[ Webinar ] How to Lead a Pull Planning Session

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hello my friends do you need to know how

to run a pool plan session but you're

not quite certain now lucky for you

we've got a webinar coming on May 23rd

hello I'm dan and I'm Andy

Fulton and together we're with the real

line a group of California we've got

experience in over 200 full plan

sessions so we've learned what to do

what not to do what doesn't work what

really doesn't work what works best and

we'll cover those things with you along

with the mechanics of how to actually do

the session of course but also the

meeting logistics what sort of materials

you need who do you need to invite what

just makes a good room to hold a session

right down to the acoustics if you can't

hear you can't work how long should the

session be how can the leader budget the

time so you get everything done as

quickly as possible

leadership that's what it takes

speaking of which best spa Upen PE in

preparation enthusiasm and neutrality

for example at the John Wayne Airport we

did five months worth of work ahead

let's say for the webinar you're right

CMA 23rd