Prayer Walking: Watch Us Do It!

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hi I'm Hanna Rob Scallon and I'm Alex

and today we I wanted to talk to you

about prayer walking so we are in the

back streets back alleyways of Long

Beach which is greater Los Angeles and

we're going to do a little bit of

teaching but then we thought we'd

actually go and we would model prayer

walking for you okay so the first thing

we want to talk about was why would we

do prayer walking and for us the

starting point for it is this

understanding that and we are sent to to

a specific place so Christian mission is

not something that it's done in the

abstract it's always incarnated and so

therefore it's something which is in a

location and what we want to be doing is

be praying in that environment in that

place and particularly praying for

spiritual breakthrough both against the

spiritual forces that would oppose us

and also for that they for the things of

the kingdom to come more to the front so

again another thing that an reason why

we do it is a whole spiritual warfare

aspect sir and I've read this book

miraculous movements which I love keep

coming back to you but I know they

minister all over the world and they

never go into a new place without prayer

walking first and almost doing battle on

the spiritual realms before they even do

anything relationally or evangelism so I

think there's something about the

spiritual realm for season 6 whereas it

16 is it 6:12 says our battles not

against flesh and blood but against

principalities and powers so I think

it's just being aware that there is

stuff going on in the heavenly realms

and you wanted to mention Romans 8:38 is

8:38 tells us that lists the things that

can separate us from God's love will

Paul speak these things for the longest

we're no longer separators well one them

is the spiritual powers and we need to

recognize that there are spiritual

forces in Ephesians talks about the

heavenly place that doesn't mean God's

throne room in heaven but somehow here

influencing the spiritual atmosphere

and the these powers seek to oppose the

work of God the work of his kingdom and

so part of what we do in prayers we join

with God and praying down those things

and also praying up the things of the

kingdom so in terms of where you do I

mean you can do this anywhere but we do

it where we live where we work where

specifically where we wanted to have

mission or impact if you want to do

anything for the kingdom I think you've

got to be praying and a great way to

prayer to pray is the prayer walk okay

so what we thought is we we're gonna

walk I think

okay so we'll what does we do that

you'll see a bit of the community where

we're going to end up on the main road

just over here which it's got lots of

stores and bars and restaurants and

microbreweries and lots of stuff like

that so so there might be a bit more

noise but bear with us so it gives you a

feel for we might be prayer walking so

in terms of who goes I think and so I

think you can get a team or whatever but

if you have a team or a group of people

you always want to subdivide to is the

best number because you just pray and

walk as though you're talking you can do

it on your own you can do it in groups

of three it almost get run over but your

twos are the best yeah choose a good

number in terms of preparation as well

and I think it's good to think of what

you do before you go so we would pray

protection over ourselves and so we

might we might put on the spiritual

armor and we would confess sins to make

sure there's nothing between us and God

pray for us to be filled with the holy

spirit and to go in his power we pray

for our eyes to be open

to what he's doing in the place and

anything he wants to speak to about us

about as we walk yeah one things we

would we do is we take seriously the

principle of confessing sins

just make yourself wearing a spiritually

clean place because it's a spiritual

enterprise that we're about and so

that's what we find is important

Institute before you go out into the

place of prayer walking so it's

committing at your time to the Lord and

then yeah as you're out and about you

praying bad stuff out you praying good

stuff in and being aware that you might

have encounters as well with people

along the way a couple of weeks ago I

was prayer walking with a neighbor and

we ran into a new neighbor and so

actually some great conversation and

relationship has emerged because of that

so yeah and talking about praying the

bad stuff out and the good stuff in

walking past businesses stores the

moment so let's pray for economic

blessing upon these places that the

businesses will be well-run that they

will see prosperity because God wants to

prosper our city and you want to see

good things let's pray for let's pray

for safety and well-being the passing

all the bars pubs as well so to pray

those getting drunk there but they're

building communities so all these sorts

of things will be on your heart

hi there and you know as you're walking

around doing this stuff oppositely we're

talking if we're praying you'd still

stop and interact with people that kind

of mentioned that story and just be a

normal person what else would you want

to teach about I think I've got a whole

over notes now I'm just double-checking

me we've got stuff we've covered those

things I think it may be specific name

stuff specific things you want to pray

against and it might be if you see the

spate of accidents or robberies or we've

got there's a huge Buddhist temple

there's gonna be obvious things you're

going to want to pray spiritual darkness

in their farming

so CS so it being specific and then as

you go past people or places that you

know again be specific about those names

pray blessing on the names of those

people or again this was businesses you

know about pray success and for safety

and protection for that emergency

services pray for them pray for the

local leaders of your community we're

gonna pray in a moment to show you how

