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come on Enid baby how do you mama pickle



where is your head right here is your

belly what about your hands yeah

it's so smart


hey guys welcome to today's blog I woke

up with a super like stuffy nose this

morning so if I sound congested it's

because I am on Instagram I told you

guys I had a sore throat

earlier in the week it was like really

really bad like I could barely even like

swallow without it being like super

super painful and now it looks like I'm

just a little bit congested so things

have been a little bit rough this week

dealing with a toddler and a cold it's

definitely not fun so the focus of

today's vlog it's gonna be something

that you guys have asked me for non-stop

like hands down every single time that I

put up on Instagram I'm like what do you

guys want to see from my channel this is

the number one response that I get I get

so many of you guys asking me how I

teach rightly all the things that she

knows you guys are always like can you

just film a video telling us how you get

ready to be so smart so that's what

we're gonna be doing today we're gonna

be hanging out at the house I'm gonna be

showing you just like some of the

activities and stuff that I do with

variety to teach her all of the animal

sounds and all the words that she knows

friendly how do you say Papa that's

probably the first thing that you guys

should know for every single time that

you guys see her actually saying words

and actually saying animal noises and

things like that there are plenty of

times that I ask her to do it and she

does not respond by the way I'm obsessed

with her new little doll I showed you

guys yesterday on Instagram but she is

so cute her name is Zoe Louise and she's

from my petite collection they have a

couple different dolls they have like a

cat but I loved this little toy I love

the colors on her and she is just so

cute so she is Riley's new friend she's

fascinated by this little pillow that I

bought for her room since we're like

updating her room I bought this little

pillow yesterday at Walmart I thought it

was so cute and then look at her PJs I

bought these on Amazon it was a set of

two it has this like little unicorn

cupcake and then it also has like a

unicorn one so those are really cute so

I'll leave those link down below here

are your magnets just play with your

magnets I've shown you guys these

magnets before she's about to like start

standing up she's done it a couple times

but these are the Melissa and Doug

magnets and we love these and they have

a whole bunch of different sets but we

like the animal ones because we've been

practicing just like different animals

so I will spend a lot of time just like

going through the

and just being like okay this is a lion

showing her the lion this is a lion how

does a lion go roar and then which one

is that one how does the elephant go and

that's how the elephant goes

so I'll just look at these and just say

the names of them and then say like what

they sound like I have no idea what a

giraffe sounds like so she just knows

that - giraffe this is also like just a

baking sheet because it's magnetic so I

just put it out so she can practice

putting them on the baking sheet Riley

where's the sheep the sheep goes baa but

where is a sheep so sometimes I'll just

like mix them all together either here

on the floor and then I'll just ask her

to find certain animals right now she

wants to play with her other toys but

the whole point of like these magnets

and stuff like that like when you're

trying to get them to learn words and

sounds and things like that is that

you're just gonna repeat yourself a

million times and half the time they're

gonna look at you like what the heck are

you talking about lady but I find that

over time like she understands more and

over time she starts recognizing things

so don't get frustrated if you're

looking at your kid and you're like

horse horse this is a horse the horse

goes neigh neigh and they're just like

they can't repeat it or they can't say

it like it takes time another toy that

we really like which I've shown you guys

before but this is called AC confined I

think they're a play inside I don't know

I will link it down below cuz I found it

on Amazon but this is another really

cute toy that has like animal sound so

like it has you know you can point it

towards a horse and then you pull on it

and then it makes a sound and she seems

to really like that Riley how does a cow

go Riley where's the cat can you find

the cat where's the cat no I don't feel

like it okay naina yeah so this one has

like all the farm animals here and then

you flip it and it has like more animals

gonna do the elephant yeah what about

the monkey you see the monkey

so I've also shown you guys this little

book which we love and I will spend a

lot of time just going through the

different pages and asking her to find

different things like first obviously I

have to teach her like I have to say

okay this is an airplane and then this

is a car and then after a lot of times I

can be like hey Riley where's the

airplane Gordy I could job where's the

ball good job so I highly recommend if

you don't have one of these for your

little ones that you get one and I'm

