How to Live a Stress Free Life, and process everything | Peter Sage

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hi guys its Peter and just want to say

thank you for all of the the recent

feedback that we've had and yeah

obviously my summation is created a few

little responses that we've had a chance

to go through and look at and one thing

I want to talk about this week is a

subject that I think affects absolutely

everybody and to various degrees if you

if you know how to have access to some

of the insights that I'm going to be

sharing with you on this subject can

make a profound and unusually

instantaneous shift in the quality of

life that you have on a day to day basis

and that is the issue of stress okay

hands up who feel stress some of the

time both homes right and that the

challenge is that we live in a world

that is so stressful

compared to any other time in history on

many different levels which is a shame

because by contrast we live at a time in

history that has more certainty around

things like survival and longevity than

any other time in human history

so how come is it that we are more

stressed out today than almost any time

in a past or or our ancestors past and

it's something to really contemplate

because if you understand the where most

laden stress comes from you know if

you've gone back to 20,000 years and

said to your ancestors that no I'm

really stressed because you know I

haven't got enough time in the day that

they'd look at you sort of quizzically

and say well you mean you haven't got

enough time to run away from a

saber-toothed tiger no no no I just

don't have enough time to get to work

right it would be a very interesting

sort of constant conversation from their

side so modern-day stress is something

that we really want to look at here

because that there's something and we

make it a little deep here in this

conversation so for some of you maybe a

perfect explanation for some of you you

may want to re-watch this a couple of

times and tune in and see if it

resonates and if not no big deal that

that's fine but one has to understand a

certain fact and that is that modern-day

stress is caused not in that has

anything to do with circumstances that

we usually attribute to it

but in in a reaction to circumstances

now that so it's a fairly obvious

statement when you look at it but let's

just have a little deeper you see our

experience of the world is an internally

created phenomena and I don't want to

get too deep into quantum physics and

advanced theoretical physics here which

I'm more than happy to do with some of

you offline but you know most of the

time our perception of what the world is

is very different from everybody else's

perception of what the world is we will

each create our own what we'd call a

layer of the world or experience of the

world but it's an internally created

phenomenon we call it the physical world

because we interpret everything in our

outer world through our five physical

senses now what are our five physical

senses obviously taste touch sight sound

and smell

we know that yeah let's just leave that

the physical senses is five for now

without getting into deeper

conversations but yeah if we understand

that everything in our outer world

everything in our experience of what we

would call three-dimensional reality you

know or a day-to-day life a story and

that the stuff of our life the external

experience of waking up to it to going

to bed everything in that experience is

first filtered through one of those five

senses now we can't experience anything

else you're not experiencing my voice

now the computer screen or the TV that

you're looking at the seat that you're

sitting in yeah the the temperature that

you're currently experiencing none of

that can enter your awareness unless it

is first filtered through one of the

five senses now let me ask you a

question how many of us all like the

same music hmm we've got a variable how

many of us all like the same food I'm a

goodness another variable how about we

all have the same favorite color I don't

think so

now what about the same you know sense

about what we like to smell well that's

why there's so many different you know

perfumes and aftershaves and scented

shampoos because we have a different

sense even about what we like to smell

and what we like to touch is is

completely variable so hang on a minute

let me just rewind and check in so

what you're saying here Peter is that

you know we all experience the world

through our five senses but each one of

those five senses can be completely

different to the person standing next to

us well yes of course in fact yeah it's

not only likely it's guaranteed yeah so

two people can experience the exact same

event standing next to each other

breathing the same air in the same space

and time use the same equipment to

process that experience called the five

senses and come up with an entirely

different conclusion hmm am I making

sense see the message I'm giving here

guys is that the the conclusion that you

draw has very little to do with the

actual external events itself it has

everything to do with how you manage

your internal data processing and the

people that seem the less stressed are

the ones that have a handle on how to

manage that data processing better than

somebody who doesn't so if you're just

reacting to social conditions to your

upbringing to belief systems you haven't

questioned for a while if you're just

reacting because you know to to peer

pressure or you're reacting to fears and

patterns that you're running that you're

unconsciously unaware of as most of us

are then your default mechanism of

processing that data that comes through

is not going to be leading you towards

the most empowered or positive

conclusion and as a result we get

stressed yeah because the outer world

doesn't fit our pictures well guess what

I'm gonna ask you a question here and be

honest with yourself who is it that

voted on what goes out of pictures

should look like in order for us to be

happy and fulfilled or not sit with that

for a second let me ask it again who was

it that voted on what those pictures

should look like for you in terms of

what has to happen for you to be happy

or fulfilled because as human beings we

are cybernetic organisms which means we

are pre-programmed to be programmed yeah

we don't get a chance or get to choose

how we're going to answer we don't get a

chance to choose if or not we're going

to be programmed we are creatures of

habit you know unfortunately we do very

little out of Reason we do a lot of out

