BYTE-sized Sermons "HOW TO LEAD SOMEONE TO JESUS" 3 Minute Salvation of Nelson Plaza

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just before we go tonight let me ask you

is there anybody here that's never been

safe anybody here that would like to

give their life to

Lord it's an easy thing to do it'll cost

you thanks man appreciate that it'll

cost you

it'll be very costly because anything

valuable is costly but it's simple to do

if you can get past that you know I'm

not sure what God's gonna ask him me

thing I found out that most of the

things that God asked me to do were

things that I had a deep desire to do

just didn't realize it yet say that

initial yes to God and I tell you what

he'll make your way he'll begin to make

your path visible to you begin to show

you what's ahead of you begin to bless

you and help you and bring you into the

call of God for your life the way that

he's called you he made you he knows who

you are so anybody here tonight other

than this one young man to my left that

would like to give their heart to Jesus

it's so important and I'm committed to

this around here we're gonna we're gonna

give altar calls around here we're gonna

we're gonna I'm expecting people to be

here every week from now on and they're

they're coming here they need to get

saved they're just like me sitting there

watching TV didn't know man was my day

that's what's happening around if people

are coming to these services ready is

that you tonight anybody else going once

going twice

and I appreciate your courage okay

that's great just to do that raise his

hand before I ask them to raise his hand

so awesome so you've never been safe and

you but you're ready what you come up

here with me right come on up here

I don't want to embarrass you man it

just it says something about you though

your willingness to make a public

confession you know and it's something

that if you do it publicly

it'll be sealed in you and it'll be

it'll be you know it'll be strong you'll

be strong in it all you got to do is

make a confession so just say what I say

you ready okay just say father God I

asked you to come into my life today

forgive me of my sin

forgive me of doing what I wanted to do

Lord I'm interested in who you called me

to be and I give my life to you tonight

I give it all help me Lord

I receive your grace and your mercy for

the call of God in my life I say yes to

you Lord in Jesus name Amen

now father I prayed what's your name

Nelson father I pray for Nelson

everybody just stretch your hand out -

Nelson we pray over him lord I thank you

for the protection of God over his life

I thank you that every plan of the enemy

will be forded and stop I thank you Lord

God for the blessings of God the favor

of God I think you Lord that things will

just begin to open in front of him he's

going to begin to see you in places that

he did not recognize you before and Lord

you're going to make the path and the

journey more visible he's going to begin

to know and see and learn father as he

takes steps he's going to begin to learn

what the call of God is for him what

you're doing what you're calling him to

do and we thank you Lord for just

watching over he's your son now watch

over your son well he's a part of he's a

part of the body of Christ he's a part

of what you're doing on earth we value


thank you for him and we bless him in

Jesus name bless you man