How To Close an "Impossible" Lead | Raw and Real Sales Call with TRBL | Brad Lea

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Hey who's he on a call with? Ludwig! Ludwig! We got deals? What are we doing?

Talking with this lady but it's a deal for Monday.

Deal for Monday? Why Monday? Cu'mon over here and let's talk to her together.

Okay, that sounds perfect.

Why is she waitin' 'till Monday?

'cuz her partner, they'll both be working together on Monday.

So, she still hasn't decided?

They have decided, Monday is the day.

Why Monday?

Dude, masterclass. Close her! See if you can close her. She's closing you on Monday's the day.

Well, what for is all I'm asking. what's her name? Cindy. Cindy? My name is Brad Lea How are you?

Well hey Chris Chris tells me you're coming on board with Lightspeed!

You're hoping to? See how the information changed? It's a deal Monday they're

hoping to. See, this deal isn't closed bro!

When the king is in the building and I'm involved now you just "SHHH!" "ZIPIT!"

Unless I tell you to talk. Well that's awesome. Out of curiosity what are you guys teachin'?

like professors we're driving

pull up her Instagram never why wouldn't you want to pull him up pull him up pull

him up pull him up pull him up pull him up Instagram you know where is a grab

handle see like you got deals happen in order to know their Instagram handles

your entire mouth are you crazy kids a crazy business oh absolutely

hey I like that I like that idea like news nutrition wellness sleep and what

was the e

exercise yeah well you know what you you know what you guys try also we

eventually incorporated into that like a M of some kind like M news or news M

because you forgot money we're fine here or finances yeah you need nutrition

education wellness sleep and then you need some money that's right

here's the south it sounds like it sounds like you're gonna help everybody

hit all of the important areas of life

she's a closer school

what kind of deal you supposedly have

what listen to me you watch I'm gonna find out why Monday you guys find out

the reason the question is why a Monday nobody can answer them

I said why Monday why Monday that's how you close people perfectly dude you guys

are on your way that's awesome so so out of curiosity I was asking Chris like why

aren't we why are we going what package did they pick he said you guys wanted

the ten cast what are we waiting on he said well they want to wait till Monday

and I'm like why Monday and he can't answer that

why Monday before listen listen here's the real listening to the real what's

her problem right now she's not sold she's not sold

the thing of deal she's closed or do she's not sure there's no certainty

there's uncertainty she wants to see my closer screams what for

what's that got to do with it you just have to convince him because that's the

treat what does that got to do it they Clary what's her name

with of course it sounds like you yeah well I don't blame you you know careful

careful is intelligent well let me let me at let

me ask let me answer some because whatever he's given you isn't getting

you to pull any triggers so you're like saying hey let me go see this closer

school before I fully decide because what you just basically said is you

haven't fully decided correct

well here's here yeah but see ya but Cindy not only well it sounds like you

have your own stuff too you don't it's all his okay well then that's what I

thought that's what I thought cuz it sound like you got a whole bunch of

stuff just on your own so if he bumped his head and decided to not go in with

you why would that kill your drink well it wouldn't so so if he wants to come in

make a deal if he doesn't then do it without him at the end of the day how

would you like to put the intellectual property that's in your head in an

interactive video into it learning technology that allows you to deliver

track and measure and then sell it to businesses and people to better their

lives and then accidentally better yours why because it starts to generate

thousands of dollars if not more per month in recurring revenue just to give

access to some of your interactive content that you took a week or two to

create so from a business model standpoint it's the absolute best

investment you can make like there's nowhere else on earth you can invest ten

grand and find and come back with a with a machine of creating thousands and

thousands of dollars a month there's no investment in the world you heard a

grant cardone yeah he'll check he'll tell you

apartment buildings are the best investment on earth he's foolish isn't

it the best investment on earth is a virtual training system that you can

monetize and create legacy wealth and free time and helped a

lot of people at the same time who can put $10,000 into something and get

millions out that's quite the question isn't whether or not chris is gonna do

it with you or not that's just a matter of negotiation and discussion the

question is is are you gonna do it or not because you're right right that's

what I've sensed I don't blame you but that's what I've sensed that's what I've

sensed in this conversation is you're not really sold that's the problem

but again hey it takes you a little time to really get familiar and comfortable

with moving forward am i lyin exactly well Chris looks like yeah well Chris

Chris looks like he's a little more decisive than you because I'm looking at

his page and he says online training take action to live life now now what

does he got some sort of kajabi course or something well it says on his web on

his on his Instagram page there what is this his website yeah he says online

training is the next best thing to training in person he's damn Skippy

right matter of fact he's wrong it's better than training in person you know

why because it allows consistent repetitious information that's tracked

measured and monitored by a computer so no one forgets nobody you know a human

being cannot train as good as a virtual training system what's the best though

is a blend I mean come train live let's build a relationship and then go get the

the repetition and the accountability and all that let let the technology

track and measure that to where we now we just be ourselves and and speak and

drive traffic and empower the world attract people you know what I mean you

should just be out speak in writing books doing podcast and then when

they're like oh we love you Cindy you say yeah go to my go to my website and

then that lets them buy and you know access you and then and then if they go

through the inner active content and they really love you

will embed content in it that allows them to upgrade to personal coaching in

higher level packages do you have any of those pre-planned excellent so you want

to like market to them 13 times in a row or would rather market to them one thing

