How to Plan a Seminar

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all right hi everyone its Matt here from

greatness everyday and in this video I

actually wasn't planning on making a

video right now but what I wanted to do

is I am starting to prepare for a

seminar that I'm going to be leading and

running at the Lowell a Halifax store

next weekend so right now it's about a

week away and I'm just starting to go

through and plan it out specifically

I've been I've known about this workshop

for a while I've kind of run through

different ideas in my head but tonight

is the first night about a week away

that I am starting to actually go ahead

and get the details ironed out so I

started to kind of look at what that

event was going to be on the whiteboard

and then I said well maybe maybe turn

the camera on and maybe hopefully I can

give you a behind-the-scenes look at

what I'm doing exactly I will say I am

pretty new at this in terms of public

speaking I've only done a few public

speaking engagements and they were

really small they weren't really for a

big crowd even a crowd even for adults

they were for like middle and high

school kids so it was something fun that

I wanted to do to get outside of my

comfort zone but I'm really looking

forward to this seminar it's a seminar

it's a workshop and it's going to be

held in in a store that I'm a brand

ambassador for that's lowly they've got

some great athletic clothing and leisure

wear clothing if you want to check it

out I'll put the link down below but

let's take you a little bit behind the

scenes of my first really big in my

opinion my first big workshop or seminar

so I'm starting to plan it out and it's

on morning routines and here at

greatness every day what my whole goal

is is to challenge people to live their

greatest lives and one of the things

that I've been doing this year is really

focusing on how can I come up with some

sort of a structure to really get each

day to maximize the potential that I

have in each day and I really believe

after I experimented with this for some

time I really believe that a morning


is one of the ways to do that you can

kind of control all the variables that

you can control

so this seminar I've titled kickstart

your greatest day I'm really excited

about it it's something that eventually

I want to roll into other things all

talking about morning routines but when

I start to plan this out I'm thinking

how can I have a good seminar and I need

some data I need some background

information on that in terms of what

people want in a seminar what they enjoy

from public speakers and things like

that and then what I'm going to do is

look at this and say at the event how

will it be good and then how can I kind

of continue that communication with the

different people that come to the

seminar and how can I kind of grow my

influence how can I continue that

relationship that I have with them

because ultimately a speaking engagement

a workshop even a YouTube video is the

start or the continuation hopefully not

the end of a relationship with somebody

it's just facilitated through a workshop

or through the internet in this case so

I'm looking at things that I can do

before the workshop and what I want to

do is I want to kind of collect some

data so what I'm going to be doing is

I'm going to be putting out on Instagram

videos asking people to kind of give me

their input

it'll take a short snippet of their time

I'm gonna ask him a few questions

related to morning routines and just

kind of see are people following them

are they not following them how do they

feel about their productivity and just

kind of their energy moods overall

throughout the day so I'm getting some

pre data before the actual event

obviously I'm also wanting to kind of

kind of familiarize myself with the

event location so I've been talking with

the manager of the store I've been

asking is there a projector are there

chairs what time is best what day is

best to do this and I've been going

through and getting those answers and

it's been good to kind of have her

support with all of that so I'm

collecting data I'm looking at kind of

location and I'm trying to advertise so

market or advertising what I'm doing is

I'm putting it out there so that people

know that there's an event happening

it's not like you just put the name

greatness everyday or my name Matt

Wheaton out there and people show up

people don't know who I am very few

people know who greatness every day and

what greatness every day is about

compared to somebody if you advertised

like garyvee showing up in Halifax

there'd be tons of people there because

they know who he is

so what I'm hoping to do is kind of

market it through social media market it

through word-of-mouth for anybody that I

know that know people in the area and as

well as I'm going to be some doing some

targeted ads in the week leading up to

that so I'll probably roll those out on

Monday leading up to the event on

Saturday so that's kind of what I'm

going to be doing beforehand I'm going

to be doing all the pre stuff obviously

at the actual event I'm thinking about

kind of like a flow I'm a teacher so I

really like to have an agenda and it

sounds kind of simple and silly for some

people but it's just the list in the

order of events of what is going to be

happening what and that's everything

from like how early you're going to

arrive at the actual location to when

