How to Lead - Top 3 Qualities of a Great Leader and other Leadership Skills

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many people dream of being leaders for a

lot of different reasons some people

want to be a top position to feel

powerful to be phrased and listen to

others want to feel important others

want to achieve high goals but they

would never be able to achieve by

themselves the thing is you don't have

to be at the top of an organization or a

community to be a leader leadership is

all about performance and less about

position even though there are many

fields where you can lead and of course

we can't possibly cover them all in just

this video the skills required to be a

successful leader are always the same

and what all good leaders have in common

is passion teamwork and good

communication skills of course there are

many other skills that make up a great

leader but they all revolve around these

three you need a goal that you truly

believe in you need the best team and

you need to know how to manage that team

in order to achieve that goal so let's

see what these are all about number one

passion most leaders are very passionate

about what they do a leader doesn't


you can't possibly persuade people into

doing something that you want them to do

unless you inspire them to see things

the way that you see them and you get

them to believe in the same goals that

you do and the best way to do that is

being passionate about your field and

vision sometimes things get tough along

the road but the drive to do something

that you're really into can help you

overcome the blocks and actually achieve

your goals also passion extends to

building a team of professionals any

leader wants an elite team made of

reliable people who don't settle for


it's about constant learning and

improving oneself and the team as a

whole characteristic of a great leader

number one is passion

number two is teamwork leadership

implies having a team by your side and

each person from your team has

particular strengths and weaknesses

including yourself as a leader a good

leader doesn't try to do everything by

themselves why would you need a lead if

you're a one-man show but instead they

rely on strengths that are different

from their own the more qualified people

you have in your team the more diverse

their strong points are this means the

more that you can achieve on the long

run and knowing how to manage people's

strengths to reach higher goals as one

of the best qualities of a leader also

getting everyone to see the big picture

and work together for a common goal is

the second trait of a leader number

three is good social and communication

skills a good leader is by definition a

good motivator he stands by his team for

better and for worse and knows how to

motivate people instead of just bossing

them around he knows how to approach

people on how to make them feel actually

valued the ability to skillfully relate


is well that you learn with time but

it's a very valuable asset and skill

when dealing with teams I want to say so

far I've been using the pronoun Heath to

describe a great leader but sex and

gender really don't matter I'm doing it

because I'm trying to get these

qualities within myself and by talking

about them like they're already my

traits it psychologically gets me closer

to becoming a better leader great

leadership is positive and professional

and it's all about inspiring people

towards a common goal and this can be

learned with a few simple tricks I'm

gonna go on to those now if you want to

be a leader you're gonna have to cut

down a lot of your own ego and learn how

to be humble and professional there are

no perfect leaders and you shouldn't

strive for perfection instead focus on

constant improvement you want people to

see you as a role model as someone they

can rely on not as just say simply

tyrant so for that your main concern

should be motivating your team making

them want to work for your goals and

feeling that goal is their own goal

instead of bossing them around you want

to have them by your side instead of

forcing them to do stuff that they don't

actually believe in for that you can do

several things give them credit for the

work also acknowledge their efforts and

reward them when they succeed another

big thing is admitting when you made a

mistake instead of denying it or passing

the responsibility on to someone else

which is usually easier if you can admit

and correct your own mistakes you will

gain a lot of trust and respect from

your team and that will motivate them

even more to help you everyone has their

flaws and accepting them and working

around them is better than denying them

all together build on your strengths

work around your weaknesses and let

people who are better than you in

certain areas do the work for those

certain areas if you show them trust

they will amaze you this is where

humility is required though because it

will go a very long way encourage people

to talk and listen actively when

listening to someone make sure you've

completely understood what they want to

say by repeating their idea so what

you're saying is and their own words

this will make them feel heard and

reinforced it'll also make them feel

like you're truly listening and respect

what you have to say so be genuinely

interested and make them feel important

set a high bar for your team and believe

that they will actually succeed one of

the greatest motivators is knowing that

someone believes in you and the fear of

disappointing them if you show your team

trust they will do everything they can

to meet your expectations another tip is

to be positive you're not gonna be very

motivational if you point out everyone's

flaws and nothing is ever good enough

instead try to find the best and each

person from your team

find their strengths and assign them

tasks that they can do the best this

will boost your efficiency and also

minimize frustration among your team if

people are handed a task that they can

manage and they feel comfortable doing

there's a higher chance that they will

complete that task successfully without

many issues so try to accentuate

everyone's positive side and use

mistakes as opportunities to improve

also praise any improvement that you see

because this makes people feel validated

and will make them try even harder to

make sure that they receive the praise

again this technique is called positive

reinforcement and it's something I've

talked about in several of my other


always always accentuate the positive

this will make your team feel safe and

supportive which will boost their trust

and loyalty it's also very important

that you reward improvement the next

step is to be a professional

professionalism doesn't extend only to

technical skills or knowledge but it

also refers but it also refers to having

a set of strengths and values and

sticking well to them whether that be

honesty reliability good energy and

ability to find effective solutions to

problems honesty is one of the most

important as anyone wants to know what

to expect from someone else especially

their boss if you were honest with the

facts and data people know exactly what

the situation is and can work

effectively straight on the goal or

problem but it's better to under promise

and over achieve than to over promise

and stretch your team to their limits in

order to achieve the impossible you must

know what you can and can't do and say

no if something isn't right be

professional about it though and the

last but not least never stop learning

great leaders never stop learning if you

don't have all of the above skills or

qualities don't worry there is no

perfect leader but the best leaders are

the ones who are constantly seeking to

give their best and improve little by

little each day basically leading by

example almost anything can be learned

and all you need to do is be consistent

about it you want to push yourself and

others to go beyond their comfort zone

and develop themselves more so that you

get better each and every day one more

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