6 Ways to Have Effective Prayer Meetings- Eps 27 Feat. James Aladiran

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it's not the easiest thing in the world

to lead a prayer meeting it takes a lot

of wisdom it takes a grace it takes an

anointing of God's actually enable us we

invest a lot in raising of worship

leaders but I believe we're living in a

time where we need to invest a lot in

raising up prayer leaders it's amazing

that in the West the least attended

church activities are prayer meetings so

I want to give some ideas on how to have

more effective prayer meeting one I

think we should invest time in worship

in exhorting god in focusing on him

number two I think it's important we

have focus in our prayer meetings if

we're gonna pray together effectively in

a corporate setting there has to be

focused there has to be intention to it

see when people go to war when warriors

go to war you know there's a general and

there's a focus in the battle they're

all not fighting or firing arrows in all

different directions there's a sense of

a focus everyone is after the same thing

everyone is headed in the same direction

so I believe for there to be effective

prayer meetings we have to have focus in

this prayer meetings number three in

having effective prayer meetings we need

to learn how to listen to each other and

pray on the back of each other's prayers

see I've been a parameter where the

leaders that's the printer set direction

and someone just takes the meeting into

a completely random place and I'm

thinking what's that got to do with this

number for praying by revelation we need

to learn how to pray what God is saying

right now the Bible is filled with a lot

of powerful potent dynamic prayers we

need to learn how to extract Perez from

scriptures and release them as we seek

God in certain situations now we need to

be familiar with the Word of God to be

able to pray effectively the Word of God

when we begin to pray the Word of God

many times God begins to open up that

word to us as it pertains to themes

that's specific that we're praying into

so God begins to

bring a light on the word the written

word becomes the living word and we're

not just having heard the Word of God

we're here in the Word of God faith

comes by hearing present tense and

because we're hearing faith is stirred

up in our hearts and we're able to pray


in certain situations because we're here

we'll go to say in that moment other

dimensions and revelations include

dreams and visions and things that go

stirs in our hearts pay attention to


I believe God speaks to us in dreams and

that's very obvious in Scripture God

speaks to us in visions as we take these

things and line them up and judge them

on Scripture especially when we're

praying into situations we begin to hear

what God is saying we'll begin to see

what God is doing and when we begin to

discern these things we can align them

with our prayers and I'm telling you

prayer is a lot more exciting when we're

interacting we'll go the same when we're

interacting with a spoken word the

written word the revealed word in dreams

and visions things begin to open up and

it's just amazing what happens in these

places of Prayer

number five unity this is so crucial in

effective corporate prayer meetings I've

been in meetings where there's a few of

us in the room we're praying but I can

tell that the people in the room are

physically there but they're not

actually that they're in the room but

their minds are elsewhere we're come pre

effectively in a copper prayer meetings

if we're not together

it acts they were all together in one

room in one Accord and I believe that

unity that was in the room in the upper

room on the day of Pentecost was key for

they are pouring of God's spirits number


music now I know I already talked about

worship playing a significant role and

effective corporate prayer meetings

music has an important role to play

especially in an era of intercession

many of us don't realize our members in

the meeting ones and who a kind of

interceding and crying out to God for

salvation in a certain situation and the

band was a stage and the person who was

praying and leading the prayer well kind

of like just broken just crying out to

God the band in the background was

playing like what I'll just say like

Disney type music the music the band was

playing in the back

round was not matching the intensity of

the prayer that the person upfront was

leaving everyone in so I went into this

guy and I just spoke to him and said you

know be great if you change the music

you know something a bit more aggressive

the moment he changed the music the

unity and anointing in the room went

from here to here it was like everyone

just engaged music has a powerful way of

engaging hearts engaging emotions now

I'm not talking about emotionalism

there's nothing wrong with our emotions

being involved in our prayers in fact

the book of James says the effectual

fervent prayer fervent prayer you can't

play a fervent prayer and your emotions

be disconnected music has a massive part

to play in a corporate setting with what

is being prayed corporate prayer

meetings are important in advancing

God's purposes in the earth I wanna

encourage you to consider starting a

regular prayer meeting in your region

join with prayer meetings not currently

going on in your church connect yourself

with prayer meetings that are going on

around you or encourage you to make

corporate prayer meetings a significant

part of your walk with God