How to Effectively Lead a Sales Team

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hey this is Ryan Estes and today I'm

gonna be talking about leadership and

specifically leading a high-performance

sales team into the future we've been

conducting proprietary research and

studying sales leadership trends for

four years and through that insight

we've identified three best practices

common threads across the very best

sales leaders we've studied and here

they are idea number one put people

first performance and profitability will

follow the very best sales leaders

recognize that leadership isn't a job

it's a responsibility and it's not about


it's about investing in people and truly

helping them become the very best they

are capable of being the second idea be

your performance codes the best leaders

are successful in establishing clearly

defined expectations and then have the

courage to hold people accountable to

those expectations consistently and I

find as a leader one of the best ways to

do this is by going first simply being

clear about what people can expect from

you each and every day and then

delivering on that with a high degree of

consistency and the third idea you want

to promote a culture of continuous

learning leaders or learners and I know

for me personally whenever my team hits

a plateau it's usually because I've

relaxed on my own commitment to learning

invest time in yourself invest time in

your people encourage intelligent

risk-taking it's not failure if you

learn you're growing and getting better

did you do something today that made you


I hope these three ideas are useful and

they're effective in helping you read

sales growth into the future