gonna leave links to everything down

below all the things that I can find

that I think would be helpful for you

guys like your little book or not so

much right now another thing that I

think is worth mentioning is the fact

that Riley watches a lot of TV so I know

I know that there are so many moms and

people who say that watching TV is bad

for the babies and screen time is bad

all of that but I never lose

so Riley has watched a lot of TV and

honestly I think that that has helped

her vocabulary like a ton I'm very

careful and like very picky about what

she watches but she's been watching Baby

Einstein since she was like months old

like she has watched Baby Einstein and

it's so funny because my brother my

brother is nine years younger than me

and I remember growing up and my brother

used to watch Baby Einstein videos all

the time when he was a kid my brother

turned out to be the valedictorian of

his school so I don't know if that's any

indication of what screen time and

babies and watching Baby Einstein does

for that but I think that Riley is very

smart and a lot of what she has learned

like sometimes you guys would be like oh

my god how did you teach her that and

I'm like I don't know I didn't really

feature that I think a lot of stuff she

picks up from videos like that so I do

like for her to watch baby Einstein it's

very good like a lot of it is just like

classical music and they're showing

objects and they're saying words so I

highly recommend that you check out the

Baby Einstein videos and then she also

watches some educational shows like

Daniel the Tigers really good Daniel the

tiger teaches them a lot of stuff so I

really liked that and I also let her

watch like the super simple songs like

those are really cute they have like a

lot of Nursery Rhymes and stuff like

that she's happy because I'm distracted

right now

and she can just take my phone away I

have my phone back are you calling

somebody ring ring ring that's something

else that I do a lot like I'm trying to

teach her a lot of things that she come

like mimic me doing so like she has like

a little phone here and I don't know

exactly where it is do you know your

phone is I don't know where it is it's

probably under the couch somewhere but

she has a little phone and I will put it

up to my ear and I'll have a

conversation with the phone and she sees

me doing that and then she starts doing

it herself so they pick up on a lot of

things like that the same thing with

like her little food truck she's now at

the point where she is you know feeding

it to me or she'll feed it to herself oh

who are you calling oh no she called

like my emergency contact and that's Joe

and he's sleeping in the other room but

worked a night shift so his sleeping he

got home I got to in the morning and

she's waking him up yeah I spend a lot

of time talking to Riley like I'm here

at the house with her and I'm talking to

her non-stop so she definitely hears a

lot of conversation all day long and

then let me get her little tablet so you

guys can see what I was talking about

with those Baby Einstein videos so this

is her fire her Amazon freetime Fire

tablet I don't know I think that I

really like about this tablet is that

you can set up different profiles so

like Riley can have her own profile when

she's a little bigger now it doesn't

matter because we're the ones that set

up the videos for her but she's not

gonna have access to the Internet she's

not gonna have access to YouTube or

anything like that so she really only

had access to like the videos that we

have downloaded for her so these are the

Baby Einstein videos and then obviously

she has baby shark when I kind of the

screen time like I don't want you guys

to think that I literally just put her

in front of a TV and she just watches TV

all day like obviously you guys can see

she has all her toys out I'm actually

gonna take that tablet away from her now

but sometimes if she's like particularly

cranky I'll put on the TV like the big

TV while she plays but she's entertained

with other things and not just sitting

down in front of a TV with nothing else

to do Rizzoli

give Zoey hug don't slam her to the

floor can can you be gentle can you give

her a little hug she was doing that

yesterday with her and I was joking I

was like I'm trying to get her to be

nice because like what if one day she

has like a little sister or a little

brother and she can't be slamming them

into the floor no no that's another word

that she knows and she knows when we're

telling her not to do something ready

how do you make me an ice cream

make me an ice cream how do you eat the

ice cream how do you say oho


pretty how do you eat ice cream and

right now she's just not in the mood to

operate so hey that's my life who are

all those people where is mama my dad

dad who's that yeah

is that DP she has names for all of us

that's my mom and my dad and my brother

and my sister

don't touch it no se toca no se toca

where's Mimi where's grandpa grandpa I

also think it goes without saying that

Riley has a whole bunch of books and I

will spend a lot of time reading to her

showing her her books and this is one of

the porn books that we really love and

not only will I read it to her but then

as she's got an older I can show her

