Learn Photoshop in 5 MINUTES! Beginner Tutorial

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everybody it's Julian flow graphics here

and today I'm going to show you most of

the basic tools of Photoshop so this is

how to use Photoshop within five minutes

so let's get straight into it now once

you have Photoshop open you can just

take control and to make a new document

and then we can just change all of our

document settings within here and then

we can just press ok to make a new

document once you've made a new document

you can simply double click on the

background layout to make it into a new

layer that you can actually edit there's

some shortcuts which are really really

helpful when it comes to your layers

panel ctrl J duplicates a layer and then

ctrl e automatically merges the layer

with a layer beneath otherwise if you

select multiple layers and hit ctrl a

all merge them all together ctrl G makes

a group and then you can make multiple

layers of in that group and then you can

also hit ctrl a on a group and it will

merge all of the layers in that group to

import any photo into Photoshop you're

going to simply click and drag it into

the scene and then you can just click

and drag the corners of the image to

scale it otherwise you cannot alt and

then it will scale it from the center

outwards and then you can hold alt and

shift and all uniformly scale it from

the center outwards and then you can

also right-click you can rotate the

picture flip it do all sorts of other

things as well and then if you hold ctrl

you can then skew the picture and change

perspective and the angle you can also

hold ctrl and alt and then it will

change us on two accesses as well just

to confirm or delete the changes you can

simply hit escape to get rid of the

changes or you can just hit enter to

confirm the changes that you made if you

can't edit a layer that's probably

because it's not rasterized if it has

this little icon here you can just

simply right click on the layer hit

rasterize layer'

and then you can duplicate it you can

merge it and do whatever you want you

can also hit ctrl U on the keyboard to

go to hue and saturation here you can

change the color of the picture the

saturation and the lightness you can

also hit ctrl I to invert a picture if

you want to add any sorts of effects

such as blurs and distorts and things

like that we can just go up to the word

filter on the top bar here and then we

have this drop down menu here of things

like the blur gallery distort pixelate

sharpen all sorts of effects so if I

just quickly add a Gaussian blur to this

and hit OK you can see it adds a blur

you can also hit ctrl F to reapply the

last effect that

used within that gallery so if I keep

hitting ctrl F you can see it just adds

more blur on top of the previous one and

this also works for multiple effects so

if I go to distort and then add a sphere

eyes hit okay then I can press ctrl F

again and then I'll reapply that sphere

eyes so whatever you use last it will

reapply that all the color correction

and color changing options you'll find

in the adjustments panel you can just go

to window and then adjustments to bring

up the panel and then you see it here

here's where you can change a brightness

and contrast your levels your vibrance

your color lookup gradient map all these

sorts of things a really common thing a

lot of people don't know about Photoshop

is the vibrance the difference between

vibrance and saturation saturation

increases the saturation of all the

colors and image vibrance increases the

saturation of all the colors besides

skin tones so if you want to make an

image look a lot more vibrant but not

make people look orange then turn up the

vibrance instead of the saturation if

you want to add text or any sort of

effects or type to your image you can

click tee to go to the type tool and

then you can just simply start typing I

could just type in my name here once

selected that text just by clicking and

dragging you can change the color and

then if you hold ctrl and click and drag

over the font size that dynamically

changes the font size as well and then

up in our top menu whilst selected our

text we can change the font and all

those other sorts of options as far as

the spacing and the alignment and

everything and simply just double

clicking on the tee of that layer

selects the text for you you can also

add layer styles to any layer in

Photoshop simply by double clicking on

the right-hand side of the layer in the

open space and then you basically add

effects that only apply to that layer so

I could add a gradient overlay to my

name here I could select different

gradients like that press ok and now

only applies to that layer hi girls I

had a drop shadow and or all sorts of

other effects as well it only placed

that layer and then I can right click on

that layer I can copy the layer style

and then I could right click on another

layer and paste that same layer style on

top of another layer as well then you

can just right click on any layer and

then click on clear layer style to

remove all the layers file settings

otherwise you can click on the little

drop down arrow and then just turn off

the eye for the effects so you turn off

the visualisation of those effects if

you try to erase a text layer it won't

work because it's a text layer and you

need to rasterize it

so the rasterizer just simply right

click click on rasterize layer style and

then you can just hit a on your keyboard

and then you can start erasing any

layout once it's rasterized and

photoshop this thing is called layer

masks which is just a much better way to

erase things you can just click on the

little icon on the bottom right hand

corner here which says add layer mask

and how layer mask works it works with

your brush tool so if you paint in black

it erases and then you can press X to

swap your color swatches to the white

and then you can paint in white if you

didn't know that X swaps the little

color swatches down here you can see

them changing so you're paying in black

to erase and then paint in white to fill

it back in to save a document you can

just hit ctrl s and then to save as you

can just hit ctrl shift s to save as and

then you can save the file as a PSD

which retains all of the layer

information and all the editing for

Photoshop otherwise you're going to save

it as a flat photo like a PNG or JPEG as

well so that's it that's how to learn

Photoshop in five minutes obviously

there's a lot more to learn and what I

just showed in this video but what I

showed would do some great things for

any beginner to know and you can start

creating and editing photos straight

away with the tools that I've shown you

so if you'd like another Photoshop

tutorial but longer be sure to let me

know in the comments I'd love to make

another one but if you're wanting to

learn some more specific effects or

watch some other tutorials I've got tons

of my youtube channel I upload multiple

tutorials every week so if you're not

subscribed make sure to subscribe so as

always have an awesome day everybody

it's been Julian or Foe graphics here

see ya