How to Lead Someone to Christ | TIPS ON SHARING YOUR FAITH

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let's say somebody came to you and said

I want to be a Christian and I want you

to show me how today I'm going to give

you three simple steps on how to lead

somebody to Christ that's coming up next

on the beat hey everyone my name is Alan

Parr thank you all so much for tuning in

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here this channel is all about helping

people grow spiritually by giving them

truth training and teaching from the

Word of God so let's just say you are

out sharing your faith or maybe you're

sitting next to somebody on a plane or

you're at the mall you're passing out a

track and somebody randomly comes up to

you and says hey I want to be a

Christian can you show me how you know

the Bible says in 1st Peter chapter 3

that we should always be ready to give

an answer or a defense for the hope that

we have so today I'm going to give you

three letters and for simple scriptures

in the book of Romans that you can use

to lead someone into a relationship with

Jesus Christ the first letter is a you

need to get them to acknowledge that

they are a sinner in desperate need of

God's grace the book of Romans chapter 3

verse 23 says that all of us have sinned

and fall short of the glory of God

notice the two tenses here have sin

means that you need to get them to

acknowledge that they didn't just do bad

things or make mistakes no they are a

sinner and then fall short refers to the

present tense an alternative future

which lets us know that we didn't just

sit in the past but we are going to

continue to sin in the future which

means that we are going to continually

be in need of God's forgiveness and

grace the B stands for believe in Jesus

Romans chapter 5 says but God

demonstrated his love for us and that

while we were yet sinners Christ died

for us so it is here that you really

really want to spend some time and help

them understand exactly what it is that

Jesus Christ did for them and why and so

because they've already acknowledged

that they are a center they understand

now that no amount of good works that

they could do would be sufficient to

cover up all of the sin that they've

done and so because God is equally

loving and equally holy God loves them

enough to extend forgiveness for their

sins but he is so holy that he can't

look upon their sins and not do anything

about it

and so in His grace and in his love

instead of punishing them he took out

all of his wrath

up and punished his son in their place

it's here that you can actually jump

outside of Romans for a moment and

reference second Corinthians chapter 5

verse 21 which says that God made him

Jesus who knew no sin to become sin so

that we might become the righteousness

of God also it's here that you want to

focus in on another word in Romans

chapter 5 verse 8 which is the word love

it says the God demonstrated his love

for us and so because they are going to

be a new Christian they're going to be

experiencing a new struggle with sin

that they have never experienced before

so they need to know now more than ever

that no matter what they've done no

matter who they are no matter how far

they've fallen

no matter how many times they fall that

God loves them unconditionally

the third scripture that we want to give

still under the letter B believe in

Jesus is Romans 6:23 which says the

wages of sin is death but the gift of

God is eternal life through Christ Jesus

our Lord so it is here that they really

need to understand that their salvation

was a gift from God is not something

that they could earn which means that

they didn't do anything to earn it

there's nothing they can do to lose it

so because this is a gift from God they

need to spend the rest of their lives

showing God how much they appreciate

this gift through service through love

and sharing their faith with others the

third and final letter is the letter C

which basically means they need to

confess that Jesus Christ is Lord

the final scripture in Romans that you

want to share with them is Romans

chapter 10 verse 9 which says if you

confess with your mouth that Jesus

Christ is Lord and believe in your heart

that God raised him from the dead you

shall be saved

so notice there are two more things here

that they need to do for their salvation

to be complete first of all they need to

make a verbal confession that Jesus

Christ is Lord but second of all they

need to believe in their heart and the

resurrection of Jesus Christ without

these last two things their salvation is

incomplete so guys you may or may not

need when I share with you today but

that's exactly how the Holy Spirit works

you take in truth today and then maybe a

year from now or two years from now five

years from now the Holy Spirit is going

to bring back this message in your heart

at the right time and give you the right

words to share with somebody who may

need to have a relationship with Jesus

Christ question of the day what is it

that it's most difficult for you in

terms of sharing your faith what does

work well for you is it something that

you're comfortable with is it something

that is very awkward

for you I would love to hear your

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