How to Build a Great Sales team

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i want you to think about we have two

different real estate companies here


one of them has been flat for five years

straight and there's sales

the other one year after year after year

they keep beating their prior business

sales and it looks like this

i can tell you there's a lot of

different metrics people could say why

this person's flat and this person is


but there's one thing that's definite

they're doing a better job developing

sales people than they are and in

today's video i'm going to give you 11

steps on what you can do

to develop better sales people with your

company and prior to me getting into

this there are two episodes

i need you to watch as well so make a

note of it for you to watch us we'll put

in the playlist as well on the bottom

for you to find the links these are the

two the one on my right your left says

six reasons why you're not selling more

there's six reasons i'm not covered in

this video

but you need to watch it and have all

your sales people watch this

the other one is customer service versus

customer experience it is a must to

watch this as well

both of them are needed i'm not covering

this video so with that being said let's

get right into it

how to develop great sales people step

number one let me see exactly what step

number one is

this is very simple but most people

don't do it

when i ask somebody what they're looking

for in a partner a boyfriend a

girlfriend a husband a wife

most people don't even know what they're

looking for yet they want to find this

love of their life

it's the same exact thing when somebody

tells me my sales are flat and i ask

them the simple question

tell me what an ideal sales person in

your company looks like and they say

uh hard working uh

great attitude if you say uh uh too many

times you don't know what you're looking

for it's got to be very simple

take out a paper pen and write down


what the ideal sales person looks like

in your company you may say but i don't

know what that is

pick the best sales person in your

industry what does he do

that's the type of person you want go

look for people like that let me give

you an example

if i'm selling a product that is

a product let's just say you know i'm

selling perfume in the streets

and i run a sales shop i sell cologne

and perfumes in the streets it's a 40

sale i can have an 18 year old kid

selling that right i don't need a 43

year old person with a

degree and all this other stuff if i'm

selling private jets that are 5 million


up i need somebody a little bit more

sophisticated to be sitting in front of


to sell that now what if i'm selling

season tickets

to dallas cowboys or lakers games guess

what i need

i need to be able to sell the season

tickets i need to know a lot about

sports i need to be a fan i need to be a

love of the dodgers or the lakers or the

cowboys whatever it is if i'm selling

real estate

no matter what it is find out what that

ideal person looks like for your product

yours may even be they don't even need

to see them face to face because it's

over the phone

perfect what kind of a voice you're

looking for what kind of an attitude

you're looking for what's the tonality

but you need to get all that stuff in

place some of the qualities i look for

very simple number one i need audacity

audacity is what i look for coachability

is what i look for competitiveness is

what i look for so i kind of like it if

someone's played sports before in an


i will ask have you played sports before

what do you think about sports the only

reason i'm starting a conversation about

support is because i want to know if

this person's got an opinion they're


i'm looking for that and then obviously

you're not really going to know anything

about work ethic

unless if you call references and unless

if you work with them you will learn

someone's work ethic within 30 60 90


but no matter what it is get a clear

recipe of what an ideal recruit

of a salesperson looks like for your

product number two how to develop great

sales people

a lot of times people come in and if a

sales leader doesn't know how to get

everybody started strong

early in the morning it's just it's

already starting on a bad note

so think about how most people start

their days they got into an argument

with their wife they're stuck in traffic

they got into an argument with their

boyfriend girlfriend

something doesn't go right in the

morning okay

they come to work they're already not in

the mood

you need to figure out a way how to

start their day better audio

a text a strong text a message a strong

motivational message in the morning in

your sales office if that's what's

happening as a sales organization

but you got to figure out a way to start

all the people

