How To Lead a Meditation Group for Spiritual Growth - Kriya Yoga Retreat

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there are these three different kinds of

teachers and this brings me to the idea

of what is a meditation group what is a

meditation group gathering that is right

or healthy or supportive of

self-realization god-realization or more

specifically greater spiritual awareness

and the reason that I wanted to discuss

this is because number one you may have

meditation groups that you that you go

to or not number two I've had a few

people recently asked me how to lead a

meditation group and having had many

experiences in this field seeing what

works and seeing what doesn't work and

as I mentioned yesterday remembering

that mr. Davis gave me very specific

guidelines about how to run a meditation

group and that was probably what

fourteen years ago and at that time I

thought oh well you know he doesn't

really he's not serious it can't do it

that way and then 14 years later I

recognized that if the meditation group

is for self-realization spiritual

awareness what he advised is the way to

do it so I'm going to tell you the way

not to do it and then I'm going to tell

you the way to do it just in case if you

ever have the opportunity to lead a

group or if you have an opportunity to

participate in a group you can recognize

whether it's actually going to be

beneficial for you so the basics this is

it a meditation group where the people

come together quietly they show up they

sit down the leader of the group takes

them through maybe one or two techniques

if it's a guided meditation now the

people already know how to meditate then

you don't have to say anything you just

sit there they sit there you let them

meditate however they're inspired

but if they need guidance then you pick

one or two techniques say for example

from Kriya yoga continuing the lineage

of enlightenment or the book Kriya yoga

vichara there is chanting through the

chakras very basic breath awareness very

simple mantra you pick one or two of

those and once they sit down you

instruct them on how to do it alright

we're going to chant through the chakras

you can read how to do that and then you

say it out loud you take them through

the process once you've taken them

through the process you sit quietly you

meditate then maybe 10 to 15 minutes

later give them time to be in the

silence give them time to experience it

most meditation group should probably be

around 45 minutes to a half hour then

you say alright we're going to refresh

our practice with another technique then

maybe use simple mantra

now we're going to meditate on the

breath on the inhale we hear the mantra

the sound so resonating within us on the

exhale we hear hum resonating within us

and we let this be our anchor we let

this be our focus to sync our attention

in inward for the duration of our

meditation you might remind them one

more time how it's done and then sit

quietly you continue to do the process

personally don't worry about what

they're doing and then when the time

comes you can say let's chant ohm

audibly once and then encourage everyone

to leave silently that is the best way

to participate in the meditation group

to run a meditation group if you're

participating in group it doesn't have

to follow that exact guideline but the

key is that people show up silently they

meditate together they leave silently

yeah but I really want to get to know

these people they share similar

interests with me I would like to be

friends I need community if you need a

community go to it

Church if you need a community join a

club why do I say it like this because

when you get a group of people together

that are clear on their purpose and

their intention is to abide in the

radiant purity of their being or abide

in a pure conscious state and they mean

it and that's really what they want when

you get that group together and that

happens it is then true that the whole

group benefits it makes it much easier

for everyone to access that state if you

get a group together where one or two

people that's their goal and eight

people are nodding off they don't know

what they're doing they're worried about

something they're thinking about these

things I think well I hope there's tea

and coffee and you know

cookies afterwards well what happens

then you have a fragmented consciousness

right just like internally you want to

be aligned and in purposeful and and

focused well when you're in a group like

that you want everyone to be on the same

page because that will up that will

truly uplift the situation in the group

and if you think about it imagine when

you've been in not even meditation

groups just groups of people don't you

tend to actually start feeling and

thinking like the people that you're

around just subtly maybe you've been in

a group and you come away no well I feel

kind of anxious or a little tweaked in

some way because that's sort of the

mentality of the group but if you're

with a group of people that are calm

clear serene it is amazing what kind of

experience the whole group can have but

there has to be that same kind of

solidarity or have you ever been in a

meeting we are really trying to figure

out a problem and someone's over there

watching the game or someone's on their

phone they don't even care what do you

think that whatever like that that that

quality of of the group becomes


so for self-realization and spiritual

awareness the individuals need to be

very clear on what that is about and if

they know we're not here to socialize

then that is why they will come you may

never find a group like that but that is

okay because you have it within yourself

when I first started teaching in

Nashville I don't know how many times I

would schedule meditation groups or

teaching sessions and I'm there just by

myself I don't know how many times I

would start something and you know the

initial who it's a Kriya yoga group this

is wonderful it's full and I do it just

like I said next time three people show

up those three people come back again

hoping I'm just kidding next time two

