Respect in the Workplace (How to Deal with Disrespectful Employees)

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Hey Ambitious Professionals! It's Linda Raynier of lindaraynier.com guiding you

to a career and life you'll truly enjoy. And today is another Corner Office

Insights video where I'm going to share with you

leadership advice if you happen to be a professional who manages a team at work

whether you're at the Manager, Senior Manager, Director or C-Suite level


and today I'm gonna share with you five very raw and honest reasons why it is

that your employees may not be respecting you at work and what you can

do to turn that around reason number one you've set unrealistic expectations for

yourself when you have high expectations you feel as though you need to be

perfect that you need to know everything and be able to do everything you feel

that as the boss you should have all the answers in reality you know that you're

not going to have all the answers but thinking that you need to creates

insecurities within you and this will lead to anxiety and this anxious energy

that you carry isn't only hurting you but it's hurting your employees because

this is actually what happens when you have high expectations on yourself

this can create direct conflicts with your own employees for example during

the times that an employee may come to you and ask you a question it may lead

you down one of two paths one could be that you give them incorrect advice

because you don't necessarily have the answer but you want to meet your own

expectation of always having some sort of answer or you'll just get annoyed and

frustrated and angry at your employee for asking you a question that you don't

have an answer to and that in itself will also create conflicts with your

employees in either one of these scenarios it will lead you down the path

of having an employee who disrespects you because a you either don't have the

right information or be you can't answer their questions because you're angry or

frustrated at the fact that they're asking you questions so what's the

solution be transparent with your employees on what you do and don't know

if you aren't sure of something you can always say let me look into it and I'll

get back to you or get your employee to look into it themselves so that they can

feel empowered by the fact that they're doing their own research and then making

a recommendation to you being transparent will always allow for flow

of communication between you and your employees on to reason number two while

your employees don't respect you you feel that power and authority comes

mainly from your title verse is anything else what I'm saying here is

that because you hold the title of manager or director or VP that you feel

that inside that should automatically grant you power authority and respect

from your employees well here's a deep truth that I really want you to know and

that is that humans will really only listen and trust those individuals who

they have a strong connection to they respect those individuals not because of

the titles that they hold but more so because of the beliefs and values that

that person possesses so what you need to start doing is to start to pay

attention to what values and beliefs that you are embodying as their manager

if you believe that you and your staff are all in it together and you're all

moving towards a single purpose and you can understand your people in a genuine

and connected way your employees are going to be far more likely to respect

you and to follow your lead reason number three why your employees don't

respect you your employees don't feel empowered because you've relied on fear

tactics to motivate them not everyone does it I must say and you may not have

done this but I have seen it before where fear has been used as a way to

manage and encourage people rather than through positive encouragement and

empowerment and if this is you I'm not here to judge you but I can tell you

that if you're a fear driven manager it's likely because you're afraid that

if you empower your employees too much that either they'll outshine you or

you'll just lose them altogether but if anything the complete opposite actually

happens if you were truly empowering and inspiring to your employees they would

be far less likely to leave you for another company or another manager

rather than if you used fear tactics to threaten them with the idea that they

might lose their job or they might not get a bonus and such and such so instead

of using fear how do you inspire and empower other people simple one way is

to fight what your employees strengths are and to

praise them for that so essentially what you're doing is you're patting your

employees on the back but you're also giving them a bit of a personal and

professional challenge that you want them to meet as well it's kind of like

you're one of those wise Sifu masters in those kung fu movies where you tell your

disciple what they're good at and you acknowledge them for that but then you

actually tell them that if they were to be able to master this other thing that

that would be the real exciting thing to see reason number four why your

employees don't respect you you don't follow up or follow through on your

promises has it happened to you where in a one-on-one meeting with your employee

they make a certain request and on the spot you say yes absolutely that sounds

like a good idea and only to take that back a few days later and to say

actually I changed my mind nothing causes you to lose the trust of your

employees faster than not following through on your word if this is

something that you've done multiple times to the same employees they will

find it hard to believe in the words that you say and to believe in the

promises that you make moving forward so what's the solution well moving forward

if you're ever in a situation where you are in a meeting with your employee and

they are proposing asking or requesting some sort of idea from you then instead

of saying yes on the spot without having thought it through and then having to

take it back later you should just say that you'll think about it and then from

there you'll give them a clear and honest answer that you will actually

follow through on and when you say that you're gonna give them an answer

actually give them an answer don't stay quiet hoping that they forgot about it

that is the worst not following through not giving an answer is worse than just

saying no so remember to always follow through with your answers and to remind

yourself so you don't forget and finally reason number five why your employees

don't respect you you worry a lot that your employees are making or will make

mistakes are you worried that your employees just simply don't know how to

do their jobs this worry

likely playing into your actions and management style it can lead to

something deadly called micromanaging has anyone ever mentioned that you've

been called a micromanager before now I get it I completely understand that when

you feel that you don't have control over something or someone but your

natural reaction is to try to gain control over it but that need of yours

to have to control every aspect is likely to deflate your employees

motivation levels and is going to overwhelm them rather than motivate and

support them so what's the answer the biggest thing here in order to solve

this issue is something called trust now I'm not saying to blindly trust your

employees what I am saying is that after you put in the time and effort to train

your employees to give them short assignments to check on their work and

make sure that they're on the right track you've answered their questions

and you feel good that they are able to do the work that you've assigned them

then you can trust them to do the work that you're now assigning them as well

as opposed to constantly checking up on them and asking them little things that

is likely to overwhelm them but you trusting them means that they

also need to trust you in that you'll be available for them when they do have

questions when they are uncertain about certain things you need to tell them and

let them know that you're there to guide and support them so that they need to

know that you're available I've seen it happen a lot where employees are

actually afraid to ask their managers questions because their managers

reactions tend to be ones of frustration and annoyance because they assume that

their employees should know the answers for everything as well and that can

create mistakes and errors done by the employees because they didn't ask the

questions to their managers and that's that just creates a vicious cycle of the

employees creating mistakes and errors and the manager getting upset with the

employee and not trusting that employee and therefore micromanaging that

employee so you need to be the one to be able to say that you are available for

any questions any guidance any strategies that they need help with and

here is a quote that I think is extremely fitting for this topic leaders

become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower

others by John Maxwell so there you have it my ambitious leaders five real and

raw honest reasons why your employees aren't respecting you and what you can

do about it now if you're someone who's been searching for a new position you

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