Steeline Installing the Roof's Ridge Capping

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in this video we'll demonstrate how to

cut and install Ridge cappings firstly

measure back 50 millimeters from the end

of the ridge cap grab your Square and

Mark on a 45 degree and then cut the two

ends off leaving the top roll in the

middle once the two sides are cut back

fold down the Roll and tap into position

neatly trim off excess and the end of

the cap is now complete place the ridge

cap on the roofs Ridge and tack into

position make a mark at the top of the

apex cut and trim off place a hat or rag

over the first ridge cap to stop scratch

it when placing the second Ridge over

the top place the second rich cap into

position and tack to the roof trim again

at the apex of this breech and lock into

position these two are called hip ends

next get your ridge cap for the top of

the roof place and trim as required

once you're happy with the overall fit

trim the sides and rip it off continue

until all roof ridges are complete next

is to trim up the valleys