Sales Engineer Resume

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hello SE nation today we're talking

about fixing up your resume to maximize

your chances of getting an interview so

meet me at the computer before we start

I want to preface that the best way to

get a job is through connections through

referrals if that doesn't exist if you

don't have any connections to a certain

company that you want to get into well

having a strong resume would definitely

help and that's what we're gonna talk

about today I've used this resume and

this is not the only way to do a resume

but what I've used here has helped me

get a bunch of interviews which may or

may not have led anywhere but that's not

the point

the point of the resume is to get you to

the interview and then from the

interview it's up to you to actually

prove yourself what I like to do is in

my resume I like to break up the resume

into four portions I like to have the

objective which is usually there to say

that hey I want to join your company I

want to use with the skills that I've

learned and I want to build a fruitful

career at your company and for some

reason I know that I know that companies

or Millennials right now do not care to

stay in one company for a long time but

if a company is hiring it costs the

money if people keep switching over and

over cuz it takes a long time especially

for a sales engineer to get up to speed

on all the different products and the

value props with all the different

things that they're gonna be selling so

it is nice to know from the company's

perspective that when they're hiring

somebody they would want to stay for a

prolonged period of time now what is

that time frame that's up to you

generally speaking the number that I

hear out there is two years otherwise

your job hopping and I've haven't stayed

in a company less than four years

so and I find that reasonable and I

would stay longer with a company if the

opportunities are there

if not then I'd move on I don't just

switch jobs for the sake of switching

jobs but I like to keep my resume

updated so this is the first section

basically I want to acquire I want to

utilize my acquired skills to help your

company whatever the company name is as

an organization the users of the product

and continue to build a fruitful career

you can put whatever sentence you want

there as long as you show that you want

to work for the company some people just

omit that altogether I like to keep it

and so I keep it the second section is

the work experience but this is where

I'm gonna list all the different job

experiences that I've had

note that this is more for experienced

personnel if you're straight out of

university then you might choose a

different format for your resume but

because it's a sales engineering I'm

talking about the people that get the

job the most which are experienced

people so this is the second part work

experience and then if I scroll down I

have certification and education I

consider that one part if you have a

certification that is not known but

there is an equivalent to it that is

known you can always say it is

equivalent to whatever this is what I

have here alcatel-lucent service routing

Architect which is the CCIE equivalent

may or may not be true but it's the

highest level of certification and

alcatel-lucent and they teach somewhat

similar things and then my education I

like to have it in a box which allows me

to have more space otherwise if I hope I

like to keep my resume to two pages only

because I don't want to make the person

whoever whoever is reading my resume to

have to read a like a thesis so I keep

it to two pages only which is why I'm

very high on keeping the

the space tight and then the last

section is the skills section which in

my case I've divided technical skills

sales engineering skills and leadership

skills I've seen resumes where they have

a box on the far right or far left that

actually states like all the different

things that they do I find that

distracting personally I wouldn't want

to read a resume that's like that

because I don't know for a lot of times

I didn't know where to look am I looking

at the main paragraph or am I looking on

the side because when you're reading

you're reading developing you whatever

and now you're seeing the box on the

side and I get distracted that's just me

personally all right well this has been

fun that's the end of the video mmm

probably not all right

here's what I like to do when I'm

writing my skills I don't want to list

like what I do on a day to day basis I

want to list what I do to help the

company on a day to day basis what I've

achieved for that company and also what

I can bring to the table so I was

looking for a ceiling engineering job

and this is something that everybody can

do if you're already sales engineer or

in sales in general it's nice to have

exact numbers of the achievements that

you that you've done so in my case I've

achieved Century Club which means I've

hit my quota in 2015 and 2017 and I put

in the exact numbers I actually achieved

130% my quota and in 2017 I achieved 107

percent on my quota I put in the exact

number I didn't run it up did not round

down because that have an exact our

rounded numbers which doesn't show that

you're accurate even though you could be

but that's why you put like an odd

number is usually good so you mentioned

how many times you've hit your quota

actually I have a master resume which is

longer than two pages but I modify it

for every single

job that I've done I haven't applied to

many jobs since I've moved on to my

current company but when I was with my

old company which is Spirent I kept

looking for I looked for a job like I

put it out a lot of resumes with

different companies if you're not a

sales engineer and you don't have these

exact numbers then you should think

about the times that you've worked with

internal customers so if you're an IT

your internal customers are if you're an

IT for a bank your internal customers

are the users like they give bank

employees who have computers or using

the network these are your customers and

how you've worked with them and how

you've helped them or if you work with a

company that does have a sales team how

have you interacted with the sales team

how have you helped them sell so for

example I was in support a lot of times

I get calls from customer from account

managers and sales engineer say hey we

have this hot issue we need help fixing

it and I help them fix it as an example

and this is your chance to actually brag

humbly like people are off put it or

they don't want to brag this is your

opportunity to brag this is all about

you if you're selling your equipment

you're bragging about your equipment how

great they are how well they help the

customer this is what you're doing here

you're actually bragging about what

you've done I bragged about the fact

that I broke into three new accounts and

by I don't put I or we or whatever but

it is week like me and my sales person

we broke into three new accounts we want

back four accounts

brag about the things that you've done

what else is there if you have presented

anything internally or externally if

you've trained anybody if you have

mentored anybody make sure you put these

in here mentored sales engineer like

I've even had worked with with an

influencer support and engineering teams

if you actually this is basically

selling you're trying to sell that

you've sold their support and

engineering team to help you solve a

customer problem in a timely fashion

and did you ever have to sell your boss

or anything did you have to write memos

methods of procedures what's what's

important for sales engineers is

communication skills that's a big thing

hitting quota another big thing they're

working with customers so if you can

think about the times that you've done

any of these you may not have hit quota

because you've never been a sales

engineer but you have worked with other

people you've influenced other people

and could be customers could be

internals could be a part of your team

you've worked with them you you most

likely I haven't heard of an engineer

who hasn't done some form of training to

his team some presentation make sure you

mention those here if you've mentored

anybody mention that here so so and

that's what I've done before I moved

aspyn I was not a sales engineer I was a

network design engineer and a support

engineer and what I've done here

although I didn't sell anything I did

consult with clients which meant I

worked with clients I did provide

documentation training documentation

migration plans which shows I have

communication skills and before that

like I helped support engineers debug

this was a lot longer when I applied to

Spirent the first company I worked for

but because I like to keep it to two

pages I tend to remove stuff out of it

as I have more let's call it skills that

fit the fit the color fit the company

that I'm trying to move to or fit the

position that I'm trying to get well

let's see and the last section I already

talked about the certification education

the last section is the I I add the

things that I wanted to mention but I

wasn't able to because it just didn't

fit so I talked about like my knowledge

of like routing or services

virtualization I talked about how I let

discovery discovery calls these are not

things that you could put in the resin

specifically but sorry I put in the job

description but you can put them here

and that way you didn't miss the

opportunity to brag humbly there's a lot

more things that I want to say but this

is turning into a little bit of a longer

video so how about this if this is a

video if this video is nice and I cannot

speak today if this video is useful for

you and helps you in any way shape or

form comment below and like it subscribe

and all that and I can do another video

of I can where I can take my resume take

a job description that's already out on

LinkedIn and try to match the two and

show you how I would edit my resume to

fit that job description and that's it

for me I hope I hope this has been

useful if not let me know because then

I'm kind of defeating the purpose of

doing these videos and I will talk to

you guys in a couple weeks