How to Lead a Small Group Bible Study

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hey girls Tiffany dawn here and welcome

back to another week of Tuesday Girl

Talk so how is your Christmas shopping

going have you guys gotten everything I

don't know about you guys but the men

and my life tend to be the hardest to

shop for and my husband is the worst I

feel like a lot of times as girls are

easy like get us cute clothes and you're

good to go but like for guys I don't

know what do I get them like a football

so I know every guy's different and my

brother loves fashion stuff so he was

always easy to shop for it but my

husband is another story so I was so

excited because I got the best idea for

a Christmas present for him and I can't

tell you because he watches all my

videos but I'm really excited but today

what I want to talk with you about is

actually something a little bit

different than usual how to lead a small

group I started leading small groups

when I was in high school and some of

them over the years have gone better

than others but they've all been a lot

of fun and a big learning experience so

today I want to share with you the top

eight things that I've learned about

leading small groups that helped me and

I'm hoping they can be helpful for you

too whether this is your first time ever

leading a small group or whether this is

your hundredth time and as always please

feel free to leave your own comments and

things that help you with leading small

groups because I would love to read them

and learn from them

so let's go ahead and get started tip

number one know your audience I love

doing Beth Moore book studies I think

her Bible stories are just amazing but

in the videos that she does and in the

Bible studies themselves it kind of

assumes that you already know a fair bit

about the Bible so there's some like

Christianese words in there and there's

like a lot of looking up different

passages in the Bible and it's amazing

but if somebody doesn't really know

anything about the Bible it can be very

overwhelming or even confusing but then

I have some small groups with girls who

don't really know much about the Bible

at all maybe aren't even sure they're

Christians so we try to do something

that's a little more approachable for

anybody one of the places I love to go

is the Bible project which is on YouTube

free videos that give an overview of the

narrative of the Bible so it's important

to know who are the people that you're

hoping will be in this group and you

choose your study material accordingly

tip number two find a co-leader or a

friend you can help you with leading the

Bible study so yeah it's helpful to have

somebody who can lead

discussion every once in a while but

even more so it's really helpful to have

a friend there who's consistently there

almost every week has got your back is

going to talk during discussion times

and somebody will be there to welcome

the girls as they come in and text with

the girls during the week to follow up

just to help build that sense of

community so takes a weight off of your

shoulder so it's not all on you and it's

so much more fun to do stuff like this

with a friend tip number three come

prepared with some good questions

there's nothing worse than getting to

Bible study and having people ask you

questions that you were asked in first

grade Sunday school do you think I'm

five still then people are going to feel

like why would I answer this question

and it won't really go to conversation

started so you want to ask open-ended

questions that are thought-provoking and

kind of touch on our response

spiritually and emotionally to the

passage you're studying but also don't

feel like you have to be stuck to the

questions you've planned because it

could be that you get going in the

discussion and the conversation just

like takes off on this topic or idea or

verse that you didn't expect and it

could be like God is really working at

hearts there so don't feel like you have

to just end it and go back to your

questions let the conversation go as

long as it's still on the topic of like

seeking God and really sharing what's

going on in our hearts so have that list

of questions be prepared with it but

also don't feel like you have to be

stuck to it tip number four have a

little bit of a schedule or some

structure girls just love talking and

being together and sharing about life so

if you don't have time built in to do

that it can be easy to just get off

topic and never actually get to the

study so for example in the study I'm

doing right now the girls come at 6:30

and we just hang out and talk and people

arrive and that gives them flex time to

use if they're running late they're not

missing anything in the study then at 7

o'clock they actually start the study

and then at the end of the study we

close out with prayer requests and

sharing a little bit of what's been

happening in our own lives and then we

have another half an hour to an hour

built in where people just stay until

they want to go and just hang out and

talk and because of that structure it

helps us to stay focused during the

study time because we have time to catch

up before and after and to be girls and

just enjoy doing life together which is

so important tip number five never say

anything behind somebody's back unless

if it's really good one of the ways you

build trust in a small group is for you


leader to set the tone for the whole

group and so if you're talking about

people behind their back that's going to

make it so people think oh is she

talking about me behind my back too and

it can create a really toxic atmosphere

so it's so important for you as the

leader to never engage in talking badly

about somebody in the group if you do

say something when they're not in the

room make it be amazingly positive

raving about the things you love about

that person and then that will get back

to them and they will feel so loved tip

number six is give a get-to-know-you a

questionnaire at the beginning of a

small group session I love to hand out

to each of the girls this little forum

where they put down with our birthday

their favorite snack their favorite

color and then I can also take notes on

it throughout the year of other things I

learned that they love so if they have

certain sport they're in or a play

coming up I could write that down and

then it gives me a way to just get to

know them and do little things that let

them know they're loved and their

birthday sending out a group text to the

person like happy birthday we love you

and then saying hey I know you love

hummus and pretzels so that's what we're

having tonight just little things like

that go along white letting someone know

how loved they are tip number seven is

assign jobs when people have

responsibilities and something it helps

them be more committed and feel more

interval like needed part of the

community so if you want to have

somebody in charge of assigning who

brings a snack on each different week

that's a great way to have a job for

somebody you can also have girls that

you think are great at leading

discussion take turns leading the

discussion sometimes I've had some small

groups where our girl plays guitar and

so she'll do some worship songs at the

beginning so the more you give that

sense of ownership to people in your

small group the more committed they'll

become and the more community they'll

feel and lastly but most importantly

number eight is pray a lot I cannot tell

you the power of prayer like when we ask

God would you come as you move at us he

wants to do that already and sometimes

it feels like he's just waiting for us

to ask I start praying for small groups

months before they ever start and and

for me I'll be praying like God who do

you want in this small group like would

you put us together and then before it

starts and while it's going on praying

for the girls like that God would really

just be working in their hearts that

they'd be open to him but also that he

sense of unity in our group that people

wouldn't be mad at each other or have

drama but that there just be this sense

of unity I think sit Maps we buy into

the idea that if we're praying we're not

doing anything but really when we're

praying we're asking God to do what we

could never do and I've seen him work

miracles and girls lives like this one

girl was like for the first time in my

life I feel like God is real and she has

this amazing walk with God now and knows

that he loves her and he is completely

transforming her life from the inside

out and that would never have happened

without just asking God to work in our

hearts so girls I hope those things can

be so helpful for you again please

comment your own thoughts and ideas in

the box below I would love to read them

and learn from them and if this is your

first time ever leading a small group or

about to be your first time comment that

below to you I want to be praying for

you and I want to hear that because that

is so exciting

and next week I'm so excited to share

with you something God's been teaching

me that has been setting my heart free

over the last few years if you've ever

thought I wish I could love God like

that girl does or I wish I could serve

God like that person does this next

video next week is for you so I will see

you then have an amazing day and I love

you girls bye