people show up but what I found is is

that by not worrying about that but as a

meditation group leader instructor just

Ange I'm just there from I'm just there

to hold the space and if no one shows up

I'm just meditating as I would at home

what I found was is if a dedicated

teacher can persist and hold that vision

and hold that that kind of focus in time

that group that was once 35 that went

down to three then down to two and maybe

just you for three weeks eventually

starts to one or two people come in to

think well this is really what I want

and then a few more people come in this

is what I'm looking for and then more

people come in so by holding that space

of this is what the purpose is this is

what we're doing you weed out all the

individuals that show up and say well

how many people come here that's the

question that they ask and that always

bothered me because you know they're not

coming there to learn meditation

they're coming there because they want a

community which please understand I


I'm not saying that there's a problem

with whining community being involved in

unity helps you live longer it makes you

happier it allows you to feel more

joyous and sharing but the yogic path is

not about this world it's not about this

world when last week the idea came up

and it popped up again today as I was

eating breakfast and when I was thinking

about the meditation group idea you know

when people come in and they don't want

to they don't want to just be quiet but

that is the yogic path to be quiet and

you try to say no this is what we're

doing is well you know that group is

never going to go anywhere because

you're not being friendly it's not about

being friendly it's about releasing your

addiction to external circumstances when

people want a big group where there's

lots of people for the sake of there

being lots of people there or for having

a community they are still trying to

define their spirituality through others

when people are showing up and they know

we're holding the space together and

we're going to mutually benefit from

this deeper level beyond the personality

I don't care what Joe's doing afterwards

I don't care what's happening tomorrow I

know that this person is is is focused

on clarity I am focused on clarity we're

going to meet there and that will

amplify it and then afterwards we go our

separate ways into our roles in the

world whatever they are that starts to

do what the yogic path is meant to do

which is break down even further that

addiction to personality to break down

that addiction to feeling a sense of

contentment and clarity without the

world's support do you follow what I'm

saying okay so for you while I

personally recommend that you simply

meditate alone on your own in the same

way that mr. Davis spoke about in the

the video that we watched last night if

there are groups to participate in this

is how I would advise that you determine

if it is a group worth participating in

maybe you go to the group and it's a

mostly silent group and you think this

is it

but then you recognize that half the

people are snoring that is another key

indicator that they are not there

they're taking a nap it's not a nap

group it's not nap time and if you

yourself are inspired to support this

work in your own community not because

you want to be seen as a meditation

teacher not because you think you're

going to change anyone's lives not

because you want to get involved in a

group but because it deep down you feel

it is necessary to provide space for

people everything i've done with with

with teaching and doing online trainings

and things it is because it's hard to


but there's a sense of responsibility

that someone has to do it that's what it

feels like that is why you know after

mr. Davis passed even though I discussed

with him about letting go of astrology

and focusing primarily on meditation

when he passed all of the sudden there

is this gravity that all right well now

we have to do this he's not around

anymore and can inform so now it's up to

us to continue this lineage of

enlightenment in the world and so it's

about a sense of duty and by duty I

don't mean like a heavy responsibility

like oh I mean I've got to pay my child

support not like that

I mean just a sense of yeah this is this

is what this is this needs to be here

somehow you understand if you are not

inspired to have to be any kind of

meditation leader or teacher that's also

perfectly fine because not everyone has

that role and you should never force

yourself into that role just because you

think it's gonna save the world or it's

the right thing to do

the people who know that is their role

just do it

they don't doubt it they don't

deliberate on it they don't have any

other idea it just is what happens but

your role then is to simply embody this

clarity within your life on your own

because that will go into the world and

that will benefit the people around you

silently it will be like a silent

blessing and that that helps to uplift

and change consciousness on a impersonal

level on an impersonal level there's a

reason that over the last hundred years

you can say hey do you know what

meditation is and probably 80% of the

people in the world I'm going to guess

that's probably an exaggeration but a

lot more than there used to be well know

what it is

whereas 100 years ago if you brought

that up they might look it up in the

dictionary but they don't they didn't

have a sense of what it was it's because

there are more and more people who are

doing it on their own which allows the

impersonal consciousness it allows them

to kind of pop through easier when

someone does finally develop an interest

in it so you doing your own little work

what you consider to be a little work is

actually pretty big but it's impersonal

you always got to think about as though

it's impersonal

so remember there are these three

different kinds of teachers and to

benefit you can benefit from someone who

has instruction who gives instruction

you can benefit from someone who reminds

you and in time you can benefit from

someone who simply awakens you