£6.00 Weekly Meal Plan | EASY Healthy Eating On a Tight Budget 2020

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welcome back to my channel today's video

it's actually something I'm really

surprised I haven't done already before

it's a really highly requested video if

for some reason I never had the

confidence just sit here and do it but

then I was talking to Lawrence yesterday

do you know what we've got our food

bills down so low and we need to really

full healthy nutritious great diet and

we managed to do it on such a budget

that I really I actually want to share

that with you guys wow that was a long

intro just to tell you today's video is

my what I eat in a week for dinners meal

plan and to sit and meal plan with you

guys I'm going to literally count the

pennies and tell you how much I will

spend this week from Monday to Friday

for all of mine and Lawrence's dinners

so feel absolutely free to grab a pen

and paper either copy exactly what I do

or take bits away from what I do and

give it a little Judaism to make it into

your own type of meal plan could

probably do this quite regularly just

because I change I eat all of the time

depending on my mood depending on the

season depending on the time of month so

that is something I can be regulate but

I think I'm going to make this into a

little series and I'm going to show you

what I eat for my lunches how i budget

down for my snacks how I budget down for

my breakfast and then make sure you are

subscribed because next week I will be

uploading the video where I'm showing

you what I eat in a week dinner so that

would be a more how to do dinners way

let's go what you're going to need is a

good pen a cup of tea I've gone for a

lemon and green tea today because I was

films it's taped it needs some kind of

weekly planner so this weekly planner I

have I think it was from Poundland and I

really like it so without further ado I

feel like we should just get straight

into it give the video a thumbs up if

you are excited let's go okay this week

I've decided on Monday I'm going to make

my slow cook chicken dinner just to note

by the way if you're new to the channel

you won't know this but I am a semi

terian or flexitarian as we like to call

it where I basically eats as a

vegetarian or vegan most of my time


the max once a week I will buy meat or

fish and eat meat or Fitness meal plan

it's going to have vegan vegetarian and

a meat-based dinner's gonna cover

everything but I will always give like

vegan vegetarian alternatives by the way

have a smoke okay I'm going to link

everything I use by the way and show you

in today's video down below I need two

large chicken breasts which I buy from


from Audi to pound 70 by the way there's

going to be a theme here and the theme

is I do pretty much all of my food shop

from Aldi because you save a lot of

money and you're going to need either

actual barbecue sauce at the moment we

have a Tesco own barbecue sauce which

was 79 P or you can make your own

barbecue sauce using ingredients from

your cupboard so in your coverage you

will need worcester sauce some kind of

acidity vinegar lemons things like that

some honey a bit of sugar and that's

generally it but for ease we will put

you can actually get Tesco's own

barbecue sauce which is quite nice it's

the one I currently have which was 79 P

and use about a fifth of that 10 P worth

of barbecue sauce one large white onion

Aldi and it's a very large one it is 25

P we currently get these seeded reps

from Audi and the two reps each it's

going to be 40 P in total needs some

salad so rocket we use about 24 Peas

worth about half about and then we will

need brown rice as we kind of turn these

into like little burritos so the portion

out of a bag of brown rice from Audi is

going to be 5p per person salad another

20 P per person this entire meal per

person cost us one pound ninety seven so

we have two wraps each it's full of rice

brown rice which is also a nice

satisfying filler and then it's got tons

of salad so what I tend to do with salad

just so I'm kind of getting vitamins

from all over the place I just get

colors something green something red

purple any different colors I try to

incorporate into these wraps now in

terms of the pulled chicken we do tend

to have this instead with some vegan no

chick chicken and this such he from

Iceland and we fry it up instead of put

it in the slow cooker so you can swap

this out for a bag and it costs two

pounds from Iceland you can stick to

this basics or you can also look into

your cupboards for anything that might

flavor the food a little bit more so

garlic garlic granules

they've olive oil some heard some mixed

herbs it's completely up to you so

Monday's dinner one pound 97 per person


Tuesday dinner is leftovers plus a

little bit extra we will have enough

chicken left over to have one more wrap

each one more salad burrito wrap each

cost of chicken has already been

incorporated on Monday so left over

chicken not P we don't need to

incorporate the sauces because we've

already made it we're just literally

using leftover don't need to incorporate

the onion so we need to incorporate some

salad another 20 P per person so you can

do whatever salad you like we tend I

will show you in next week's video what

salad I tend to go for brown rice 5 P

per person now because we've only got

enough chicken to make one wrap again

each we could just leave it at that but

you can also jazz it up with your home

made of fries so I mentioned in one of

my Food Rules recently that I make

homemade fries now so I will link my fry

cutter down below I do not buy chips

from the shop anymore I don't buy frozen

chips it saved me so much money it's

also much better for the planet because

I'm not buying chips and plastic and

