How to Manage a Team - Project Management Training

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today we're talking about how to manage

a team so what I want to share with you

are three key areas and why an online

software tool can help

first of all provide the basics for your

team what that means is set the vision

for your project let them know what

they're creating what they're building

what they're producing as a result of

the project let them know what their

role is and why they're so important to

the project provide a common tool set

ideally it's online in its real time

that can help collaboration throughout

the project provide a roadmap so the

roadmap is your plan that will be used

to execute throughout the project

provide a team roster let everyone know

who else is on the project what is their

role and who will be interacting with

who to provide deliverables to each

other so basically your team wants to

know where are we going how are we

getting there and who is going with me

so the second component is make things

fun sometimes there are teams that leave

these activities out thinking they don't

have the time or they don't have the

budget but the truth is some of the

biggest brands some of the most

successful companies find this so

important that they for sure include

these activities they plan in the time

they plan in the budget so what do we

mean by team-building activities some

people think it's just getting a group

of people together to go somewhere but

that's not really it when you do a

team-building activity they're designed

specifically to build team and have

people understand each other more

effectively and be more loyal to help

each other throughout the project

sometimes people do things like

sometimes you see people go to say a

ball game together well when that

happens sometimes the members of the

team disperse maybe some people sit in

different areas some things can be as

simple as a pizza party I found that

very helpful get Pizza together get the

different groups together did

members together where they can start

talking and when people start talking

they can share things about their

interest about their family what's going

on in their life then they can be more

open to what's happening in the project

and when that happens magic occurs

because people can understand other

people's perspective on the project so

with that you get better collaboration

sometimes when you need to get through a

stumbling block on the project you get

new ideas and you get more engagement

from the team the third component is to

help them succeed throughout the project

there are four things that typically

happen you you run upon a problem where

you need to create a solution of course

you're executing the plan throughout the

project you're building the team

throughout the project and when a crisis

occurred you have to work together to

manage that crisis so by helping them

succeed you use the strengths of each

team member and when they can provide

their streams to the project they feel

like they're contributing everybody

wants to feel like they're contributing

and through mentoring you can help your

team members develop their strengths and

through that they feel more valued they

take more ownership of not only their

work but they can tribute to the success

of their team members work the result is

you get a better team you get a better

product and you get a better project so

if you need an online software tool that

can help you manage your team then sign

up for our software now at