'How to lead a healthy life '

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my special greetings to dr. Mansell and

hello everyone my name is Rena Shah an

apricot and Bella thing and my metric ID

is K a one eight zero six six

I'm from group two soft skills section

zero six G so here I am today to deliver

a speech titled how to need a healthy

life what is healthy healthy living is

living a life without having to worry

about body size and diseases to obtain a

healthy living is not easy we have to

work hard to get it there are several

ways one can eat a healthy life firstly

we should practice eating at the right

time how many offers have breakfast in

the morning

not many right as we are all too busy

trying to make it to class on time

this is wrong because reverse gives us

energy to start off fresh tea if we do

not have breakfast in the morning we

will feel very tired and sleepy without

a proper breakfast our concentration

span could also reduce this making us

unable to comprehend what is taught in

the class moreover we should get enough

exercise time every day we should

exercise because when we sweat the fats

in our bodies will play if we do not

exercise will you become purpose and

this may lead to various life Santa

Jesus such as heart attack and diabetes

make sure you exercise and don't say

I've exercised when you actually heaven

Landstar diseases are one of the easily

preventable diseases which have

overtaken other communicable diseases

such as dengue and malaria besides we

should also manage our time properly

prepare a timetable and adhering to its

treaty is the best way we can manage our

time if you do not have a timetable will

face stress and unable to do of

activities effectively because we'll be

rushing to do that plan your activities

well so that

it does not clash with your daily

routine we should also get enough sleep

every day an average child needs eight

hours of sleep for example if you wake

up at 6 a.m. we should see a 10:00 p.m.

every night what will happen if you do

not get enough sleep well for sure we'll

feel very sleepy and unable to

comprehend what is taught in the past

thus making us to noose out if you guys

follow my suggestions to eat a healthy

life I'm sure we can build a healthier

malysh thank you for lending me your