like this is a B and then I can be like

Riley where's the B can you show my

mother B where's the B where's Abby Oh B

so it's kind of like you know showing

them things pointing at things saying

this is a B the B goes buzz buzz and

then eventually over time they start to

know what it is and even if they can't

say it they will know what it is and

then eventually they can actually say

the word these books are also really

good the ones that have sounds so she

can press the button it says a lion and

then it has like the lion sounds that's

this Nate I have never heard a snake

that sounds like a frickin line I've

also shown you guys for puzzles before

but these are another way that

we teach her the animals and things like

that so she'll play with her puzzle and

I'll tell her where is the sheath and

she will point at the sheath they also

have a puzzle that actually makes the

animal sounds like when you put it in

it'll like you know make the sound of a

pig so I will try to find that one for

you guys because it's at my mom's house

my mom has that one and Riley seems to

really like that one and I don't think

I've mentioned it in today's vlog but

Riley is actually 14 months old if you

guys need like her reference but she has

been like a talker like she started

talking to her early like saying little

things here and there I remember that we

went to her one-year doctor's

appointment they were looking to see if

she had said one word like that was kind

of like they just wanted to make sure

that she had said one word she had said

one word by the time that she was 1 and

that was kind of like what they were

looking for and at that point she was

saying far more than just one word she

was saying ball bubbles she was saying


Dada Dada like she knew a lot of

different um words and she was saying

stuff like dog and cat so she has been a

talker but on the flip side

Riley hadn't been very like mobile she's

still not walking so I have heard that

babies typically are like one or the

other they're either like huge talkers

or they're very like mobile like they're

walking really early so if your little

one isn't saying a whole bunch of words

and stuff like I wouldn't freak out

obviously I'm not a doctor you'd have to

talk to your doctor but I've had to be

very patient with her on the whole

walking situation she's getting there

she's like like I said she's starting to

stand up by herself so I feel like

babies just they have their own

timelines as long as your doctors aren't

concerned or anything like that all you

can do is just try and give them the

opportunities to you know learn new

things and put them in an environment

where they're learning different things

and you're talking to them and you're

reading to them that's really all you

could do we're here in Riley's nursery

now but this is another thing that I

wanted to show you and it's empty right

now but this was a really good gift that

she got it was like a set of like all

these Baby Einstein little board books

so these were really good when she was a

little younger she still likes them now

but I would read these to her some of

them had just different pictures

different animals so these were great to

like point things out and to show her

like new words I think on the back it

has like the set of all of them yeah so

it was like a whole bunch of different

like this one was fruits and veg

cheese this one was things that go so

this set was awesome they're gonna go

see she always tries to like climb her

headboard you're just gonna dance

alright so I think it's good to mention

that I spend a lot of my time pretty

much narrating my life to riving um like

right now when I was making her her milk

I was telling her okay we're gonna make

your leche and even though I'm usually

home by myself with her and her hair

looks crazy but even though it's usually

just her and I at the house like I spent

a lot of time just talking to her he is

he looked like a cuckoo head and just

telling her what we're doing and telling

her what I'm doing I'll tell her like

okay I'm Mama's gonna eat her lunch so I

think that's one of the best things that

you can do for your little ones is just

to talk to them as much as possible

narrate your life even though you sound

like a crazy person talking to yourself

because a lot of times they don't

understand but I think it really does

help them is that a beautiful baby see

hi look at Riley over there cut her

little day wolf

she's probably up to no good he's trying

to figure out how to get down from the

little chairs she's been doing good but

her but her foot is like not in the

there you go I'm gonna sit there and

wait for your customers

this child is living her best life right

now this is her new thing she has gotten

so much braver like with standing up on

things and she's gonna bust her butt for

sure look she's trying to figure out how

to get on to this oh this is not good


that's how I've been practicing her

standing lately and she's doing good so

I feel like it maybe in like another

couple weeks maybe she'll get the hang

of like actually standing up by herself

she did it like a couple times at my

mom's house the other day so yeah I just

keep practicing all day long that's what

my day looks like her she's just there