we might pray so you know just what the

things that you would want to see happen

just pray those things into being and

you know Priven of boldness and just be

open to the Holy Spirit because

sometimes you find the spirit words give

you prompting or I feel about a building

you're walking past or you're just aware

of something and I need you to press

something very specific as well yeah yes

as you go obviously keep your eyes open

and just be aware and ask the Lord to

bring things to mind yeah bring things

to attention or whatever okay so we're

gonna do is we're gonna pray for a

couple of minutes with you

so I will turn the camera around so you

can see where we're going so we're gonna

start here on this main drag and then

we're going to go just into a side

street into a neighborhood Street and

then you'll get a feel for what that

might yeah just some of the different

ways you might pray so let's try that

and just buy it you know we've done our

preparation cleansing ourselves and

praying that would be full of the Spirit

okay let's go all right so we're gonna

we'll do it like this so Heavenly Father

we just want to pray for this community

where we live here

all these businesses that are here

there's there's pubs and there's bars

and I can't speak and it's a busy street

with lots of this the Arts Centre

opposite and all the stuff that's going

on here we pray that you would bring

favor and prosperity to these businesses

we are stalled that this would be

there's been a lot of economic growth in

the past five to ten years here we ask

that you would increase their and

flourish it and yeah cause this

community to economically prosper we

pray also as people gather in these

places to seeking to form community that

that they will become opportunities for

true Kingdom commuted start form we pray

for your believers who work in these

environments or who socializing you that

they would be able to build great

friendships and connect with with people

and that these will become environments

and spaces where and where your name can

be talked about openly and where people

can have amazing God encounters even in

the bar or in the hairdresser's Ronnie

ask shop community or wherever it is and

as I see a gas station over there on the

corner I'm just thinking and

okay people house you need to fill up

with gas but lord I want to pray that

people would be filling up with you that

somehow you'd be pouring into people's

lives and hearts and people would be

desperate to think I can't go very many

miles of that from being filled up with

Jesus the lord I just pray that you'll

come and that you would just fill people

up and just

not just gas but just yeah Hill people

up with you and your spirit yes Lord and

father this main road gets a lot of

nighttime car racing going on us we pray

for safety we pray would be a space

where people don't violate the community

here by driving crazily and instead Lord

this would be a place full of your peace

of your presence imputation homes as

well and Lord we thank you for the folks

who live in this neighborhood where we

get a lot of families here and we pray

Lord that you will bring blessing and

peace upon the household city thank you

Lord for all the amazing people who live

in this place and we yeah just we just

pray for health we just pray for

prosperity really blessing we pray for

marriages that they would be

strengthened and made secure and be

great places where children are raised

in here secure loving environments and

we just pray for the kids who are being

raised as pray for the parents as they

try to parent give them the skills and

the abilities and the patience that they

need and just pray blessing on all of

those families Lord yes Lord we pray for

protection of marriages father that that

where the enemy would seem to destroy

relationships that you would build them

up where parents are struggling to know

how to raise their children that you

would raise up wise godly voices you can

help them

parent well and Lord we just pray that

you flood these streets again with your

your presence with your life that you

would come and bring your kingdom to

bear in this place that your kingdom

life would be made manifest as we do

mission and witness in this place just

give us wisdoms to who is hungry who is

open which which household a ripe and we

just pray for favor and for pete's four

hearts to be open for minds to be open

to you Jesus may people be dissatisfied

with just the humdrum of daily life and

may people long for the good things that

I mean you can bring the abundant life

the fullness of life that only you can

bring and all finally we want to pray

boldly and clearly for salvations we

believe that you want to save men and

women boys and girls and bring them into

your heavenly family and see them become

active workers in your kingdom and so

Lord we pray that we have seen many many

lives impacted and to you and so far

there is committees press to you now and

we look forward to seeing the fruit of

them with great faith so obviously we

pray a lot longer than that but

obviously could be boring for you guys

to listen so so yeah we hope that's

helpful please do comment and

what you find helpful experiences that

you've had things that we've missed yeah

yeah we'd love to hear your input your

feedback so wherever you're watching

we'd love you to jump to our website

dandelion resourcing calm and as your

comments there and we look forward to

reading them and to learning from you

don't work oh homework homework well why

don't you have a little thinking price

to where God would have you for our walk

and don't just think you pretty do it

like you need to go prayer walking this

week basically is that fair

so decide a place and just give it a go

even if it's 10 minutes yeah on your

rain okay so have fun doing that and if

you want to feedback about that if

you've got questions or things that omit

that emerge out of that then post them

below and we'll get back to you so

thanks so much for watching