that's easier to market than anything give them the password and then create

an interactive journey that if they end up being a full-blown $25,000 a year

inner circle mastermind VIP Double Diamond right okay so so anyway I can

show you how to do all this you know I'm the one that showed everybody how to do

it right oh yeah have you seen you have seen it right just a little are you a

computer out of curiosity two questions number one what kind of car okay second

question what are you making for dinner

are you a vegan no I don't know I keep hearing rumors but listen of all vegans

all vegans can't be right or they wouldn't be dying okay they got vegans

dying right next to the old obese fellas

Kito's what works best for me for some reason but I can tell you this listen I

don't want to try and like you know make you feel like you should be pulling

triggers when well you're more comfortable in your comfort zone not

pulling triggers because you know growth and and and and development comes when

you're nice and comfortable right exactly so the fact that you're a little

uncomfortable is probably a good indication so you're gonna do it with or

without us with or without Chris the question is is when you'll do it I

propose that you do it now I propose that you do it now with the people that

showed the whole world how to do it then let's then let's just figure out how to

bring Chris in and if Chris don't want to get in I'll get you seven hundred

other wellness people because we collab with our whole network

matter of fact some so who's this girl Tana Ashley Tana Ashley are you trying

to get her on my show no now someone else is trying to she must really want

to see you again I put my show my drop bombs podcast is getting mighty popular

you know I could probably put you on there and end up selling you a thousand

passwords on accident Cindy here's the question what do you

what are you waiting for why is Monday the magical day that's

called an option though you don't have to wait for options that's an option you

you don't lose it you don't lose it today and you don't lose it Monday so

you're not waiting till Monday for an option are you the only thing I'm losing

right now is the ability to prove to these pricks that these deals are


because if you're gonna do it anyway then let's just do it close the deal now

Mountain that shut check this out Monday's no magic relay does your name

come up if you called Chris because well are you saying that if you're saying if

he's ready to pull the trigger you are oh I gotcha so so Chris ultimately is

talking to the wrong person ultimately

but you can't make the decision Kenya he can though he can't you can he can he

make the decision let's get him on the phone hold on let's three-way him you

run a three-way you what's his phone number there we're gonna get him we're

gonna call Chris I'm gonna show you how to close Chris right on the horn no I've

never talked to either one of you before just for the record have I people are

gonna think this is staged well I think Chris is either already doing it or

needs to make a decision because this says online training point blank it says

he has it I'll bet you anything at some you know cheap do-it-yourself model and

all we got to do is convince him to let us do it so he looks like you know we

spend a million dollars not 30 because any other training system and training

normally normally I haven't seen it it usually looks like you spent about a

hundred bucks and you're making all your money from selling courses so when you

go with Lightspeed it puts you in an elevated state just from the get-go

which raises your credibility causes a lot more virality why because it's more

engaging its interactive it looks like you spent a million dollars looks like

you're you know more nestled in you are sometimes right just

like rolling up in a Benz even though it ain't your Benz everyone assumes that

your Benz so no one would Lightspeed makes a big difference not to mention

our network I think once Chris hears all this

we'll probably convince him to you know make the make the decision to move the

light speed or even do it cuz it looks like he's got a training system if you

ask me now do you think he's more likely to take your call or mine yours I will

have to call from my phone or he won't know we're calling unless you want a

three-way yeah all right we'll get him on the phone Cindy hold please Chris

isn't close respond don't know what I'm doing we together Chris Cindy we can't

hear Chris I mean let me call you right back we're gonna three-way you both

she said she's Texaco did you call her back see if he texts back he might not

want to be closed by the B monster let's go he's waiting she's ready she's all

lubed up was that back had to say I mean the deal is all lubed up that's what you

call it you ever seen that movie where it's like hey Cindy Cindy were waiting

for Chris he's avoiding our call did you text them oh he's running a CrossFit

thing all right well listen we're gonna I want

to talk to Chris Gordon according to Chris

according to Mike Chris he says you're Chris is ready to go he's waiting on you

because I see because I said cuz I my Chris I'm like dude he's in closer

school Chris said I said well then he knows what I'm about to do to him maybe

he doesn't want to answer the phone and he goes no dude Chris wants to do it

he's waiting on her and then and then and then he put and then he put his hand

in this weird position and just sat there yeah it was like I don't even know

what it meant all I know is who do I got a clothes here to get a deal no it

sounds like it sounds like you say and I have to close Chris Chris said he's

ready to go he's close I gotta close you come on let's get closed here's a good

well then there you go hey you know what Cindy I don't even doubt that I don't

even doubt that one bit I think Chris Mike Chris has misinformation and was

sold by your Chris that he was deferring to you which is really a smokescreen to

get my Chris off the phone cuz Chris my Chris did not have the ability to

actually close him because your Chris threw him a smoke screen which was

Cindy's got to decide and then he didn't he didn't close him on well let's get

Cindy on the phone he oh they were both on the phone well come on we're doing

this is it and by the way you're gonna be you're gonna be famous on the next

virtual training lesson why can't get I can't you hear what she said she said

we're more than happy to use this footage for training purposes

hey so so I can't get ahold of Chris to close him so I guess I'll let you go and

and you guys can simmer and do whatever you do and thank and it ain't gonna do

trust me between now and Monday or even take another Monday take two more

Mondays I don't care if you take four more Mondays as long as when you're

ready to make money you call us cuz we're the ones that will help show you

how yeah we're gonna save you a lot of time we're gonna save you a lot of brain

damage there's gonna be things you know even know to think about that you're

gonna need to think about which is funny because when people tell me that they

need to go think about it I'm always like that's funny you're not even gonna

think about what you need to think about you don't even know to think about the

things you need to think about so what is it you're going to think about you

want me to give you 30 more things to think about that you don't even know

that you're gonna need to think about but you will need to think about them

and you probably should think about them in a certain order do you know what that

order is I ain't telling you unless you're a customer come out you need to

overthink about it is that what Chris says I like that yeah that's funny well

well honestly that's what you're doing that's what you guys are doing listen

the reason you haven't listened Cindy this is how this is this is how like

crazy it sounds answer these questions watch would you like to make you know

fifty thousand a month in recurring revenue without doing much every day or

more yeah see like well there's your answer yeah let's do this

because that's what it's doing it's big there's a little bit of work there's a

little bit of expense there's a little bit of investment and then what happens

is you you establish and create a web-based ATM machine that pays you

while you're not doing anything okay it's what when I met old grant cardone

and showed him how to do it he was running around all over earth and back

he had a wife just had a new baby at home he didn't have no time but if he

stopped doing what he was doing guess what they wouldn't they wouldn't

have the lifestyle they had and not only that but all his real estate at the time

