How to start a running group

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what's going on guys today I'm going to

tell you how I started my own running

group the golden triangle starters so a

few years back I noticed it was a need

for a year-round running group in our

area we had the serum Striders which was

a running club that put on the summer

run series but after the summer was over

there would be no more group running

opportunities in our area so I really

thought that we need a running group but

I never really put much thought into

starting one until I run the Austin

marathon and we invite up my friends to

come along and after the race they came

up to me and my brother and we're like

we want to train for a half marathon and

would you guys train us and of course

you know me and my brother were ecstatic

we we loved running and we wanted to

share our love of running with our

friends and this would be the perfect

opportunity to start that running group

that I had thought that we needed in our

area so that's how the golden Charles

Chartres was born so gold internals

Chartres what's with that name Golden

Triangle of course is our area that we

live in it's Beaumont orange and Port

Arthur and charters came from it was a

mean back in the day the Leo strut

they had Leonardo DiCaprio kind of

leaning his head one way and strutting

and I had a lot of running picture that

looked pretty similar to it and my

friend said that now be perfect Golden

Triangle Strutters so that's how gold

internal shredders came about I thought

was perfect name it was a little bit

silly and it was not too intimidating

for people they saw our running group

that they would wanted to come join us

so after we came up with a name I set up

a Facebook page I set up days set up

times and we started training it was me

and my brother and three of my friends

we trained for the gusher after we

checked about three months they around

the race and then for whatever reason

life got in their way

they stopped coming out to our runs so

it was just me my brother out there now

and for a long time it was just the two

of us we would we would wait extra 10 15

minutes after the start time and just

just wonder if anybody was show up

for months nobody did but I really

believe in the field of dreams kind of

thinking I thought that we kept on

coming out there week after week that

eventually somebody would show up and

eventually somebody did one person would

show up and we would run with them and

we were on one with him for every week

and then another person was show up and

another person and then we had maybe six

people show up and we thought we were

huge so we would take a picture it was


nowadays we have about twenty to thirty

people show up to every run and our

largest group has been about 90 people

and it's been great so if you guys want

to start a running group I think you

guys should go ahead and do it it

doesn't take much just takes a little

bit of time a little bit of effort and

it'll be successful and trust me when I

say it's been a pretty rewarding

experience I think that it's made our

city the Golden Triangle area a much

better place

we were once known as one of the fattest

cities in the nation and and because of

the golden charters and many other great

Fitness opportunities in our area I

think we can be known one day as one of

the fittest in the area so that's how I

started my group the golden Charles

charters so if you guys enjoyed this


again please subscribe to my channel I

would appreciate that and I'll see you

guys in the next video peace out