How To Lead a Small Group Bible Study

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hi I'm Courtney at Whitman Libby

well.org home of the morning girls and

today I want to talk about how to lead a

small group Bible study I attended the

Moody Bible Institute and I got a degree

in evangelism and discipleship but

really I feel like I learned how to lead

a small group study once I did it in

real life so at the age of 21 and 22 and

23 I began to learn that when you have a

group of women you get all sorts of

personalities in a room and you can't

know what to expect you have to learn

really by experience you know there's

always that woman that's super chatty

during prayer time who's sharing about

something that maybe you all don't

understand or you don't even understand

who the person is they're talking about

because they're a friend of a friend

sometimes they're set debater in the

group this is a person who wants to

challenge what you have to say and

that's a little scary

sometimes you have a big group and

they're really quiet it's like crickets

in the room and you don't know how to

get them to talk it's like pulling teeth

other times no one shows up but like one

and it's super awkward because you

planned a lesson and that you don't know

how to you know have a discussion so

these things happen you can't always

prepare for them but through experience

you begin to learn now there are three

different kinds of biases that you can

find out there they are those if you go

to Christian bookstore you're going to

find tons of awesome resources we are so

blessed there's those in-depth Bible

studies where the women do homework

every day they come ready for a robust

conversation because they've done their

homework and then there's a nice DVD so

you don't really have to teach there's a

teacher right there and so that's when

you're a facilitator you're just leading

the discussion then there are things we

call like book studies or book clubs

where for example just saying if you use

my book women living well you would have

the women read a few chapters a week and

then there's a free companion study

guide on my sidebar commercial and and

there's discussion

and there and so women aren't ready

necessarily to do like a day by day I

will say they might be ready to do just

something light like that when they just

read a few chapters they don't have to

write a lot down and there's discussion

questions there were you literally

there's Bible verses you can read

together and open-ended questions that's

the key to a good conversation

open-ended questions they're already

there for you and that's a great way to

go or you can do a real Bible stay where

you just open the Bible and you guys

read the book of Philippians or

something like that together if you're

going to do a bio site where you don't

use any resources and you're just using

God's Word then it does take a little

more skill like in having the gift of

teaching because now you're really

getting down to the brass tacks of

teaching God's Word but again there's so

many resources out there to help you

it's a great way to go all right so

there's those three different studies

and there are different reasons why

women come to my site so women come

because they don't know the Lord and

they're seeking God others might come

because you're going through a hard time

in life and they're needing

encouragement they have a loss or

something they're going through maybe

it's a woman who needs out of the home

she's home with her kids and she's just

looking for adult conversation or maybe

the woman is in a workplace and it's

dark and she needs to just come to be

with a group of Christian women where

she can find a reprieve in a place of

encouragement sometimes older women join

who they've been a bio say for 30 years

and you think come on

you could probably lead this and so they

can be intimidating because they know

God's Word so well but really they may

not feel led to lead and they want to be

there though to share their wisdom and

to encourage the other women it's also

important it's good to know why the

women in your group are there so the

first week I always like to ask women to

share like their name a little something

about themselves in why did you join

this group and then you can know and you

can meet those needs and that's just

good now when you're a leader there are

two things you have to do you're going

to bandage prayer time and you're going

to lead the Bible side so managing

prayer time we all know that it can be a

hard task it members how many women in

your group if you have five or six women

chances are it would should be

manageable if you get into 15 or 20

women it can get a little bit difficult

because there's so many prayed quests

and sometimes women can't talk long

so if you have a small group you stay

together you share parry quests you pray

out loud together if you have a large

group it might be helpful if you don't

have time because it's also about time

most time you have if you have 30

minutes to go to a prayer time that is

awesome do that but if you find that

you're limited on time and you only have

15 minutes you may need to take the

group and divide them into three

separate groups let them put their

chairs in circles share right there and

that's really great to be one-on-one you

know just be able to share like that and

let them pray in their small groups

together I some people like to put

prayer time at the end based on how much

time they have left then they can you

know let that prayer time be long or

short I like to start my battle sites

with prayer time I really like to get

the temperature of how are women doing

what's been going on in their week as

you lead the study it's good to know

what's going on so you can be sensitive

or see if maybe God's speaking to

something someone's going through so I

like to open in that way and then if a

lot of women share then I say the prayer

and that way I don't necessarily pray

for every single situation that's

happening but I might say the names of

the women and and pray and lift them up

to God just by name but if there's more

time and not a lot of women Sharon I

might ask if a few women would consider

please you know we'll go to God in

prayer and a few of you would pray for

these prayer requests and and then you

can spend a really nice sweet time of

prayer together so prayer is important

it's a really great way to connect with

each other remember that you don't want

to authorize people send out in the

email like the list of prayer requests

for women maybe who missed

always have permission to do that

because there could be something private

that they shared there that they don't

want any email that could be shared with

someone else

so make sure you have permission if

you're studying print press out and

email now finally we have leaving the

Bible study the way I just have one

Bible study book here I thought I would

show you

I need to study this is a more in-depth

one where we had day one day two and day

three day four day five homework so I do

my homework for the week and then I

literally write out my script of what

I'm going to say so I write like at 9:45

we're going to do our introduction so

we're gonna do an icebreaker at 9:55

we're going to break into three groups

and we're going to pray at 10:05 I'm

going to end prayer then I begin my

lesson and I have written how did your

homework go this week were you able to

get it all done so this kinda like my

opening like as they're opening their

you know then they're not in their heads

and so we're like no I didn't get it

done it's kind of nice to know if they

shake their head no or yes you kind of

have a feel for what's going on and then

I say let's look at day one together on

page nine and I circled number one on

there and I'll ask someone if they'll

read that question out loud and then we

begin the discussion and usually I pick

ten good open-ended questions it's about

ten good questions what you need for a

good discussion for about a half an hour

but I would like to at home when I'm

preparing like for these questions I

think of stories that could go along

with it other Bible verses that can go

along with my answer or other quotes and

I kind of hold them on reserve and if I

have a chatty group who's really talking

and sharing exhibit and I don't share my

story I don't share my Bible verses I'll

share my extras but if I have a group

this kind of quiet then I'll share my

story and I'll share an extra Bible

verse to kind of fill time but not just

for time filler to teach you know so you

kind of have to be prepared so for all

ten questions that I'll choose for

discussion I'll plant something special

to share on those so that I have a

little extra to add to it if they don't

have anything to share so that's how I

do it I just you know I literally write

down you know now turn to page fourteen

number six I read yeah go to page

fourteen number six it even helps me

figure out where am I going where am I

going next because sometimes you get

there and you got butterflies in your

stomach and you can't remember what you

were going to say

so I like to write it down and write in

the margins and plan where I'm headed

and what I'm doing to guide myself so

leaving the bottle study you know is not

hard it takes a lot of time takes a lot

of preparation it takes prayer praying

over the lesson and trusting God knowing

that his word does not return void and

though you can't see in the moment how

God is transforming lives he is because

he says that his word transforms us so

keep leading keep working hard and keep

walking with the king