was getting ready to crash because the whole Lehman Brothers thing so his butt

puckered up tighter than a frickin bullet fly time and guess what happened

he saw lights beating he jumped on it and guess what that led to everything

else and again him the confidence and the time to go

pursue his real passion which is apartments and real estate now guess

what he's doing apartments in real estate why well cuz

he because he virtualized what he did live he sold it to a billion businesses

now that pay him for not even being there they're paying for the virtual

version of him and out and he's now out making billions again in real estate why

because he doesn't need to sit there and train those people the virtual version

of him is so we want to do the same thing with you and Chris now the

question is there's no magical Monday Cindy is there no it's a decision it's a

decision so it's not let's not overthink it let's just decide which way we want

to pay and pull the trick again I wish I wish you would just like clue me in on

what the Monday is for Cindy let me ask you question you're right I agree with

you and let me ask you a question do you know why it's a bit concerning to write

a check for $10,000 because you haven't because you haven't written one earlier

no no not with me you haven't because if you two wrote meeting on 10 grand a year

ago you wouldn't be worried about a 10 grand check now but I hear you cuz

believe me I've been in the same situation and I can tell you right now

it's scary writing a check so what if what if it was free what if it wasn't

any money not even a dollar would you sign up today no no I thought if it

wasn't one penny today yeah okay so what we'll do

okay so what we'll do is we'll sign you up today so we can start helping you

today and then you can pay Monday or the next Monday what do you need a couple

weeks to pay okay so hey you don't have to and believe me you don't have to and

don't mistake my enthusiasm for pressure I'm just trying to get to the answer

because it's a it's intriguing to me as to why even if it was free you don't

want to make recurring revenue every month well what if it was if it was

right so if it was completely free you would do it so somewhere between free

and ten thousand we got a deal okay so the question is why Monday you got a

check coming in you got it you got a check coming in you waiting on paydays

like what what's happening

hold on out of curiosity how long y'all been talking how long you and Chrissy

are been talking a week a week just curious

yeah well no one's going to accuse you of making snap decisions

hey you you you take all the time you need city because I really am not

worried about when you do it I'm worried about do you have enough information to

make a decision the only thing that proves that that's not the case is you

won't make one so when I get off the phone it's not really that I want to

deal and I want to close you it's that I want to make sure you have all the

information necessary to make an intelligent decision and I know that you

don't and that bothers me how do I know because you ain't making a decision so

the fact that you're not making a decision tells me you don't have enough

information to do so because who the hell wouldn't want to make fifty grand a

month in recurring revenue or more you need to worst-case scenario Chris would

have to do his own system like you guys dead now the Lightspeed system does he

he doesn't have a Lightspeed system which means he doesn't really have a

system he's got an online hosting solution of some kind which is not what

we're talking about however what I'm saying what I'm saying is worst case for

you is you as you say yeah let's do this cuz you're doing it one way or the other

Chris decides he wants 90% you're like screw you and you guys can't come to a

turn or you can't you can't agree well then you say Chris it's probably best

you get your own system I'm gonna go ahead and get all of my system going and

then if you want me to be a part of yours when you get yours going that's

cool but that's not gonna happen you're fretting about something that's not

gonna happen you know what's gonna happen Chris is

gonna be like wow let's go and then you're gonna say well what is the deal

and he's gonna say well I don't know what do you think it should

you're gonna go I don't know what you think it should be then you're both

gonna say well let's talk on Monday and I'm gonna be like what the hell is with

Monday what is so magical about Monday

then why wait till Monday right now is the day especially with all your guys's

teachings you don't even follow what you believe like now is the best time growth

comes from discomfort this is uncomfortable which is why you guys want

to stop you want you don't want to be uncomfortable

well you already know that's what it takes oh now you want a Moulton Howe you

wanna mull it over I want you on it yeah you want over think about well just

remember this I don't blame you but just remember this Tony Robbins had to think

about it this is exhibiting Cubao tit Tom Hopkins

had to think about it Daymond John had to think about it World

Series of Poker had to think about it General Motors had to think about it all

the biggest companies in the world that I do business with had to think about it

too so I don't blame you you ain't the only one that needs to think about it my

only question is if all of them thought about it and came back and actually did

it what could you possibly have thought of that they didn't I know but that's

the value of us Cindy were the ones that show you logistically how to do it all

so you're thinking about how to do it all when I'm telling you to do it

and I'll show you how to do it also you don't have to do it all by yourself I

promise you it ain't gonna be on Monday Cindy the only the only way I would

agree to personally do it with you right now is if you do it right now it ain't

Monday Monday Monday will still do it as a company

because we always help our customers and we we'd be happy to I can't guarantee

it's gonna be me I shouldn't even be on the phone I just came down here to see

what off Chris Ludwig was doing and next thing you know he's talking to some lady

named Cindy who's a deal on Monday and I'm like why Monday and he couldn't

answer and I'm like let me talk to her I need to figure out why Monday what is so

magical about Monday you're like nothing's magical well then why not

today I need to think about it what are you gonna think about nothing Oh see

it's like confusing to me it's like a puzzle so this is fun but Monday Monday

I'll be Monday I'll be on to something else and I'll be like you know

distracted with a million other things so I can't promise I'll be on the phone

Monday but I can promise you I'm on the phone now here's here's the question why

would we be on the call Monday because by Monday you'll make a decision see

here's the thing Cindy I'm trying to help you I'm trying to help you because

because I already know the type of person you are you know what you you

need to be pushed out of your comfort zone to create yourself a new comfort

level you see what I'm saying yeah so you're comfortable right now and you

don't know if you'll be comfortable up here in another level so you're like oh

what do I do and here's and here's what else is happening you ready you don't

want to make a decision because you hate being wrong don't you yes you do see you