on a strong note on a daily basis point

number three let me give you point

number three

point number three is have a playbook

with scripts and faqs in your playbook

let me explain a lot of people will say

well i have my own way of selling things

no problem i want you to add your

personality to it but i need a skeleton

so just like all our bodies we have

pretty much the same amount of bones

okay we have the same skeleton in a way

skull but we all look different why some

of our bones are longer

some are taller some are thicker some

are big bone some are skinny some

are indome or ectomorph mesomorph but


we have the same skeleton then you pack

on the muscles the skin

the skin color the hair the nose all the

other stuff the skeleton

is the structure of the sales process

you have in your company the more

structure you have in your sales process

let me add the muscles i want to add to

my sales process which is my personality

when i worked at morgan stanley dean

wood on the script was whatever the

script was

i added a personality i would call and

say how are you doing listen i wanted to

share with you a new product came out

it's ice cream that doesn't melt until

you put it in your mouth and it melts

no way yes wouldn't you like to invest

into a stock like that would be amazing

john i'm just giving you a hard time

that doesn't exist i'm patrick b david

with morgan stanley dean witter at such

and such and such branch

the first part was to break ice that's


then i'm given script so make sure you

have a playbook with scripts

everything in there that tells them what

do you say if they say i want to think

about it

what do you say if they say how much is

this what is if they say you know what's

the difference between you and your


have all those things in a manual so

sales person that comes in that's


and it's somebody that's self-motivated

they're going to go through that manual

to learn for themselves

number four most effective training

in order i think 95

of sales officers do this part wrong


95 of sales officers do this entire


wrong let me give you an example and do

not be offended when i tell you this but

let me give you an example

if i go into an office and i see

the person that's the main sales guy in

the office is completely

out of shape and completely always

behind their desk

what's telling me is this is probably a


that's constantly too tired too lazy to

get up and teach people the proper way

and he's probably somebody that just

sits as 50 people or is 10 sales people

whereas five sales people

in front of them tells them what to do

all the time and no one has moved

and no one's learning anything in order


importance where it's the most effective

way to teach

your sales skills to other people you

ready number one

a live sales appointment live sales


number two a live sales call for


six or five new sales people there and

you make sales calls for a whole day

let them watch you speak your phone let

them watch you speak or make call let

them watch you let them watch you let

them watch you let them watch you let

them watch you

if you give me two sales offices one of


trains their people like this for a

month straight

this person just talks talks talk stocks

it is not even fair on how

bad this office is going to dominate

this office because this person just

wants to tell people what to do

this one is actually showing them

setting an example on how to do it

so number one is a live sales

appointment number two is a live sales


then after that it's still not training

it's role playing

so tell me how you do it now give me the

phone can you do it now now you do you

tell me how you would do this present me

the appointment

how do you overcome the subjection what

would you say to this if they say this

what do you say they say this

have everybody in the office

role-playing each other to the point

where i remember one time i went to on

to an office sales office and it was a

new sales office that i had gone into

and i love this place because we added a

new culture to it this was membership

health club back in the days with ballet

total fitness

i added a culture to this office no

matter what

time of the day it is if a salesperson

walks by another person

and i say i want to think about it you

better have the rebuttal for it or else

it's five bucks

i'd walk past you hey i'm i'm not

interested in this contract do you have

a month to month

they better have something to say in

return if they don't have rebuttals five


it became so amazingly competitive where

everybody knew the words because we're

role playing all the time

so let me go back to the order of

importance on effectiveness

live appointment live sales call role


then a video i watch of your live calls

and live appointments so record a live

call and a live appointment get