does the time start what is a pregame

kind of ritual that you have before you

do a speech and you can even continue

that to say in your speech exactly or

the workshop what is the exact flow of

things going to be so that you know and

I always like sharing this with kind of

the audience that I have so that the

audience knows as well kind of why

they're there what's gonna be happening

during the workshop and why it's gonna

be a benefit to them so that's a big

thing for me at the event any kind of

like setup teardown that I might have to

do it's something that I need to

consider in terms of budgeting time

there's nothing worse when you have an

event and you are running late for that

event or

it doesn't go as it should so I'm gonna

basically try to control all of the

variables that I can and make sure that

kind of the balls in my court for that

one so there's the event the agenda the

setup the teardown and I'm also going to

say here any resources any resources

that I want to provide to the audience I

need to have ready so that kind of falls

into the pre but it also falls into the

actual at the event how I'm gonna set

that up and things like that so maybe

resources are business cards maybe

resources our promotional materials or

something like that depending on kind of

how advanced and how far your business

is that might be different for different

people and then what I want to do is

after that whole event is done I want to

continue the conversation with the the

audience members the people that are

there so I'm going to give them a call

to action so that call to action during

the actual seminar is going to be to go

out and follow my stuff follow me on

YouTube where you find more educational

content follow me on Instagram where you

find more motivational and inspirational

content follow me on the greatness

everyday podcast so you can listen to

that again more long-form educational

content so I'm going to ask people to do

that so that we can kind of continue

that relationship going and the best way

to do that is kind of giving them the

opportunity to at the event but at the

same time it continues that conversation

what I'm going to do as well is I want

to have potentially something like an

email address the option of people

adding their emails to it in order for

me to kind of continue that conversation

email is not something that I've done a

lot with yet but from what I hear from

what everybody says is email is really

one of the best ways to market ok so I'm

going to be using this opportunity as a

chance to collect and get some

information from the different people

that are there in the audience and then

the final thing that I'm going to do

when I talk about post I'm going to go

and I'm going to say just kind of give

me a review or spread what I'm doing

through word of mouth if I look at

public speakers I attended a public

speaking event this summer and it was

only because the public speaker had

comes in my school he had done a

presentation it wouldn't really well I

wanted to learn more from him so I went

and I actually paid a good chunk of

money to attend his event and that was

all from kind of word-of-mouth in terms

of in interactions so to review

everything here what I'm doing is I've

split this up into three different

pieces of my event planning stage I'm

planning for this stuff before the event

so I'm going ahead and collecting data

from my audience members from the people

that follow me on social media from

people I know I'm asking them some quick

questions I'm going ahead and getting

their opinion on things related to

morning routines and just kind of public

speaking and seminars in general I'm

finding out information on the location

and I'm marketing this I'm advertising

it I'm marking it I'm spreading the word

so that people will actually show up at

the event it's not going to be a very

good event if it's just me talking to a

bunch of empty chairs and then at the

event I've looked at things like kind of

figuring out the agenda or the flow of

how it's going to go and he set up and

tear down things that I'm going to be

personally responsible for and any

resources that I need to provide they

need to be ready during the event and

then after the event is done how can I

continue that relationship by giving

people a call-to-action to go ahead and

follow me and so we can continue that

relationship after the event is done I'm

collecting emails and other information

in case people want to be contacted

maybe I can use that to sell them an

online course on morning routines once I

have that prepared and then I'm also

asking people to spread it around if

they enjoyed the seminar go ahead and

tell people that they enjoyed the

seminar and kind of get that

word-of-mouth out there so I hope that

this video will give you a kind of a

backstage pass in terms of what it looks

like to plan an event I'm new to this

but the good thing about it for me is

going to be documenting this journey as

I go

and hopefully someday in a few years

time you'll be able to look back and

I'll be able to look back and really

kind of see how far we've come in terms

of the speaking and the planning stages

here so that's exciting for me

and I'm looking forward to doing that

and seeing how you do when you use this

kind of method to plan out your own

events so if you like this video please

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