want to argue about it you want to be right so bad you're gonna argue whether

or not you want to be right or right this is classic Cindy you don't like to

be wrong so you don't want to make a decision and find out later you made a

mistake I don't hey I don't want any money we are we already said we already

said I don't want no money until later so I'd never want to hurt your kids

matter of fact not doing this hurts your kids if you'd have done this three

months ago your kids would be better off than they are today why well because

you're just contemplating it you're contemplating a brighter future for them

how much how much information do you need

to know that you want to make their future brighter if you go if you go if

you get off the phone right now hey if you got off the phone right now and you

went and grabbed a good book and cuddled up and you're in your you know the

pillow in your window and where you like to read books you read books don't you

of course you do so all smart people read books by the

way that's how I knew you read books and you stopped and you and you sat there

and you and you thought to yourself man do I want to do this do I want to spend

a little bit of time and a little bit of effort you know pouring out the

information that helps people onto a page so Brad can turn it into an

interactive high technology badass training system that'll scale all over

the world multiple languages and pay me and my children long after I'm gone I

don't know let me think about it till Monday does that does that sound is that

sound nor you know normal to you okay so I want to help you from a higher level

now because it's like it doesn't make sense I'm removing every obstacle now

why are you saying no I bet you it's because Cindy doesn't like being wrong

you don't like to make a decision because if you don't make one you can't

be wrong that's why we that's why we are indecisive you know I used to be really

indecisive now I'm not so sure but you're still indecisive I can tell isn't

this by the way for the record isn't this fun it's not well listen don't make

don't make me wear the black eye for something we didn't do okay whoever

burnt you in the past you know I one there all I know is don't let that

person burn you twice because now you're making poor decisions yeah so whatever

they did yet screw them move on next now what now what well now how do you want

to how do you want to move forward well hell I want to help my kids good create

interactive training courses and sell them to individuals organizations and

businesses hundreds indies and the ones that are listening the most and willing

to be coachable are the ones I'm talking to so if you're gonna be really you know

coachable and you guys you know are gonna do what I tell you I'll talk to

you all day long why because if you do what I tell you you're gonna get rich

and you're gonna make me a nice little piece for my niece you're gonna give me

a sliver to deliver a fraction of the action the tad cuz I'm Brad not 200 new

share see let me explain to you it's a two hundred dollar minimum which means

if you don't do anything it's gonna cost you 200 bucks a month now again hey

listen if that ever kills you and you can't pay rents and you call me up I'll

throw you 200 bucks cancel your agreement you'll be off the hook

why cuz it's month-to-month like I know you ain't worried about 200 bucks are

you okay good so 200 bucks BAM you sign up now you got a system okay one now

once you have a system for 200 bucks because you're gonna do that first like

if you said yes right now how do we do this you go to a website you're gonna

spin up a system it's gonna ask you for a credit card it's gonna tell you it's

$200 a month or 20% rev-share or $2 a user because we

don't care how you use it but based on how you use it we're either gonna take a

piece for our niece a fraction of the action you know what I'm talking about

or we're gonna take $2 a user or if you don't use either one because you're just

sitting on it you're gonna get whacked 200 bucks every single month is a little

reminder let's go see what I'm saying now am i might i work at Lightspeed

everyday like every single day like if you want me you just call Lightspeed so

let me talk to Brad now worst case scenario my assistant gets in there and

goes what do you want and then say I'm a customer I like

to Brad and then they'll get you on the phone with me why because I don't run

from people I have an open-door policy hold on hold on I'm about I'm about I'm

about to finish and then we're gonna come to the big decision so I don't want

to lie and say yes if you do this I will work with you for this meant cuz cuz

what if I'm busy and then you get offended how about this pull the trigger

for your kids pull the trigger cuz you know it's the right thing to do pull the

trigger cuz you want to be in business with us why that's why everybody that's

anybody is in business with us they've already thought about it

they've already did the research they've already googled me they've already

thought of every possible way to not do this and they all came to the same

conclusion let's do it so so waiting until Monday you're just gonna do the

same thing they did and you'll be back as a customer but if you can take

advantage of the 2500 today get that free marketing package that's pretty

good just to pull the trigger and now if you want me to say okay I'll take five

from you and I'll call Chris for the other five I'll make it the same ten and

we'll call that a deal today then let's get her done what do you say

correct correct you pulled the trigger right now today

I'm gonna hand the phone to Chris he's gonna sign you up get you online get you

charged up everything's good five grand on a credit card whatever you want we'll

get the other five from him and then I will personally tell you and Chris I'll

get on a call with you I'll tell you and Chris exactly what to do step by step

the whole way I'll I'll assign a guide it's one of my basic their guides but

but but they're like my assistants which means they're just like me except not as

smart I'm joking I'm joking because I have an audience

you feel like you feel like you're in what hard set you feel like what so do i

cuz I'd love to see here here him he had it closed a long time ago

good closers are always easiest to close you would have closed me and as soon as

you got on the phone with me you see York yeah but you're the careful

one which is wise but at the end of the day you can be as careful as you want

you're coming to the same conclusion yes you want to make money yes you want to

create a legacy how fast are you gonna get there's the question how much are

you gonna make the question it's not if Lightspeed if do it at all it's it's how

long is it gonna take well again it's gonna take you longer without me you're

gonna look worse without me and and I promise you it you're gonna spend so

much money without me because you don't know what to do and I do so I'm gonna

save you time and money and brain damage and you're gonna make money the question

is is how much now what if we failed it and only ended up making 8 grand a month

you just invested 10 G's to make 8 grand a month like that's pretty good deal I

bet you've never made an investment like that in your entire life

neither is anybody unless they have a Lightspeed system and more importantly

do what I tell them to do cuz again I do have customers that are only doing you

know peanuts and guess why because when I say hey go do a Facebook ad I'm not

doing a Facebook and hey go get it go hire a Salesman I'm not hiring a

Salesman it's like hey look you know I bought a treadmill nobody showed up to

see if I was riding it you know I'm saying they don't give a shit but see I

give a shit do you know why Cindy

because of you because of you don't make money we don't yeah I don't want this

for $200 a month like $200 a month two hundred two hundred dollars a month

doesn't do anything except gently remind you to get moving

if you ever give me $200 a month it's because you're not moving your goal

should be to give me two million dollars a month wouldn't you

agree yeah so at the end of the day I will help you again

next week I'm here all week so if you sign up today Chris is gonna get the

other dough probably Monday or Tuesday will on board you it's called an

onboarding call I will I will help on board you will have a big discussion

figure out a big brainstorming session and then we'll bullet point out the list

of things you need to do and then you pull those triggers and get those things

done and now you'll start making money now that money needs to be reinvested or

at least some of it why cuz you got so much to do you don't even imagine 10

grand ain't even gonna cover a fraction of it but guess what you'll do

it'll be the seed money needed to generate the money that will pay for

everything that you will need cuz you'll probably need you know $50,000 a month

someday in just Facebook ad spend matter of fact go look at some stupid

alien on Instagram little wedgie or what's his name yeah little Mayo dude

it's a puppet that has 3 million followers there's people that can't get

a thousand stupid-ass hand puppet gets 3 million you know why do you know how I

do I certainly do and that's why you want to do business with Lightspeed

because I know how they're doing it I showed them all but again little Mayo I

did not show for the record how to get 3 million followers but I know what he did