plastic bag type things I just buy loose

potatoes so much cheaper cut them with

my cheap cutter throwing them in the

oven with some salt and a bit of oil and

whatever else if I want to herb it up I

can if I'd say I'd say we use about

three large potatoes for chips for both

of us if three large potatoes lose

potatoes comes to about 30 P

nor point to + naught point naught 5 +

call it 40 P so Tuesday's mill has

technically cost us 40 p on Wednesdays

we normally go swimming though when clay

has a really quick type meal but it also

has to be quite filling because

obviously swimming is a lot of cardio so

Wednesday it always changes but it will

be either a jacket potato beans on toast

with a bit of cheese or something likes

soup so this Wednesday I think we're

going to have some soup and toast we

tend to have a tin eat just because we

would rather have a little bit too much

then - laughs - little pet goes cream of

tomato see if you have watched my eating

Tesco food for 24 hours you will know

that Tesco cream of tomato soup

completely outweighs any other cream of

tomato soup it's the best one ever

and it's only blooming 45 P per can it's

cheaper and it's nicer shop smart guys

shop smart

and then we will have two slices of

bread each we have the multi seeded

multigrain any kind of brown bread or

multi seeded bread and it's normally

from Aldi so it cuts about ten P per two

slices of bread not point five five P so

as you can see we are doing very well

per person this is how much you spent

okay this week's Thursday's dinner we

are doing our vegan meatballs and

spaghetti it will break down the cost

and then obviously next week's video you

will see how you can probably make this


for Thursday's vegan meatballs and

spaghetti you'll need one tin of herby

tomatoes from Aldi which is 26 P pert in

there amazing and then achievers I've

found so far and they taste just like

the brand of one so get them then you

will need one large onion which dobbsy

25p you need about 20 Peas worth of

spaghetti so if you buy asperity from

Aldi that's about third you need about

20 Peas worth of spaghetti which around

a third of the Aldi spaghetti and then

you need one bag of vegan meatballs

we are currently eating the Iceland

vegan meatballs which are two pound per

bag in total this dinner per person one


forty-five two pound 71 for both of us

divided by 2 equals 1 pound 35 for each

person now we're moving on to Friday so

for my in my opinion I really feel like

food should be enjoyed and restrict

yourself especially at the weekend you

should be able to just eat whatever

whenever now I have perfected an amazing

vegan kabob no flippin love it with

we've started to have that on a Friday

every other kind of Friday and then

every other Friday we might get either a

takeaway or a supermarket style take

away so the Tesco peeps the meal deal

things like that but this Friday we're

going to be having our vegan kebabs so I

will talk you through that now Friday

vegan Kerber one tub of the era big

Greek kebab at the moment the cheapest

place I found this is Waitrose for two

pound 59 they will need some pizza bread

I always get the pizza beds from Aldi

and we have one each

two times pizza that is north point two

eight P for two bits of bread then we're

gonna do our little homemade chips again

using some the leftover potatoes

I will show you how to actually make

this kebab and how I make the vegan

kebab meat in my video next week which

is my weekly Mills

essentially you'll need and the kebab

the pizza bread potatoes and then mouldy

salad whatever moldy salad you have

leftover in your bridge can go into

these kebabs trust me it's a game

changer it's the way to eat all your

moldy salads and I really enjoy it again

sources to be confirmed because you

might not want sauce with this Lawrence

and I have sources so you can have like

her vegan garlic mayo to keep it nice

and vegan vegans kurata which are

actually found in Aldi or you can have a

normal garlic mayo

one house 78 give or take if you want to

add some sources some extra herb spice

this stuff that's already in your fridge

or cupboard so in a second I'm going to

calculate the total we spend an entire

week for our meals and but for now this

is exactly what we will eat this sweet

it's delicious it's also satisfying

they're really easy meals they're really

cheap meals at the weekends we tend to

make meals that are a bit more complex

experiment with our cooking but during

the week when you're busy you've got

stuff on you're doing stuff you want to

eat healthily on a budget but also quick

it's really valuable information so

please share the video if you want other

people tena fit from it anyway let's add

up a total per person for the week

six pounds and five P so this is a meal

plan that will give you a total of six

pounds and 5p for all of your dinners

for Monday through to Friday per person

this is a bit of a luxury food plan I

can actually do one where I can spend

like two pounds per person for an entire

week but it's a lot less luxury and

there we have it my super duper cheap

easy yet delicious meal plan obviously

this week I'm going to be filming me

making slash eating all of the dinners

which will be live next week that can

show you how I make everything I really

hope you enjoyed please don't forget to

share this on your social medias it will

make me really happy tag me in it when

you share I will be sure to send you a

message saying how much I love you and

saying thank you because it really helps

my channel when you're sharing my videos

I really hope you enjoyed I hope this

was helpful where I'm really dreaming I

will see you guys again that's very very


there's no one like you



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