A Nonfiction Book Club Announcement!

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hi I'm Becky and this is Oki Doki Doki

and this video is going to be a very

quick announcement video I'm filming

something we're planning to film

something after this that's gonna be a

lot longer so I wanted to keep this a

little bit shorter to the point so that

I can like you know spend my time on

that one

um I first off I hope you are all doing

okay I hope you and your family and

friends and everyone are staying safe I

hope things are okay in this time that

it like is very much not okay with that

side which feels like a very like I

don't know like a way to brush off just

like everything that's going on now but

yeah with that said now on to the actual

video way back in the beginning of the

year which was actually like only a few

months ago but like now feels like it

was son trees ago I mentioned that one

of my goals for this year was to

actually start some kind of like science

book club and I am super excited because

we're gonna be doing it we is me and

Nicole Sweeney who you can find on lots

of awesome places including on YouTube

she has her own channel dand which I'll

link to it down below and you can also

find her on the snark squad blog and

podcast this is going to be a nonfiction

oriented book club Nicole and I are

going to alternate picking out a book

and hosting a live stream where we're

just gonna like chat about it and chat

about what we learned and didn't learn

and what questions we have and what we

thought was interesting and I don't know

whatever feelings the thing that we just

learned about gave us we're going to be

doing this every other month so that if

you're interested you have some time to

read this the books because nonfiction

sometimes at least for me I it takes me

a little while to work through because I

like feel like I need to absorb a lot of

thoughts and process things and

sometimes that takes a little bit longer

Nicole's book pics are gonna be more on

the like social sciences sociology kind

of end and mine will be more on the hard

sciences kind of in and so I'm really

excited because that means that we're

gonna be able to talk about like way

more books and if it was just like me

sorting through like the three big books

about biology that I haven't gotten to

in like five years you know like those

kind of like backburner bio books that

like I'm super interested in because my

my focus is so narrow but like also I

want to learn about so many other things

and I want to talk about them with

someone who like has like thoughts about

them that are sometimes very different

than mine

whatever Nicole and I have we've talked

about things like culture wise like

especially like like we'll be talking

about like YouTube or like trash TV or

something and I feel like our reference

points and perspectives are

often really different like like

especially academically and I think like

I always come out of it feeling like oh

I just like learning so much about

sociology and really I probably learned

like two things but for me it's just

like oh this is so much stuff I

didn't know so I'm really excited to get

to do this with her because yeah I feel

like I'm gonna just learn so much

more than just like me being super

excited there are details that are

probably important to know Nicole is

going to be hosting the first chat on

her channel on April 11th at 5 p.m.

Eastern I've linked to her channel down

below so if you're not following her


make sure you following so that you can

catch the live stream as well as all of

her other videos but we're gonna be

talking about is the personality brokers

the strange history of myers-briggs and

the birth of personality testing by Merv

Emery I have not actually read this book

yeah I actually heard about this book

from first from Nicole like a while ago

and I was like super intrigued me

myers-briggs feels like this thing

that's like very much ingrained in how

we talk about ourselves but like almost

like it's like a like more scientific

horoscope but like I don't actually know

that much about how it came to be and

like why it's come to take such a like a

huge place and how we talk about

ourselves so I'm really curious to read

this book and learn more about it so yes

I again I am very excited for this book

club I'm excited to read this book I'm

excited to talk to Cole about it I'm

excited to talk to all of you guys about

it so join us because hopefully we will

all just have fun learning about

while like everything else is just very

stressful yeah so books books are still

here to learn from so thank you guys for

watching and hopefully we will see you

in a few weeks when we talk about the

personality brokers bye