and it's called exposure virality trickery intelligence strategy that's

what he's doing tony robbins and dean Graciosa same

thing russell brunson same thing Andy Priscilla Eadie my let not to push

those in the same category as those guys cuz those guys are a little bit

different but same thing anyone who's successful same thing

success leaves clues you ever heard that yeah of course ok there's clues

everywhere the first the first clue is to do business with Lightspeed how do

you know cuz everybody else is anybody who's

anybody that is haha but anyway that's just the blessing I've been fortunate

so here's what we're gonna do I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna hand phone I'm gonna

hand the phone to Chris you're gonna give him five dimes he's gonna call

Chris either today or tomorrow or over the weekend and get five dimes come

Monday five dimes whatever we just get five dimes preferably no not Monday cuz

that's the magical day we don't want to we don't want that day we want today but

whatever we're gonna give you the 10 10 K package plus we're giving that 2500

our bonus for doing it the same day even though it sounds like Chris was kind of

lettin you wait till Monday and still get it that's you anything and which is

which is what I told Stephen I said they're not gonna they're not gonna use

that correctly that's the meant to get someone to pull the trigger today well

Chris was saying hey and if you call me back actually all I'll make sure you get

the bonus just please call me back

anyway alright so Cindy we got a deal oh

heavens yes you'll be on social media this calls gonna go viral I'm gonna put

it on YouTube the whole thing unedited

how to close shit that's that's what listen listen the master closer are not

master closer that's what Steve Stevens is gonna do Mike my closing course is

called the master class on sales and closing it simply teaches people how to

be confident persuasive influential and close people so this is the technique

I'm using on you exactly exactly what I teach in that master class so if you

guys are interested and this is real this ain't staged click the link to

learn more see I just made an ant - hey but listen all kidding aside yeah no no

I'm not trying to close you I'm talking sense into your head and you realize

that logic is what's closing you Cindy it wasn't Bradley it was pure and utter

logic there's no reason not to do this and I'm the only one that talks sense

enough to get you to agree to it that make sense

not to mention you've got you not to mention you got me to throw me in the

deal and guess what normally that package is

$50,000 to get me in the deal I'm not in the deal I told you I'm gonna kick it

off and we'll give you as much time just because I like you guys and and and I

promise you that if you're not successful I'm gonna get in the deal

because if you're not successful I'm not successful which would mean I need to

talk to these people why because you're not successful and there's a problem

with that so if you're not succeeding I promise y'all be getting involved but

if you guys are killing it and you want to talk to me call me

but specifically cuz you're doing this for me I'm gonna do this for you I'm

going to include me for the first couple sessions hours you know again I'm not

gonna time it like hope you said 90 minutes I was only 30 but I'm gonna I'm

gonna get involved in your first call which is called your onboarding Chris

will know that the guide will be there they will schedule it I will tell them

I'm here all next week and I told them and you'll be boarded next week and and

I will be on that call and then Chris and I and you and the guide can talk

about the first phase and I'll tell you everything you want to know and we'll

give you everything you need to do and then we'll just pull triggers and let's

go like dude there's there's only one reason you're gonna be upset and that's

because you didn't get started earlier now three days wouldn't really matter

but at the end of the day let's get started hey I guarantee I'll put you out

drop bombs just cuz you're funny here's Chris let's get you spun up a system

first of all

well thank you it's a it's a real treat isn't it well thank you very much Cindy

it isn't a window until the ink dries so let's go ahead and finish up here hey

can you see our screen can you see our screen okay are you saying a computer

yes or no okay then he's gonna walk you through this process and we're gonna do

it for you how do I spell your last name so if you want us to keep doing it yeah

I'm still here I'm waiting till this deals done if I walk away Chris might

let it go again

so - dude this is what's called losing this is a closer kind of fact for closer

school I think we should just play this whole thing Chris thanks for being a

part of closer school you must be watching this now by the way anyone else

in closer school that wants to get closed by me come up with a good reason

to use Lightspeed like like these two have they're gonna make a bunch of money

that's what's funny - we aren't winning they are winning we win also but more

importantly to world wins right it's the world win I didn't say whirlwind I said

world win the world wins when knowledge gets shared come on that's a Bradley

original right there come on what about the slow cop let's act like like like

you hadn't rent to pay or something now it's like some sort of triumphant is the

do some trick what do you mean we need a bigger one and we need a Hummel no this

sounds like someone dropped a fucking fries

no wonder you guys don't want to close any deals you have to run around with

that racket it's people want to get a big old Gong and be like oh like

something fun that's like ting ting ting ting ting ting if I was working out here

