when

you get your warfare pins it's going to

be there as you're about to get signed

off for watch it's going to be there on

your different sailor of the quarter

boards that they'll help you look better

advance against your peers these are

very basic questions that you should

know now the general orders are

typically very hard to learn because

they are out of context it's hard to put

into words what is actually happening

and maybe understanding layman's terms

which I'm going to break down here for

you will help you out I don't want you

guys to be overburdened by this you're

probably asking do I need to learn it

well why do something later that you

could do now learn it now have it your

head before you go to boot camp and it's

way easier and if you don't learn them

that's fine because guess what you're

just gonna be working out a lot so I

hope you enjoy working out because trust

me you're gonna get dropped if you don't

know this stuff it will also be on your

questions that when you get the the

uniform inspections done so if you miss

a question that's a hit you only miss so

many hits as far as what is going on and

then inspection uniform wise and then if

your questions wrong - that's just

another easy thing that you could get

right let's get into the video is

literally the basis of what you are

going to do while you're on duty

standing the watch as somebody in the

military the basics the first one take

charge of this post an all government

property view you are literally standing

there standing guard

everything you see your a Lion King

pretty much that's your land oops

everything the light touches is our

kingdom when you're standing watch you

can't just stand there and not move you

have to also patrol like a perimeter

right like that's what this is about is

you taking a watch or a duty ensuring

security of whatever you're in charge of

so you walk and as you're walking are

you gonna be staring at the ground

no you're going to be actually looking

for what's going on for example you're

walking around your ship you're looking

for suspicious stuff that's going to

happen make sense so this is part of the

story of your 11 Tudor orders

lock it down and you see little Johnny

you know doing something he's not

supposed to what are you going to do

because obviously your second juror

order you are they're walking to check

if there is anything going on the third

one report all violations of orders

you're instructed to enforce say the CEO

says smoking lamp is out and so on so is

smoking I don't know I'm making stuff up

as I go

you're are you just gonna take the

information do nothing with it

no that leads to the fourth one fourth

one is repeat all cause more descent

from the guardhouse on my own

Oh go figure you take that information

and you're gonna pass it on to someone

else that needs to know now that this

one to quit your posts only one properly

relieved you've done your duties you've

walked around you are going to be

relieved to go on break go to lunch not

be on duty anymore and pass off the guy

that's probably late now this rolls into

the sixth one whenever you are actually

going to have a duty you need to have a

turnover now in order to have a proper

turnover you need to tell somebody all

the way from the commanding officer down

the chain of command gonna take all the

information of the people that are above

you use a little Johnny seaman and say I

will obey those things Roger that I'm

taking the watch that is what you're

doing in number six now out of order

that seven can't really fit anywhere

else I'll be on

you can't fit this into the story seven

talk to nobody except in the line of

duty but booty Duty I don't know

remember something eight is to give the

alarm in case of fire or disorder again

not really in order I wit could be part

of the reporting stuff this is specific

to fire and disorder but say somebody's

rear bumpers and they're not doing what

they're supposed to on the ship and

you're gonna report it that's pretty

much what you're doing here now if it

doesn't fall under you know fire or

disorder or something that's covered

that your CEO is telling you number nine

is called the officer of the deck and

then the case not covered by

instructions so now let's get into ten

all right so the way I look at it is

like a duty day your instant goes up the

ensign goes down every day at sunrise

and sunset so number ten to smooth all

officers and all colors in Sanders our

case colors is what's happening on the

flag raises and lowers duty cruise

typically the person's gonna raise and

lower any ensign for sunrise and sunset

so that is the end of the day time when

the instant the flag goes down at night

because at sunset this leads you to the

11th General Order to be especially

watchful at night because it's night

time now so the out of these I can't

create a story out of seven eight or if

kind of those three are going to be

where it's kind of hard for most people

I can tell a story with those and then

10 and 11 but if you can find a way to

remember seven eight nine do it please

I think it's important to give context

as far as what the General Orders are

what they mean and go through I don't

want you to nuke this with remembering

random stuff for example the thing I'm

looking at just to make sure I had

everything in order just so I don't give

any bad information

exactly number five to what your posts

aren't properly relieved they said hint

you quit work at 5:00 and I'm like when

you learn these it's good to remember in

order one two three four five six seven

eight nine ten eleven that is cool a lot

of people do the mistake of trying to go

through different

once from the start and just remember

them out of order remember them from 1

to 11 at first then go from 11 to 1

because if you can learn forwards

backwards backwards forwards and then go

all around that information you will

know that you have mastered it because

then it's actually in here now I want to

talk a little bit about why people have

a tough time remembering this this is

because you sit at home you're bored you

don't have any incentive or push to get

you to learning this skill of

remembering random information verbatim

is something you'll need to know in boot

camp a school and the fleet your surface

pins everything it the military has

taught me how to learn random

information I don't know how that is for

you but I'm going to give some tips so I

will talk about my own personal

experience as someone that's been

through over to nap years of military

training and education so a lot of

people mix up active learning and

passive learning now past it is like I

read an article and I don't have to

really test on it I just read over and

Ike I got the gist of it but if I had to

take a test on it or actually

regurgitate verbally what was happening

I couldn't do it in a coherent manner he

discerned that passive like floating of

information and to active it is in your


ok a lot of people that are in depth

that are going to be wanting to do the

same thing as you learn their general

orders you may be leaving towards the

same date if you're in the military you

are not going to be in the military by

yourself you're not gonna be just alone

and afraid in the dark you need to learn

how to make friends in your depth a

group you need to learn how to make

friends while you're in the military

because you are not gonna make it

through this entire thing alone that is

just the nature of the beast and you

will need to learn this my suggestion is

if you learn with somebody it will click

better because you will know what

they're better and they will know what

you're better and they will audit you as

to what you are good and bad at that way

it's like I'm not gonna ask you general

order number one because you've already

known to take charge of this post you

know that so why am I going to ask

again a lot of people will repeat things

that they feel confident about because

they give themselves a pat on the back

and say oh I know that don't do that you

need to audit yourself from what you

know and don't know a lot of people have

an ego while they're learning to not

really do that and just be like well I'm

good at this

no stop doing that use someone else as

your partner to engage you when you are

doing that another thing is there is

context to why you learn but for example

if you're studying with somebody and

something funny happened on number seven

talk to no one except in the line of

duty and someone says talk to no one

except to the line of Booty you know

what I mean like something funny where

you're like oh I'm never gonna forget

that now seven duty booty okay I don't

know I'm just gonna remember that and

you'll remember this stuff just out of

pure like storytelling there are several

ways to obtain information I personally

hate writing stuff because your hands

are gonna hurt if you write enough I

think a lot of people end up passively

just writing words on a piece of paper

without actually knowing them and on top

of that you will never have to write

your general orders you are going to say

them every time I'm a person where I

believe if you are going to learn

something learn it how you're gonna

perform it so if you have to verbally

say the general orders verbatim I need

you to learn those verbatim so for me I

stand around walking bouncing a ball I

do something repetitive just to like

fidget with something I'll just say it

over and over and over again and then

once that mess-up at general order four

or five then I'll say okay I need to

revert back I'm gonna start back over

again so that way I keep in graining

every single time so I hope this video

helps some of you guys out maybe with

some tips or tricks cuz I honestly don't

think high school is going to teach a

lot you guys how to study first stuff

that the military wants you to do a lot

of this verbatim stuff you just high

school doesn't really ingrain that in

you unless you maybe have to learn lines

for a play or something so if you like

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