Everything You Need To Know About LLAMAS In Minecraft!

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llamas neutral mobs added to Minecraft

in late 2016 in the exploration update

of 1.11 is there much to know about how

friendly furry friends well let's find



llamas can be found in an extreme Hills

biome or savanna biome in one of four

colored coats brown gray white and beige

they commonly spawn in small herds of up

to four and rarely more in extreme Hills

alongside other animals a llamas wool

color is based on the habitats that

they've naturally spawned in brown or

beige llamas spawn in savannas whilst

white and gray llamas spawn in extreme

Hills llamas are a neutral mob meaning

they will only become hostile when

provoked and to provoke a llama you'll

simply need to damage one doing so will

cause the llama to slowly approach you

and stare you down before spitting a

rather large cluster of saliva in your

general direction if you're hit by their

saliva you'll only take half a heart of

core damage obviously making llamas a

very small threat to players killing a

llama will only reward you up to two

pieces of leather and a small bit of

experience but they're much better off

alive than dead

as not only they're adorable but they

have some rather sweet handy perks for

most llamas are a tamable mob and can be

done by simply jumping on a llamas back

until they no longer want to tip you off

feeding a llama a few hay bales will

increase your odds of a faster tame once

tamed llamas can be equipped with a wide

variety of decorations this can be done

by using a carpets on a tamed llama each

carpets owns a unique design resulting

in 16 different colored patterns and

styles here is a quick look at what each

design looks like



killing a llama will cause them to drop

any items they had equipped unlike

horses tamed llamas cannot be controlled

when riding but what makes bringing

llamas on an adventure such a practical

option is their ability to carry extra

storage by using a single chest on a

llama they'll appear to have two small

chests hanging from their back when a

chest is given the llama will wield

either 3 6 9 12 or 15 slots of storage

for you to utilize whilst journeying far

lands if you want to take llamas along

with you on adventures using a lead on a

llama will force it to follow you

however doing so with a single tamed

llama will cause only a buy llamas to

follow you all in a single-file line and

you can do this with his many llamas as

you wish this can also be done with

untamed llamas and baby llamas to their

ability to caravan mass amounts of

storage along your journeys is what

makes llamas such awesome allies to have

accompany you in survival if you decide

this is something you wish to do I

highly recommend bringing a fence to tie

the first leading llama on to to prevent

all llamas from wandering off when you

simply want them to hold their position

llamas can indeed be bred and can only

be done by using hay bales on to fully

grown tamed llamas when a baby llama is

born it will be colored after one of its

parents baby llamas take approximately

20 minutes to grow into a fully matured

adult you can speed up their growth by

feeding baby's weight which speeds up

the process by roughly 10 seconds per

weight or with hay bales which speed up

their growth by over a minute per hay

bail if a llama is set ablaze they have

to be considerably close to water for

them to decide to calmly walk into the

water to save themselves but why would

you do such a thing anyway since llamas

are such wonderful friends to have

around if you wish to name them in-game

you can do so by renaming a nametag with

an anvil and using it on a llama this

can also be done with untamed llamas and

baby llamas as well as other animals too

and in case you were wondering yes

llamas can go on voyages with you in

boats so epic if you want to learn about

other mobs or Eve

items feel free to leave a request and

your comments may get picked to be

featured in its respective video as for

this video as per usual it cannot end

without a trivia question our llamas the

only neutral mob that's can deal damage

to players on peaceful difficulty