I wouldn't even close the deal if that's what I had yes I'm still here I am here

I didn't do anything I just I just well I I would love that but but again

all I did was was was talk logic to you

well thank you are we consummated here let's consummate that deal folks

remember cease all fun and games right ain't done why walk away get that ball

in the end zone kids it ain't done just cuz she spun it up now we can go hit the

college for five dimes which is her half of a ten dime deal yep

would you make no thousand no zero exactly I closed the motherfucker hey

you guys you to start rep emulating me or I'm gonna start taking your money

this is this is complimentary I'm working for you are you crazy

you're supposed to be working for me you're supposed to be making me money

about me making you money yep yep $200 the system is $200 the services are 10

grand we do that second spin up a system so you're a customer because we only do

business with customers and the 10 grand the 10 grand is doing business nope

you're not you're only gonna do five but the first thing we're gonna do is spin

up a system which is only 200 and it will make a cool sound once you do it

it'll be like you don't have to be sick to your stomach there's no contract it's

month-to-month worst thing that you just did is waste $200 and look I'll give you

my word I'll take it out of my pocket and hand it to you if for some reason

you change your minds you why would you change your mind why are you sick to

your stomach spin up the city spin up the system just makes you a customer now

you're a customer see so so you tell you're a customer we don't do services

we don't consult we don't help we don't talk to we don't you know meet with

because they don't even have a system and if they don't

system what's there to meet about what's there to talk about what's there to

spend time on so what we do is we say look lights means the best system in the

world if you're on the system you're a customer and if you're a customer now

you can do now we can help you in the 10 the $10,000 package that's helping

people spot it up okay welcome to the fam BAM Cindy see now you're a customer

now we can help you I couldn't help you before now I can help now I can help you

know now you're my customers so guess what now the option is those packages

before Chris showed you those packages you weren't a customer they were

irrelevant because we don't do those unless you're a customer so now that

you're a customer cuz you spun up the system now we can do business on the 10k

package in the $2,500 bonus so what we're gonna do with your permission is

just we can do it from our system crack the card for another five dimes and

that's it now that'll be the card that every 30 days hits another $200 but by

30 days hopefully will have either scared you off and you changed your mind

or you'd have like something rolling and we'll make it we'll be making money and

then I don't know how I don't remember the Chris thing but make sure if someone

makes a note yeah no that's right that's right what's that say

okay package partner yeah but also remember to put remember to put the note

of she gets that $2,500 marketing package that Stephen talked about yeah

we get onboarding anyway you don't need the notes that I'll do the onboarding

yeah you do actually because they won't get me otherwise

tell-tell guide to include Brad and onboarding sweet Cindy you've been the

best by the way see you made me look good you know I'm saying all these

people around watching see if I can actually do what I claim I can do and I

just did it they're probably going to think you mean you plan this well I'm

gonna do my best but listen do you listen I'll never say I made you

millions of dollars all I'm gonna claim as I showed you how to make millions

because again only you can make the millions I can just show you how I'm

showing people how to do it I don't do it for them I don't do it for you but if

you if you're coachable I will show you exactly what to do and not only that

it's not gonna end I bet you in five or ten years you'll be thinking up new

things to be doing I could be dead by then and you could still be thinking up

new ways to use your vici system your VT system basically allows you to create

deliver track and measure interactive content now you can use it for training

internally externally you can use it for screening applicants you can use it for

marketing purposes you can use it for all kinds of things and once you start

to realize wow I can use this for a million things you'll start you'll start

using it you know you just it's just only because I invented it and I've had

20 years to think about how to use it that I that I that I know so much as

soon as you as soon as you guys get rolling you and Chris will be literally

coming up with ideas for all kinds of different things so

you know you know what no no no you can do that at any time so if you want to

think about a system name you're technically already customers what that

does is allow you to spin up your system but a system name could be anything but

that's the kind of thing I'd ask Chris because I don't know what do you want to

call it if you if you want to call it you know your own system you know Cindy

Vitti you can and you can change it later so it's not that important but

that's part of the onboarding like let's think up a good name let's think up a

name that resonates let's think up like let's let's let's do this right next

step is onboarding right now you don't have to do anything all you have to do

is verbally tell me that it's ok to charge that card that you used the 5000

and then I'll charge it I already did on your first yes yep it's been whacked

nope it's been whacked your card was approved and you are now a very very

important client here at Lightspeed VT right mister celentano oh so so now the

next absolutely well I'll take you up on that right now so so here's what's next

where's mr. Ludwig so here's mr. Ludwig back listen here's what's next these

guys right upstairs is that computer thing you just did told my accounting

department that you need to be issued a guide that's a human being they normally

are who takes you through this but it says to get me involved which means

you're going to call on Monday more than likely that

says hey when can we do an onboarding call so you just pick a time pick a day

because all week I'm here and they're going to include me I will talk to you

on that day if yeah if you need me between now and then feel free to give

me a jingle Chris well Chris will well you have Google okay

so Chris is gonna send you an email with all our contact info all my stuff yeah

get my cell phone yeah you weren't a 50-grand customer go on do 50 I'll give

you my cell phone no just joking I'm joking you don't have to give me 50 but

here but here's what the next step is just so you don't wonder what happened

when you get off the phone cuz the ethers gonna wear off and you're gonna

start to get like a little nervous like what did I do

he closed me no I didn't you made a good decision we're gonna go we're gonna get

Chris's 5:00 and Monday or Tuesday we're gonna we're gonna discuss what it is you

guys want to do brainstorm and then that's going to generate a task list on

both sides because because you have services coming from us so you might

have to fill in some blanks but that's it we're gonna be doing most the work

but the first discussion is an onboarding and when we onboard you

that's kind of where we think up things and brainstorm a little bit and figure

out what is it we want to do cuz again it's never gonna end

it's what do we want to do first that's the only question what do we want to do

first make sense yeah so so so it'sit's what do we want to do first eight we

want to make Cindy this course in this course and we want to make Chris this

course this course in this course okay good how are we gonna market it what

we're gonna do this we're gonna do this we're gonna do that okay good Plus that

you got the 2500 our marketing package which is again a high level marketing

person writing copy and creating some ad campaigns for Facebook media buys and

things of that nature and then I'm gonna ask some other questions like who do you

know I don't know who you know maybe we can make some collab deals maybe some

people we have in our in our network I can introduce you to I don't know until

we chitchat on on the onboarding but that'll take about an hour sometimes it

goes a little longer but then after that that'll tell us what action items are

needed and then that will tell me how much how many you know how many things

we need to do for you and how things you need to do and then once

those things are done which could be relatively quickly we're making money

and now it's a profitable thing it's like there's no more expenses it's just

revenue we're trying to get this out of the liability column into the asset

column it's a liability until it's launched and people are buying it you

understand yeah so we want to make it an asset an asset produces this revenue and