with her pillow living her best life

watching bolt and playing with her toys

this is what we do we hang out I drink

my coffee I finally got around to

drinking the coffee that I made it took

like several hours before I got around

to actually drinking my coffee and we'll

hang out here um Joe is working

different shifts right now so like

tonight he works a night shift so he'll

be home with us during the day and then

at night he works


I lose my breath whenever I see you

you stole my heart what is it that you


okay okay you add colors which is gonna

try to stand

this is one of Riley's favorite

activities I just give her these like

plastic cups from the grocery store that

we had in our cabinet and she just

stacks them so I think that's proof that

you don't need to spend a fortune on

toys ready just woke up from her nap

do anything a little married the little

love you just wanna hold you just wanna

be with you till we grow this tell me

you'll stay all day bue I want it for

myself every single day






I'm looking for Joseph oh there you are

daddy on the baby

you like being outside we're gonna

airplanes birds and dogs what the

trifecta Cody how does a horse go no

name what about the cat up see a bird

how about the cat how does cat go no how

do you say dad dad how I say mama hey

mama hey mama mama

that's that dog did you show daddy how

you say be how do you say be mmm how do

you say mama you're rude

alright so our bathroom is a mess right

now Riley's bathroom and these are all

of her toys thrown all over the place so

normally I would do this when Riley

takes a bath every night um when she

takes a bath in here she's kind of like

less distracted so this is like a really

good time to practice things with her

and I'm actually taking a bath that's

kind of like when I pop quiz her and I

asked her all the different things that

I asked her every morning but then she

also has these little foam things and if

you can see them but there are a whole

bunch of different like little foam

pictures objects treats and when they're

wet they stick on to the bathtub

like on the side so one of the things

that I'll do is I'll just be bathing her

and like while she's playing around here

when the water is full and she's kind of

just splashing around I'll just kind of

quit her and just show her different

things I'll say this is a tree this is a

tree tree that's actually into it I've

never told her that this is a tree

before I will just go over these a

thousand times there's a little star

that's a little star and then I'll kind

of just line them all up and I'll ask

her to show me them but again everything

is just repetition just teaching them

over and over so that they learn Ivy's

words I knew where is a star

where's the star can you find the star

where's the star

good job and where is where's the heart

can you show the heart where's the heart

good job

puffin and dog bone where is a banana

where's the banana good job so she loves

playing in here and just doing that with

me all the time this is definitely a

time that we use just to educate her and

just to chitchat with her and to make

sure that she's learning some new stuff

okay so this is a blowout this is poop

and it means oh okay

I hope that was water not poop

but I have to go change this child right

so that was disgusting she definitely

had a very dirty diaper so I had to

clean that but there was one more thing

I want to tell you guys before I go so

something that I think is really

important when you're trying to teach

your kiddos new stuff I get super super

excited and like outwardly excited

whenever she learned something new

so any time that she says a new word or

does something I clap I cheer like a

crazy person like she gets so much like

positive reinforcement or whatever

that's called

whenever she does something new because

I really want her to you know be excited

when she does stuff that's good you know

she's a kind of baby that like she loves


like she'll do stuff and like then look

at us and just like wait there for

somebody to clap for her so I think that

that kind of encourages her to continue

to learn new things to continue to make

us happy so I think that there's nothing

wrong with just cheering and just making

a big deal out of whenever they do

something that's good that's new but

that's really it guys it is getting late

I'm gonna go ahead and feed her and then

bathe her and then put her to bed so I

hope that you guys did enjoy this vlog I

hope that it gave you some ideas to just

help you teach your little ones some new

things thank you guys so so much for

watching I cannot tell you how much that

means to me that you guys look to my

channel looked at my Instagram to kind

of get some ideas and things like that

it just means a lot that you guys are

watching the content that I'm putting

out so thank you guys so much if you

guys did like this vlog if you found it

somewhat entertaining I would love it if

you would give it a big thumbs up it

does help my channel a lot and just like

I said it just means a lot to know that

you guys are enjoying this give it a big

sup subscribe if you're new and I will

see you guys in the next one bye guys I

don't know what I do without you

made me smile what is it that you'd