How To Lead In a Relationship 💯

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One thing I'm trying to--

make sure I do better.

Or not do better, do in the future whatever.

is how to be

a man that truly leads

right in a relationship.

Like leads?

Yes, like leads a relationship right.

Again, I think it starts with you first.

You know what I'm saying?

Are you leading yourself right?

You can’t lead nobody else if you can’t lead yourself

How are you living?

How are you taking care of yourself?

What are you doing to

to set a certain standard in your life?

For me, I’m a spiritual person.

I’m a man of God.

For a while I wasn't even going to church


To me it’s like how am I have a wife

and expect my family to embrace spirituality,

embrace God,

and I’m not even leading myself to church.

I had to get that going.

I had to start getting back

physically getting back in there

not just watching it all in the internet [laughter]

It's convienient. You know what I'm saying?

You got to be there.

Your presence needs to be there

I think that’s where it starts.

One is learning how to take care of yourself

Again, I’m big on praying

and talking to God and finding out

what he wants you to do in your life.

I also think

you know it’s about learning

how to lead people in general.

It’s going to be hard to lead

the same qualities it takes to lead

the woman or your household.

It takes to lead people in general.

Are you willing to listen to them?

Consider their feelings.

Knowing how to express yourself effectively

to an individual.

These are things that’s going

to allow someone to

embrace your leadership

in any situation.

You know I’m saying?

There’s a lot of misconceptions

about what makes a strong leader.

It’s not all the hard stuff

and talking down on people.

No, that destroys your credibility as a leader.

it’s knowing how to bring people to the table

and make them feel comfortable and opening up

and trusting your guidance.

But then also as a man

create or build up your resume

is what I like to say.

Like I said earlier,

you want her to believe in you,

you got to give her something to believe in.

If you have not accomplished nothing in your life

expecting her to embrace your lead

is going to be real tough.

She may embrace it at first

but after a while she wants to see results.

When you can come to the table with

what you've already accomplished in life--

it doesn’t mean got to be rich

or anything like that,

but you show that you’re a man

who handles his business.

Who’s gotten some things taken care of.

Now, she says, "Okay, you know what?"

"This dude is serious about

how he handles himself

and his ability to execute."

"I can trust that."

"I can roll with that."

That’s how you are able to, in my opinion

lead as a man and create a relationship

to where she will embrace your leadership.

Got you.

Lead yourself

if you know how to lead other people,

you can use those same qualities

to lead your family?