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well well well today is the day that

everyone and their mother and their

grandmother has been waiting for March

10 2015 heists have been released before

I start real quick want to let everybody

know that it will be streaming heists

over my twitch channel twitch.tv slash

dang cops later on today so do not miss

that that's gonna be a lot of fun but

let's talk about how to unlock heists so

you download the update which is like

five gigabytes or some crazy [ __ ] and

you get in GTA and see nothing I got to

GTA Lobby and and all I hear in the

chats people going uh-uh

how do i do heists uh like literally for

ten minutes straight no one can figure

it out it's not that difficult people

and I still see people on Twitter saying

I downloaded it where are the heist so

I'm telling you right now I'd unlock it

I'm probably not the first one I might

be like the fiftieth one to do this but

I'm gonna do it anyway so as soon as you

get into a GTA Lobby go to your high-end

department I'm not sure people read

anything that was going on leading up to

heists but in order to run a heist in

order to host eyes you have to have a

high-end department so once you enter

your apartment you'll see a message that

says your high-end apartment has been

refurbished in preparation for heists

now in that room is a bunch of computers

a map of GTA of setup area alternate

clothing ammo all that kind of crazy

stuff feel free to go ahead and take a

look around the new heist room that just

unlocked in your apartment you'll also

get a text message from Lester that says

hey I'm sure you're not gonna mind hell

you've been waiting long enough

but I sent some people over to your

place it's just a little reverb nothing

to worry about when it's ready I'll call

you to explain so take a few minutes

look around the room turn on the radio

browse the web do you thing also side

note has his bongo is this new in the

update has this always been here I've

never seen this [ __ ] before and it blew

my mind I could not believe that that

was in there um I might have just

overlooked it but I don't know if that's

branding or not anyway eventually while


apartment you will get a call from

Lester which says look we need to talk

I've got a proposition that might be

mutually advantageous come to my

warehouse off the freeway we'll discuss

it so take a drive over to Lester's

warehouse and this is the cutscene that


oh yeah yes come in come in it's a good

to see you again in a while yeah I've

never been good at small talk I don't

have many friends

I do sometimes meet people online and

then I arrange to meet them out in the

real world then I go there but I just

hide in and I watch them and I think wow

now you are experiencing 1% of what I

felt my entire childhood when I spoke to

a girl

oh I never told me one that before feels

good to talk so ah I know you've been

complaining but you weren't ready now

maybe just maybe you are ready to do

real work I mean are you interested

because if you are I have a few things

uh coming down the wire soonish if you

want I'll contact you but don't let me

down on this I'm putting my neck on the

line and I like my neck it's my best


aside from my sparkling conversation

from their head back to your apartment

and you'll get another phone call from

Lester all right we might be ready to

move on this thing if you want the work

you'll get a knock on your door any

minute and now when you enter your

apartment you will see a big H on your

mini-map indicating the heist room so

now when you want to start heists gather

your friends get going over the the

plans a lot of stuff

this is the official heist room where

it's all gonna go down what lies beyond

this door is your future your future in

heists awaits you people are you ready

so enjoy heists enter the room you'll

see my character get really hype you

press the right button on the d-pad to

start the initial heist and that's all

there is to it man it there are a few

steps obviously have to take to unlock

it it's not immediately unlocked as soon

as you enter the game so go through

these quick steps get in touch with

Lester and you will finally finally

finally unlock heists thank you guys for

watching be sure to leave a like on this

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see you soon