How to be a Healthy Vegetarian for Beginners

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all right so now the thing on so what

are we having a show about today so

today we're going to actually do a show

about transitioning into being

vegetarian and working in a lot of

people have asked us questions about

being a vegetarian and we have a lot of

experiences about that so we're going to

be just talking bar experiencers what

it's been mine and the healthy ways to

do that transition so I've actually been

vegetarian since middle school which i

think is about 18 years it'll kind of

old um and I think just don't like the

way meat tastes that's my personal thing

is nothing I'm anti need but that's why

i'm vegetarian and I became a vegetarian

right after college I was going to all

types of health issues through eating

disgusting college

and I became a vegetarian I've noticed

all these quick changes in my body and

and just me is so process it's really

scary vocals into you don't promise me

so I got my education on I'm not messing

with that I'm done and so I became a

vegetarian and just another disclaimer

we're not saying that you can't eat meat

you can be a healthy meat eater but if

you want to be good turn this is how to

do a great way so why is the return good

for one it's been shown that people who

are vegetarian have lower body mass

indexes or BMI so you weigh less which

is also correlated with decreased risk

of different diseases and you may look

kind of fly in your bathing suit right

under the summertime um it was also a

vegetarian is linked with lower blood

pressure so you have decreased risk of

hypertension which is linked to heart

disease and stroke and one other thing

is also linked to decrease in cancer

first we're going to talk about the top

four things that people do wrong when

they first become vegetarian which we

also did so one is too much

carbohydrates whether it be simple

carbohydrates complex carbohydrates you

really only want about half of your

calories comes with carbohydrates per

day and another major thing people do

wrong is eating a ton of processed food

which has a ton of sugar and it's an

assault and this goal

with eating a lot of the fake me to all

the process or just have a bunch of

chemicals okay and the third thing is

not thinking about your actual nutrient

needs there are a lot of vitamins

minerals that aren't really found in

vegetarian food so you have to consider

that when you're planning your diet

being vegetarian and lastly a major

thing that people do wrong is they miss

their meal so look there's not any

vegetarian or vegan foods around them

they just won't how do we correct those

different mistakes we talked about if

people make when they become an attorney

well first you want to make sure to have

balanced meals and so here we have a big

bowl of kale you want to make sure you

get at least three cups of vegetables

per day in your diet and no good

strategies they can have your plate

vegetables you also want to make sure

you get at least two to three servings

of fresh fruit per day will actually

give you frozen to go to the peak

depression but you know vary the amount

of fruits and veggies you're you now in

terms of protein vegetarians meat

protein from a variety of places one is

being beings have about ten grams of

protein per serving and somebody must

actually only needs about sixty grams of

protein per day soy milk is also a great

source of protein almond milk not so

much but definitely

extra protein get soy milk and tofu is

another excellent source and we also

have nuts

let's have protein and healthy fats and

you took lecture said you wanna make

sure you eat your healthy fats so we

have here avocados revision saturated

fats opposed olive oil you can also take

omega-3 tablets it's better to take

eh-eh-eh and EPA directly because of

butters or by the body these are

varieties of these are just types of

Omega threes you also want to make sure

that you're eating whole grains so go

this is some quinoa we have a miracle

for quinoa couscous oatmeal brown rice

and healthy carbohydrates super to be a

great choice alright and the other thing

is you want to steer clear or at least

avoid have in moderation um different

you know textured vegetable protein

which are very process and what that is

is like veggie burgers or you know those

feet barbecue ribs those kind of things

they have a lot of salt um also a

lifetime vegetarians eat a lot of junk

food is because it's labeled natural

organic and jock food is chocolate is


so just cuz its natural organic doesn't

mean it's exactly right you want to stay

away from your frozen foods which is

usually there's a salty or packed with

sugar you money for Whole Foods and you

also need the reddit area

you know there's not a lot of options in

terms of what you can eat in your area

so plan ahead make sure that you bring

your meals make sure that you're getting

enough nutrients for you say you're

eating enough so as you mentioned before

there's different vitamins minerals that

you really want to keep on your radar if

you do become vegetarian or vegan one of

the most important is b12 b12 is good

for neurological function and it's

actually not found in any plant-based

foods so where can you get b12 well you

can get it in fortified soy milk you can

also get it in fortified breakfast

cereals if you choose to take a

supplement you want to make sure you're

only having about two point five

micrograms in your supplement most of

them contain way too much and that

decreases absorption and also if you

have it under your tongue

I just sublingual that's getting more

easily absorbed another very important

nutrient for being finished areas that

is a concern is iron and so I'm is

responsible for carrying oxygen

throughout your body in yourselves and

there's tens of vegans actually usually

to get more iron being plant-based diet

but the issue is that plant-based iron

is less absorbed as opposed to meet

based iron but we'll kind of planning

back in WV fix vitamin C for example

paired with iron increases eye and

absorption and so you can five iron and

see that just is playing out in bog

leafy greens in fruits whoops and you

can find iron and whole grains like this

Kino right here awesome

okay the next engagement you really want

to have on your radar is calcium calcium

is really important for your bone health

and also for muscle contraction where

can you find it you can find it in for

the club fortified almond milk also

breakfast cereals that have been

fortified and check the label and it

comes in tofu

so you're just want to make sure you

read your total label this has 15% your

calcium for the day now if you choose to

take a supplement that's fine too but

you want to make sure you do calcium

carbonate which is better upset and

lastly vitamin D which you naturally get

from the Sun but a lot of our

communities as in New York City it's not

that easy to get enough vitamin D as a

vegan or vegetarian and so you want to

eat foods that are 45 vitamin D usually

doesn't occur naturally in foods anyways

but fools certain foods are fortified

with it 145 in vitamin D vitamin d2 is

East based and vitamin d3 is a doping so

if you're going to take a supplement

just be mindful that what kind of

supplement you want to take and also

vitamin C enhances calcium absorption

and eating high processed meals usually

has a lot of salt which leads to a lot

of loss of calcium from your bodies but

you want to make sure that you eat the

vitamin D with the calcium but that

you're also not eating a lot of

processed junk which has a lot so thank

you so much for watching we really hope

the show was clear and cut understand

definitely possible to be a vegan and

vegetarian and get enough nutrients you

just have to make sure you incorporate

healthy planning all right and also we

are here to stay we have a whole season

to plan it's going to be exciting and

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