Irvin Yalom Outpatient Group Psychotherapy Video

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I'm like I'm like if we could go back

still to that question on impression two

people have feelings people have right

here from what they've seen of one

another in the Indus in this meeting

anybody got any thoughts about that

well I'm a little worried about Alice

because she's so quiet you just sit they

don't have very much to say this

afternoon yeah it takes me a long time

to get comfortable in this kind of group

it just seems so intense here you know

like every word is being studied I'm

just afraid to whatever others will

think about me well um I saw you smiling

earlier Alice I I felt that you were

judging me being judgmental I didn't get

there I just felt she didn't want to be

put on a spot Ellen I noticed that you

attempted to take the focus off of Alice

during the introductory round you seem

to be very sensitive general discomfort

well I disagree with that I don't

believe that he was being sensitive to

her I think she should have given her

the full time to say what she had to say

I think Alan may have actually just

wanted more time for himself how you

feel about that Alice let's check that

out it's not true I don't want the

spotlight you know I'm very shy and um

in fact when I go to parties I make it a

point to come in late so that I could

help the hostess clean up the glasses

how was it for you today in group Alice

no glasses to clean here no I actually I

thought about being some coffee cake at

the next meeting there may be some


that's a mortgage experience Ellis

I just interrupt you for a minute how

long cause I think something really

important happen here just a couple

minutes ago I want to just focus on just

a second I'm really interested bobbing

in what you just said about your own gay

experience when you were younger have

you ever said that before to anyone else

Oh once saw 10 years ago to my to my

therapist and until this moment this

group you've never told anyone else

never told peers and no I've never told

any group of people that no I have a

hunch that that was a real gift to Alan

I don't know I guess I get so wrapped up

in my own emotions I don't think about

other people's feelings I I guess that's

what Betty meant when she told me about

a couple of weeks ago but an Ellen I

don't think you're still acknowledging

Bob's gift to you I guess you're right

uh I don't know why I so difficult for

me just to come out and say thank you I

mean thank you all because because you

all been supported and you've all helped

me I appreciate it I got it off my chest

guys did hell you feel if you're

finished are there other parts that you

want to work on today well I well eat

you what no not no no not not not today

as far as you want to go today