permission that you can use it

and put it somewhere where all your

sales people can see that

and then it's a training and then

it's manual and then it's scripts

above all it's live always above all

is live next next

is this is the guaranteed guarantee that

someone's going to make it in sales

this skill alone guarantees that this

person is going to make it in sales

and too many times people teach this too

late and i always like to teach the

discipline of this early and here's what

it is

follow-up do you realize that if you as

a salesperson or you somebody that's


developing other salespeople if you get

other people

to master the art of follow-up early and

this is purely discipline

if you teach them the discipline of

follow-up early

do you realize you're pretty much

guaranteeing success with this person

here's why because i got two things here


i'm growing my pipeline of my customers

to sell

and if i have a hundred people to follow

up with maybe only to buy

then i got another 100 to add that's 200


10 by because the other now i got

another i'm adding my pipeline and i'm

getting it bigger

but because i'm teaching discipline to

my salespeople to follow up

everybody's following up and sales keeps

going higher

most of the time people don't teach

follow-up and what ends up happening

when you don't do follow-up is

oh this person's not interested next or

this person's not interested

next oh this person is not so you hear

these things that people say some will

somewhat so what

next yes that is true

sure some will somewhat so what next but

follow up

things change conditions change i've

called the client back six months later

when they had a death and a family

and they had six hundred thousand

dollars from a death benefit that

received from a life insurance policy

and we were able to help that person out

i've called people back that didn't want

to do business but they were okay with

me following up every 90 days

two and a half years later they did

business with me but i followed up

and eventually what they're looking for

the reason why follow-up is so important

let me tell you why follow-up is so


when i hear somebody follow up with me

every three to six months

and they do it for two three four years

guess what i see this person as

this person's a pro i like to do

business with people that are


here's what i know most people will not

even stick around for two years in sales

and this person is still selling four

years later i'm doing business with you

because you're a pro

that's the pro this is why the

discipline of follow-up needs to be done

very very early next

constantly measure your sales people

constantly measure your sales people

so this is an element of accountability

and what i mean constantly

measure your sales people is daily then

it's weekly

then it's monthly quarterly annually the

way i like to do it

when i run a sales office anybody that's

in that sales office that i touch

i'm getting your activity on a daily


on a weekly basis we do accountability

with everybody together

and based on behaviors and then results

let me explain if a behavior to me is

going to 19 networking events that's a


a result is i made six sales okay

if a behavior is 392 calls i made this


and i sold 28 products that's a behavior

and then i have a result

if my behaviors i got 49 business cards

this week

and then i close such and such behavior


i track behavior first and then i track

results and quite frankly

i am more concerned about the behavior

then i'm actually about the results

initially here's why

if i can teach and track the proper

behavior i

automatically know the results are going

to eventually be fine just yesterday i

spoke to one of the guys

and he told me the following thing when

i was speaking to him he said pat

when you were holding me accountable on

a weekly basis

i was making 250 calls a week ever since

you're no longer holding me accountable

on a weekly basis i'm only making 50

calls a week

because no one's holding them

accountable so there needs to be a

daily a weekly a monthly a quarterly

and an annual accountability system to

track them

and then as you're tracking their

numbers you're coming up with trends

to give them feedback you're coming up

with trends to give them feedback i do

this differently i do this differently i

do this differently

because you're giving them feedback on

how to improve number seven

create an environment with many tools

create an environment with many tools

let me tell you

why i love tools i'll explain to why i

love tools okay

i can only individually train one person

okay i can in a small group setting

train maybe five ten people i can to an

audience speak to so many people on the

conference call so many people let's

just say

but tools are gonna work 24 7.