good stuff every month and it's real easy you know we do we take what's in

your head we figure it out and get it on paper put it on film drop it in the

system create some advertising and some attention and everybody hears about it

people love it and start buying it and it starts going and going and going for

it people don't know you they don't like

you they don't trust you above them up then you tweak it and you build a little

credibility and then you send out a little email and then to get on this

stage and next thing you know it might take longer than we thought because

again I just walked in and started hearing Chris not be able to close a

deal so I figured I'd jump on real quick but there is no question of if you'll

make money the question is when and how much like when how long is it gonna take

is it take six months it's gonna take six weeks it's gonna take six years I

don't know but it's when you will make money not if and the next one is how

much will you make what if what if you only we can only figure out how to get

$2,000 a month coming through it well cool it's still a damn good deal like if

I said give me 10 grand I'll give you 2 grand a month for the next 10 years

you'd be crazy not to so I want you to go to bed comfortable I want you to look

at your kids and know that you made a damn good decision for them

matter of fact they don't know how old are they Cindy how old are they yeah

okay your kids as kids actually should thank you because eventually we're all

gonna die and our kids kids kids kids will be profiting from the training if

we do this right why because once you create this course

virtually you'll live on as long as computers and Internet's are around like

you're creating a legacy for years so if you're one of those people that think

you need to get in perfect shape before you get on the camera start working out

kid because it's coming all righty well I'm gonna listen I got a run I got a run

upstairs I'm gonna give you to Chris and I'll talk to you next week

talk soon and tell and tell Chris I look forward to talking to him talk soon all

right Cindy yep well we're just excited to be able

to work with you now I don't need anything else but I'm gonna call Chris

geese King here in a little bit you know what time he gets through with CrossFit

he'll be grinning from here ear to ear yeah all right Cindy we'll talk soon

text me when you call them bye you're a beast is ridiculous it's

fucking know what no works in my life well yet that's one of those I got lucky

deals you know I could have got a know just as easy

no way what do you mean you did get now like 400 of them you know I did that

more so for content than I did for the money why that is masterclass a thousand

percent if you listen in to what I'm doing is it not or is it not oh you

wouldn't know motherfucker would you because you ain't been through it so

anyway if you want to go through master class I highly recommend it because

that's exactly what I just did right there

as I executed exactly what I teach you in the master class but you have to go

through it with repetition you have to go through it with an open mind you

can't go through it all mad makes me go do this thinks he's so good can't do it

like that you gotta actually listen like what is he doing I gotta figure this out

cuz it's like it it's like a it's like a dance gentlemen if Jeff right now was a

ballroom dancer and he maybe he was a ballroom dancer

or or or he sang or he saying show tunes on Broadway which he may be and he just

pulled some dance move that every dancer in the world knew everyone be able to

say he just did oh whatever right he just did the walls

oh that's the cha-cha how do you know well cuz that's how you do the waltz and

that's how you do the cha-cha closing a deal is the same exact thing if you

understand the moves and the steps that's all I was doing over and over and

over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and

over again and then I was using logic logic is an acronym quit thinking of the

word even though it does mean the same thing you know what logic means neutral

leverage obvious gain elegy leverage obvious gain intelligence and common

sense I leveraged obvious gain intelligence and common sense that's

what I did I leveraged obvious gain intelligence and common sense I

leveraged it you know the word leveraged do you

what's the mean can't you get specific but what does it mean see if you don't

know the word you should look it up yeah seriously

like if you can't explain what the word is to a third grader you should look up

the word and really really understand what it is and then pretty soon you'll

be like oh it's like and you'll be able to explain things because it's like some

of those words are like oh that is kind of hard to explain we know what leverage

means though what does it mean there's multiple definitions like if you

leverage that's right that is the definition I was going for see what I'm

saying I'm using leverage to the maximum

advantage obvious gain what's obvious what's obvious to you

what is obvious mean it's obvious it's obvious clear plain easy to see totally

right there fucking black and white gain what's gain mean advance yeah gained

right you get something you you increase you you leverage obvious gain like her

kids in the future money free time that's obvious gain it's obvious gain if

you have a virtue angst and you're gonna make more money that's a game it's an

obvious game money time fame reach scalability helping people that's all

obvious gain right it's obvious that's not oh I didn't even realize that was

gonna happen no it was pretty obvious that would happen you know if I run five

miles a day I'm gonna lose weight that's an obvious gain intelligence that might

be the part we're all missing

okay and then common sense common sense is did you hear me say obviously magical

Monday's nothing to wait for that's common sense man you can't argue with

common sense what's Monday she sold you is what

happened yes or no do you guys get it or no she did did he get closed it was

Monday you in handed me the phone and said they closing today because she

closed you on it's Monday I know I use common sense common sense tells me dude

there's a reason they're waiting till Monday how do I know that

well because who waits till Monday it's common sense that if you want something

you don't wait till Monday that's why when you said he's in wait to Monday

what did I say what for why why is he waiting till Monday and neither you

could answer me why well cuz you're not following the Masterclass training which

is identify and isolate the fucking objection and then you remove it you you

remove the objection by any means necessary

you know what I mean hey my husband has to be here what if he was here if he was

here I'd do it I removed the husband even if it's a fake thing like make up

something really stupid why you won't move forward why won't you move forward

Chapman okay and if your grandma said do it would you do it yeah okay now look I

removed that he needed to talk to his grandma by saying if your grandma said

yes would you do it most people and including her will not say yes if it's

really something else which it was it was a matter of fact

there was multiple things did you know what it was a little bit of money a

little bit I don't know okay there was multiple things you weren't gonna close

around any one of them so the Masterclass I'm telling you I identify

and isolate the objection how do you do that

why aren't you fucking moving forward I need to wait for Chris if you didn't

need to for Chris would you do it well and I

want to think about the price a little bit okay then it wasn't Chris that's

just what they said to you first it's the money so now you move to the

money and then you do the same thing does that make sense

now you're using logic right you're using common sense you're using

intelligence you're leveraging obvious gain this makes no sense folks you mean

you don't want to make fifty thousand dollars a month you mean you're waiting

because you want to make sure your kids are gonna be okay how does that make any

sense like use common sense is that does that sound like common sense I want to

wait to see if my kids do better I don't I don't want to just make them do better

