Worship Leaders: What to say between songs

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so I was in church this past weekend and

our pastor read a passage of scripture

that I think is very important to us as

worship leaders I'd like to read you the

the scriptures from Isaiah chapter 55

starting in verse 9 says this as the

heavens are higher than the earth so are

my ways higher than your ways and my

thoughts higher than your thoughts as

the rain and the snow come down from

heaven and do not return to it without

watering the earth making it bud and

flourish so that it yields seed for the

sower and bread for the eater so is my

word that comes out from my mouth it

will not return to me empty but will

accomplish what I desire and achieve the

purpose for which I sent it as worship

leaders we have probably I don't know 90

seconds in a service to lead people to

speak to people actually say something

to people I think that it's important

that worship leaders don't ramble on and

on when they're given an opportunity to

speak for example if you're coming up

after the message don't preach a message

after a message make it short and sweet

but make it count we have so little time

to speak to people and worship leading

is not just about playing a song and

singing a song but it has a lot to do

with how we actually lead people and

that comes from when we speak to them

what do we say between songs and what do

we pray when we're given an opportunity

to speak I know from personal experience

it can be really easy to sort of to go

on to autopilot in those in those

moments and you can kind of fake it for

a while but I think eventually if you

kind of keep saying the same things over

and over again or if you just like

repeat lines from the song people see

through that in a heartbeat people start

to understand that it's kind of fake

honestly you're not really saying

anything real which is why I love this

passage of Scripture because it says

that if we use God's words if we speak

from the Bible that that will never

return void it will always bear fruit

that's kind of the way I like to think


so I want to encourage you as a worship

leader the times that you were given to

speak plan them out like if you look at

our order of service and Planning Center

at our church you'll see like if we

anticipate there's going to be a time

sort of in this worship set that the

Spirit is going to be really heavy and

thick in the room we'll give ourselves

an opportunity to speak there and we'll

build it in or if we're going to do a

new song

we're going to speak about it and teach

on it just a little bit like I said

maybe 30 to 60 seconds is all you really

need but you can say some powerful

things in that amount of time and so

when you go in to plan those things I

would encourage you to spend at least as

much time planning that as you do

anything else really because that's just

how important it is and if you can

incorporate scripture into it you can

rely on this promise that God has given

us that that will not return void I know

the words that I say and then I come up

with will often return void but

scripture never will the other thing I'd

like to encourage you to do is to

personalize it don't just read scripture

and then sing a song but take that and

make it personal somehow if you are a

creative kind of a person and you create

anything you probably understand or if

you don't this understand this that

story is king over everything people

remember a story more than they remember

anything else so if you can frame that

scripture in a way and make it personal

in a way by using story it's going to

stick in people's hearts and in their in

people's minds and so I would encourage

you to do that

find Scripture if you're going to do a

new song or any song spend some time

studying that song and see what

Scripture that song was born from and

then use that pull out a Bible in your

worship service and read from it and

then say just a few words about how that

is personal to you what does that song

mean to you what does that scripture

mean to you how has that scripture spoke

to you

in the past how has it led you from

where you were to where you are and and

because people can latch on to that and

then when they go into that worship song

if it has to do with that

they'll just it it will capture their

hearts and they will engage in it more

than they ever would if you just set a

few lines from the song or if you just

said what you always kind of say between

songs and the reason I say that is

because I've been there and I've done

that myself so I hope this is helpful

thank you so much for watching see you

next time