How to Introduce Yourself to a New Team (CONFIDENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY)

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Have you ever struggled with introducing yourself to a brand-new team? Well in

this video I'm gonna show you how to introduce yourself at work with

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Hi, I'm Adriana Girdler, a Productivity expert with over 20 years in the biz

helping teams achieve their goals. As a lead on many project teams I have

mastered self-introduction and I'm gonna share with you some of my tried-and-true

techniques and strategies that allow you to give an excellent first impression at

your new job or with your new colleagues. Go first,

introduce yourself. Don't hang back, if you're new to the job, really go around

and introduce yourself, it's a great way to meet people, having that

one-on-one connection is so important and the good news is - there probably

was an introductory email that you can go to the to list to see who you really

should be talking to since they're the ones you're probably gonna be working with.

Now, on a side note with that email, respond back, say that you're so happy to

be there, that you can't wait to meet them in person and how exciting it is

that you're starting to work in this job or with this brand new team. Perfect the

intro. So, even though it's a really good idea to focus on the other person by

asking questions and more importantly listening to the answers, you really

want to be prepared with a question that you're probably gonna get asked: tell me

a little bit about yourself. So, that can be an amazing opportunity to set up the

first impression that people have about you, so think about it, take a moment, what

is it that you want to portray to other people? Think about your skills, your

talents, the training that you did and sum it up very quickly, so in 30 seconds

you can just let them know, here are some highlights about me. You can even add in

some hobbies too, because again, we want to go on that personal note, you're a

person, you're here, how exciting and maybe there's some commonality. Winning

over a team can sometimes be hard. Let me know if you're on this new journey,

put it in the comments below. Body language. Use open body language, shake someone's

hand, it's really important, not only about what you say, about how you present

yourself. One of the things that we do when we're new is sometimes we do close

ourselves off by crossing our hands, we do that as a protection mechanism

because we're still unsure, so really try to keep your arms open, off to your side,

shake that hand, look at people in the eye and really have that openness that

I'm here to listen, I'm with you. It does make a huge difference. The close.

Always end your introduction on a positive note and one of the quickest

ways to have connectivity with your other person is to give them a sincere

compliment or to ask them for their advice. You're new and it's gonna help

you, too, to get that information. Now that you know how to introduce yourself like

a pro, it's time to take a look at your productivity and I have something really

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