I want to think about getting them to do better when you put it like that how

dumb does it sound awake huh that's because it doesn't make sense so that's

the common sense part you freaking leverage the logic leverage obvious gain

intelligence common sense and you work the deal and you close people by

identifying and isolating the objection then you remove it and if they say yes

which is by the way what you're trying to do is get from a no to a yes not a

here's the money that's not what I'm talking about

you get them from a no to a yes like will you move move forward no why I need

a an elephant to step on my foot if I had an elephant an elephant step on your

foot would you do it yes well then guess what you have to solve now you have a

case to solve guess what case you need to solve you

need an elephant to step on that fucking foot if they're telling the truth and

ninety-nine percent of the time they will be but they don't always start that

way they start out by lying when they say how come you want to do this I won't

talk to Chris well what if Chris was here and he said to do it would you do

it I'd have to think about it what what would you be thinking about I don't know

the price is kind of high if the price was low would you do it I don't know

well what would you not do I don't know I'm not really sure I'd have to call my

friend Bob see I'm saying they'll keep going to and guess where they're going

to the actual reason they're not fucking doing it and then you can close it cuz

you're not gonna close something that isn't real now they also might touch on

factors they're factors so they were somewhat

legitimate I do kind of want to talk to Chris I do think about the money a

little bit and I do want to run it by Bob those are factors and that's why you

just got all the factors so now that means there's four reasons they're not

doing business but mentally when you close that that last one with what if

they go to this one and now they're isolated on this one identify isolate

that's all you're doing you're identifying and isolating the objection

and you're trying to solve it then you get him to say yes and then he gets all

done all the way down to so dude tell me why would you not do this which all the

common sense you've used in their head by now goes well there is really no

reason you're right let's go ahead and do it deal closed and if you can't close

the deal why well I couldn't get past the in talk quick talk to Chris deal

well then they sold you that they had to talk to Chris so a deal was still made

it was just opposite you got closed instead of that she was gonna close you

bro you got closed by your ears or Tony teary if I was here at 3 o'clock I would

have closed him I would have told him the same shit why Monday well I'm doing

it by myself who gives if I why you need till Monday what's magical about Monday

you waiting for your check to show up what would happen you waiting on the tax

returns what's Monday hey what's Monday okay did you want a million dollars I

don't know oh it's you know Monday doesn't automatically make you think in

your head what's Monday like 3:00 it's just natural it's not a line it's not a

trick it's not a strategy you tell me you want to wait on something good I

always wonder ah I always wonder why I want to lose weight I'm gonna start

Thursday what does that mean to you

do not want to I want to invest in in insurance I want to do it Friday wife's

Rider see that's just a natural why Friday I want to wait till Monday

why Monday but you didn't ask did you did you the answer is no no okay

so if you went to the master class you would realize when someone objects which

is anytime they're not moving forward the best thing you can ask is why why

not why aren't you moving forward I'm gonna wait till Monday

that's not why that's what you're gonna do why are you waiting till Monday I

want to talk to Chris if you didn't need to talk to Chris would you do it today

mmm that probably still you see what I'm saying that's what you're doing identify

isolate solve and you'd be crushing deals left and right like me right here

every day what if you had six of me Natasha

you just need it like they stop at the first or maybe third no like forty nose

well again I mean if I wasn't being filmed I probably would have hung up too

but I was doing it for the camera what why well because because I want to show

you guys that it's nothing's gonna happen if she would have got off the

phone and we didn't have a deal you didn't have one when I got on the phone

yo dude on Monday the same Monday this is right now and you didn't have one and

if I had got off the phone without one what's the problem so it doesn't scare

me to keep going but I probably would have given up had that camera not been

on me why because it's only a 10 G deal that's gonna change everything now for

you it might change a few things I don't know how rich you are but like

that's two dimes in the old pocket route like goddamn that changes some things

doesn't change ten grant doesn't change Lightspeed doesn't give us the ability

to buy a corporate jet fly around or anything like dude it'll it'll be gone

literally before her shits launched so it's like dust in the wind it doesn't

mean anything I kept going for content purposes to for training purposes like

this should be chopped up and used Mandy and the team that are watching this pure

gold I wouldn't even chop up a lot of it I'd

make sure there's a version straight clear blur out the names to protect the

innocent make sure I don't say anything that offends anybody and then I actually

scratch that go ahead and play it raw and then stick it on YouTube this should

be on YouTube now just for the record pan the room was any of this staged at


not immediate but there no I think like she would have closed a lot sooner if it

would have been actually staged she would I think she would have closed

sooner if she was staged you close her today is amazing it's unbelievable mmm

and million years what I've ever thought that deal would close today not my life

too valuable but something I would have bet you you and you know yeah there's

hate in your eyes towards me the rest of you I don't see it

you three I see now I'm just wondering why they hate what's happening what's

the but just it just could be could be that was wrong once but I wasn't if it

wasn't you on the phone you know what it was gonna get that deal so dude are you

telling me I'm the best closer in the world because that's technically true

like if it wasn't me that was a nun closable deal however if you're me

it's closable what's that tell you yeah like do what I do and get what I get

like dude like action causes like results if you go into the gym do this

and eat this and your arm goes Boop I'll bet you

anything if the next 10 people do the same shit you did their arm will go Boop

now in some of those whoa yeah but not if their metabolism and their body type

it dude you can jack off all you want with all

these book can excuses as soon as you say yeah but you're a baby it limited

you scarcity mindset yeah but yeah but you I'm telling you right now like

action causes like result now in your head of heads ask yourself did you think

yeah but because if you thought yeah but your mother yeah but you're like worse

than Y Abbott and Costello your Abbott dude you don't want to be a yeah 'but

that's my new name you're a yeah 'but don't be a Yabut you know what he gave

it is dude you can make million dollars a year yeah but dude you want to make a

million dollars just do this way yeah but yeah but what mother like action

causes like results you want to be buff go find someone buff and you do what

they've been doing and i'll bet you you get buff yeah but they've got all the

time in the world so you see the point like those are excuses if you go do what

people do you'll get what people get go do what anybody does you will do what

you've normally you will get what they get like action causes like results what

you do last night