Jarrod's Neighbors - Leading a Bible Study

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hello the mail is here this one's crud

hi their neighbors I've always wanted to

have a neighbor just like you and since

we're neighbor and neighbors share

things we want to share with you some

helpful tips on how to lead a bible

study there are many ways to teach

children in the Bible

oh the power ah yeah that on a book and

yet his name efrain

somebody hit you later today we're going

to teach you how to make a Bible story

come to life you want to give them an

experience they'll never forget no

matter how hard they try there are many

steps you must take in order to make

this story come alive get up to act it

out need to start with step 1 okay step

1 choose a dynamic bible study sword

it's a bubble stored take a dynamic

Bible story and study it step to act it

out or use prompts let's start with step

one how about you read and I'll act out

using props sounds good today's story

comes from the book of Judges in chapter

4 verse 17 my lovely props thank you

Sisera however fled on foot to the tenth

of jail hey al went out to meet sister

and said then come my lord come Ragan

come on man don't be afraid don't be

afraid and don't you be afraid to go

ahead and use more modern lingo hi punk

come on dear to my sweet pain so she

entered it put a covering over him okay

gonna go inside the pin children are

always they're going to remember they're

going to remember this

so he he might be fast asleep by this

point yes and attention to detail I'm

thirsty he said the way thanks to these

are woken up um please give me some

water I'm thursday game but some water

she didn't give him water no she opened

up a skill of milk and we don't have a

skin of milk but I brought some skim

milk will that I think that was the fun

yeah of course Ohio but ok well that's

probably all right and then she covered

him back up again over that up kind of

trick but jail he was wide picked up a

tent peg and a hammer and went quietly

and while he was asleep so then this


dear Lord we pray you thank you for

their provision of these exotic fruits

and we ask that you would prentice a

helmet of salvation to protect our

temples against psychotic women amen

goodbye see you next time