my body i can't teach 24 hours a day but

videos can teach 24 hours a day

audiobooks can teach 24 hours a day a

video on youtube can teach 24 hours a


an educational website can teach 24

hours a day a manual can teach 24 hours

a day

a website with faqs on it can teach 24

hours a day

and audio can teach 24 hours a day a

sales book recommendation

can't teach 24 hours a day a product

knowledge book

website video can teach 24 hours a day

but you cannot teach 24 hours a day

so you need to make sure your sales

environment to develop better sales


is an environment with a lot of great

tools that can be running 24 7

without you needing to be there that's

point number seven number eight

create a compensation plan that

gets me to work and gets me to compete

create a compensation plan that drives

the sales force for instance

we'll run many different sales contests

over the year just recently we gave away


uh a night brought special and we gave

away two uh

rolex presidential watches we'll take

our guys to dubai

and we'll rent out a yacht and we'll put

a contest on there or we'll do something

simple as an ipad

or an iphone or computer or a trip to

new york

or or something but there's always got

to be an incentive now you may say pat

i'm not that big to be running a harley

totally fine let me go back to when i

was small when i was small running a

small sales shop of five people guess

what it was

20 gift card to amazon it was lunch to


then it was dinner to a nice place it


it was a 50 gas card it doesn't matter

what it is it's your the top three sales

people are going to lunch together on

friday on me we're going to go have


it doesn't matter what it is you don't

need to give away harley in a rolex

presidential watch

it can be as small as a lunch with you

can be as small as a 20 gift card

to you but you got to make sure you have

a certain compensation plan

that creates an incentive for me to be

pushing more than the other guy

next one point number nine have a

leaders bulletin always a leader's


a sales office with a leader's bulletin

that hasn't been updated for a day

is a dying sales office let me say it

again a sales office

without a leader's bulletin that's not

updated daily it's a dying sales office

somebody is too casual it's that guy

that sits behind the desk that's just

telling everybody what to do

but it's not driving this drives we

watch sports because there's a leaders


golden globe emmys oscar all of that

people get excited because there's a

leaders bulletin and the academy

winner academy award goes to

and our next presidential de ghost tupa

and the mvp

and the championship and the triple

crown leaders bulletin

every office needs leaders bulletin

everywhere based on markers

you want to hit remember what i told you

behavior and result

so if you got a leader's bulletin that's

a behavior leaders bulletin for

everybody to see

who's leading the week and the cause of

whatever the behaviors you want great

that's one side

so i have a behaviors leaders bulletin

and i have a results leaders bulletin

and i want people to want to get on

every single one of them and everybody

sees their numbers especially throughout

the day so everyone knows exactly where

they're at

at any given moment number 10 number 10

announce sales contest now sales

contests are different than compensation

plan briefly i just explained to a

little bit of sales contest

but on the compensation plan side i want

tier compensation plans so

let me reverse both of them because that

one i explained in a different way

i want to i want a compensation plan

with tears

for instance if i do x y z i get a 5

bonus if i do such and such even more

than x y z i get a 10

bonus and if i do this it's a 15 bonus

it could be

if you sell 20 of this product this

month you get 100 bonus

if you sell 2025 it's 200 if you sell 30

it's 500 if you sell

40 it's a thousand dollar bonus you can

figure out your tiers

but create a compensation plan that gets

me to hit the next tier in the next year

next year it brings so much more sales

to your company last but not least

last but not least i love this one and i

think it's very very important

um teach ethical

sales practices early

a lot of times when when somebody would

come from another place that had sold


i i wouldn't know much about them

because they learned a lot of bad habits

from somebody else

i love teaching greenies in sales

because i can teach you the certain


that i will teach you that work in sales

too many times people are selling

at all costs close them up sell them do

this do this do that

at all cost even if they can't afford it

go for the throats there's a lot of

people that train all that stuff online

that's great for them i'm not selling

that way okay i'm not selling that way i

want quality business

because i want that person to keep

coming back and doing more business with

me and i want a lot of referrals from

this business to keep

person to keep coming back and do more

business with me very very important for

you to be thinking about that

when it comes down to you

teaching those ethical behaviors early

so one of the ways you could do it is do


charlie munger did raising his kids they

interviewed his kids charlie munger who

was warren buffett's partner still as

warren buffett's partner of

berkshire hathaway their kids with his

kids would say

every night we had dinner with that he

would always tell a story about somebody

that screwed up

big and what it cost them every night

charlie would tell his kids

mistakes of a great person that could

have been very successful that made a

mistake every night

so the kids were that there wasn't one

night that our dad wouldn't tell us a

horror story about somebody that made a

big mistake in their lives

you do that by teaching those bad

examples sharing those bad examples with

other people

here's why now everybody knows that if

they do it you already talked about it

so they won't do it that's one good

thing sometimes no don't talk about

because they'll do it no no

if you don't talk about it they will do

it because they're going to get creative

talk about it so they don't do it

because you've already put it out there

with everybody

and say this guy's courier ended early

because he did this that guy's corrie

ended early then

this guy's curry under it because he did

that but let me tell john that john's

been in business for 22 years

here's his life here's how much money he

made here's what he got here's how much

his clients respect on papa

he did that because he's building his

business based on the

proper career ethical practices and he's

been around the business and everyone

loves doing business with them

again it goes back to how you want to

build your company to me 11 is extremely

extremely valuable because a business

lasts a long time and you don't ever

want to have a reputation developing

sales people that are completely

scumbags and they're not ethical and

they'll do it anything at all cost

you just don't want that reputation

yourself as somebody that develops

people like that

so those are my 11 points for you on

what to do

to develop better salespeople with that

being said

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