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Hey guys welcome to my channel I know you are struggling to learn new words in English or in any language

I know how it feels when in a day you feel like dozens of new words they come into your brain

And then they just get wiped away, and you never use them again. I've learned three foreign languages, and I know how it feels

So today

I'm going to talk about methods that are going to help you memorize the words and actually with these methods

You can learn thousands of new words in a day, so if you're interested, please continue watching this video

Method number one

When you learn a new word

Make sure that you've learned all of the forms of it for example

There are some words in English that can be used both as a noun which is an object as a verb which is an action

for example milk


Milk is a drink comes from a cow but to milk is actually a verb and it means to get milk out of a cow

To milk seems obvious and you've already known the word milk but yeh

There's another meaning so many words like that the most obvious ones are for example

Love hope kiss dry work, and there are many many more, so you learned one word

But you actually learned two words

Number two there are words that end with deep i/o and for example

ambition guess what in many languages especially across Europe and maybe South America they might sound

Completely the same for example ambition Spanish ambition correct me if I'm wrong. I've never learned Spanish, but I'm trying for you guys

I know there are a lot of Spanish speakers watching ambition in German

I'm beat Sione in Italian basically these words are gonna sound pretty much the same other words that I can use



motivation motivate seonil

dissertation profession portion intonation

Conventions sanction and many many many other words write down the list of them

They're all gonna be the same so the trick is all the words that end with

Tion in English I'm gonna sound pretty much the same in your language number three

Oh my god is my favorite whenever you learn a new word google it first and go to the images section

You know why cuz sometimes you're gonna see pictures that are gonna remind you of characters or things you've seen before

And you've named before and they're just the same as the word that you're learning for example

Spear which is a weapon hello Britney Spears has the same last name?

And I've actually used the word spear like thousands of times in my life because I love Britney Spears another word is

Beetle and beetle is the small bug that can but youth applies

Whatever a beetle and the first thing that comes to my mind and the Google will show you is New Beetle car by Volkswagen

the car the small nice car you know that was this computer game when I was like 10 years old and

You ran away from like police in Chicago

So they always used Volkswagen New Beetle

And yes hello

I've been using this word for like hundreds of times in my life another great example is Gosling and

Gosling is a baby goose and yes, Ryan Gosling hello, Ryan, baby. Goose you'll remember this forever

Method number four what you need to remember is that words in English have several meanings

And those meanings can be completely different

So make sure you learn at least two or three of those meanings for example

the word - fire - fire means to let somebody go for example an employee you're

Fired at the same time the noun fire

You know flames all of that if we talk about a word date

so to date means to go out with a loved one or with the person you really fancy, then a date itself is a

Date itself is an action when you go out with somebody you love date is also

This fruit or berry whatever they sell a lot of them like a fig a date

And there is another meaning a date can be a day in a calendar again

You have like this word, but you actually have four different words

Another example is to miss and to miss miss miss miss bus when you lost the bus it is gone when you miss somebody

You really long to see them and miss is a girl so Miss marina McGill go for example

number five one of the easiest ones

Because there are so many words that sound pretty much the same in every single language

and you don't even need to translate or

adjust them or whatever you just

Pronounce them in an American Way or pronounce them in a British way whatever you want to sound for example

aquarium in Russians a caballo in terminates at washing and French

I don't know, but you got what I mean other great examples are

antidepressants avocado

Caramel cocktails candle Oregon is and I can go on and on and that would be like hundreds of words sound

Exactly the same as in many other languages, and that's a very important

Recorder yes another very important rule when it comes to learning new words is having this safety net

And this is the way I define 100 most commonly used words in the English language

And if you know I have released a video about those 100 words if you know those 100 words you actually know

50% of all written English and those words include

I me her female government and there are hundreds of those, please

Watch the video if you haven't watched it yet and please write down all of those words

And they're gonna be really useful for you because you're gonna feel safer

You're gonna feel more relaxed when you have them because they just help you formula speech

rule number seven

Sometimes worse that we know and that might sound pretty easy

Conform different expressions like for example nuts nuts are things that we eat

But you can also say

Are you nuts? Are you not this doesn't mean?

I use like this thing that you can eat

This means have you gone crazy?

There are so many expressions like that in English so again when you're learning a new word make sure you know everything that is

connected with it whether it has other forms whether yes are the meanings or maybe it is used in a completely different way in a

Different expression and that's a great example. I feel blue. It doesn't mean that I feel like a blue color. It means I feel sad

An expression that you should learn is I'm all ears which means I'm listening carefully

Well, then I am all ears

This is how we go to the next method when you really like a phrase or a word or anything

Try to use it straight away for example if you are enjoying watching this video if you think that

Things that I say make sense you can comment below marina

I was all ears while I was watching your video or just marina

I'm all ears which means for me that you liked the content, which means that you were listening attentively maybe writing things down

So you're ready in common, but you are actually

practicing and you making your brain train with this new word you making it memorize it even more and

My last advice yes

We've talked about a lot of words that sound the same in many languages, but there are also false friends

I was really really embarrassed when I was using

Eventually in German, there's the word sounds like event 2l

And I thought it has the same meaning as in English so for example in English eventually

Means in the end in German event 2l means perhaps, so it's just a completely different meaning

And there is the same thing with the word actual so actual and English means current

And there is a would act Oh al I'm sorry for my pronunciation

Act to ila in Spanish and in Spanish it means real not current. Be aware of those false friends

Just double-check anything you say

But at least when you're learning when you're in the middle of a class make sure to double check it never never hurts all right

These were the methods that would help you

Accelerate in learning a language that will help you learn hundreds and thousands of new words a day, please

Let me know if you like this video. I'm looking for your comment

I was all yours for you know like it if you enjoyed the content

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