The First 100 Signs You Need to Know!

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you are going to set the foundation for your sign language learning.

How are you going to do this?

By learning the first 100 signs that you need to know, hi,

I'm Rachelle or are new to my channel.

This channel is all about learning sign language,

not just sign language but sign language in the way you're going to see it in

the real world as well as learning about deaf culture and getting tons and tons

of practice in. When you subscribe,

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Click this link to receive the checklist for all 100 signs that you'll learn

today as well as access to the receptive quiz video.

We I break down the signs and show the movement a little more closely.

Give tips on how to remember how to do it,

how you're going to see it in the real world versus how you'll see it in the

dictionary today.

Since we're doing a hundred signs in one video for the sake of brevity,

there's not going to happen today.

I'll show you the same the couple times each and then we'll move onto the next


If there are signs that you need greater clarification for,

please put it down in the comments below. And I can also,

and I'll also leave links to videos that will explain some of these signs in

greater detail. Now let's get started.

Thank you so much for watching.

Don't forget to either click this link or the one down in the description to

access the checklist that accompanies the hundred signs.

You can get a list of all hundred signs that are in this video as well as

directions on how best to learn them and to know them and what that means to

know signs. Okay. And along with that checklist,

you also get access to the receptive quiz video so that you can not only know

how to sign the science using this video and keep track of them using the

checklist, but you will also be able to test yourself,

test your receptive skills. Oh,

how well you can recognize the signs that are being signed to you without being

told what the sign is and out of order so you don't know what to expect.

This receptive quiz,

we'll let you know that you're ready to move on to the next step and learning

ASL before you move on.

Make sure you master these 100 signs. They, as I said at the beginning,

they are your foundation.

This is going to set you up to success later on.

As you keep learning and learning and learning,

you always have these hundred signs to build upon.

We'll have this foundation that's going to support you as you signed in

conversations with new deaf friends or people that you meet that are also going

sign language. If you want extra practice,

be sure and join my practice community that is free to join that.

You can pop in there, ask questions,

get get feedback and show off your skills and meet some friends who practice

with. I'll see you over in the group. Be sure to download. Again,

thank you so much for your time and for watching,

and I hope this was helpful to you. I'll talk to you later. Bye.