of passion

but most of what we do is out of habit

so our habits are formed usually

unconsciously and usually because of the

exterior programming that we get to to

sit through that we are not guarded or

filtered through because we don't see

the damage that it does long-term or we

don't see what activity goes on behind

the initial experience and the ganglia

that form in the brain and the different

levels of patterning that happens for us

to then become a creature of a formed

habit that will then act on almost

autopilot just like driving to work and

you end up at work on your day off

because you were daydreaming while you

were driving and you end up saying oh my

goodness I've turned left instead of

right out of habit and that's with a

thousand other crazy people on the road

and it still keeps you alive yeah habits

of powerful things so from from my

perspective if you are able to

understand that you get to choose the

meaning of what happens you get to take

responsibility for your data processing

of the five senses you know two men sat

behind prison bars one saw mud the other

saw stars the condition is identical in

both scenarios how one chooses to

interpret that condition determines

whether or not you go off on a track

towards empowerment or whether you go

off on a track that becomes a

self-fulfilling prophecy of more stress

and resentment with your current life

condition you know if you've ever had a

relationship with somebody or an

intimate relationship where for example

they left you now same scenario two

different ways of looking at it one you

can Terence they will unclearly no good

so they left me or you can say well

thank God they won't so they made room

for somebody who's right next now just

stay with that example for a second you

suddenly go out and yeah

a year later six months down the line

whatever it is if I'm on the first

scenario I'm no good so they left me and

that's my belief that's all it is has

nothing to do with the actual event the

event is the event but if I am

processing my data management through

the filter or the belief or the choice

of I'm no good so they left me because

that's my story that's in my upbringing

that's my social conditioning that's my

parents that's my fill in the blank

yeah we all have a story my friends then

the next time I go to meet somebody I'm

introduced to somebody what are my

default thoughts oh I wonder if this

person thinks I'm good enough now if

that's your starting place I can predict

what's going to happen over the next two

dates if you get to date number two that

is whereas if you turn around at the you

know if we rewind six months before and

you say next oh yeah thank goodness that

person went so they made room for

somebody who's right and that is your

default level of processing because it's

a choice then next time you meet

somebody what is your your your default

level of being able to interact right

well yeah I wonder if this person is

going to be fortunate enough to spend

some time with me and as long as it

comes from a place of authenticity not

arrogance yeah because you're feeling

empowered not disempowered yeah your

second dates gonna be a very different

experience yeah you understand what I'm

saying yeah we create our interpretation

of the meaning of the world irrespective

of the external circumstances and I

could give thousands of examples we

don't have time to right now but my

message this week is this check-in what

is it that stresses you because all

stress comes from the the data

processing of what we perceive to be

things in our outer world not fitting

the pictures that we designed in the

inner world that they should look like

guess what i fighting reality a long

time ago because I found it so much

easier to adjust my meaning of what

happens rather than try and grab hold of

the world by its throat and try and

adjust it to make it fit the pictures of

what I think should be happening guys

that's exhausting I did it for many


and it's a way that leads into way more

stress on a self-fulfilling out

fulfilling prophecy than taking a you

know a chillaxing moment and say you

know something

let me ask myself a really honest

question what's wrong with this moment

right now think about it

or don't think about it what's wrong

with this moment right now and then

you'll start to get in touch with the

fact that there's probably more to be

grateful for right now in your life than

there is to be stressed about and you

know we get to choose which part of that

you know that that's seem to focus on

and I'm not saying that you know things

in your life aren't important I'm not

saying that things in your life don't

matter what I'm saying here is that the

level of importance that we place on

things is usually down or controlled too

mismanaged imagination based upon

expectations that are unrealistic based

upon a disassociation from what we can

appreciate and if you start to unhooking

just lower the importance of what we

think should happen or shouldn't happen

in the outer world we'll start getting

in touch with the fact that where we

live which is the inner world is the

originator of the outer world in other

words your outer world follows your

inner world if you've got chaos and

stress in your perceived outer world

right now check your thinking and again

I don't want to go too deep into this

you know I've just completed my Master's

seminar I do once a year in in Dubai and

I spend the entire week with it with a

small group of people where we go really

deep into understanding some of the

physical and metaphysical aspects of how

to create the reality you want in a way

that banishes stress for life takes care

of money worries for the rest of your

life takes care of many different

aspects of how most people unfortunately

fall into the trap of stress that's not

something we have time to go into here

but I just want to give you the insight

that the nugget that the focus of being

able to ask yourself better questions

the question is yes what's wrong with

this moment right now and who made the

event mean what it is that it means

other than me other than me yeah you you

you you're driving to work and it's

raining you can get upset or you can

celebrate the fact that the Ducks love

it you can celebrate the fact that the

plants are happy you know don't try and

control what you can't control could you

control the traffic of course not

someone will get upset about it yeah

make it a game to see how many motorists

around you

you can make smile who are having a bad

day because they don't know how to take

charge of their thinking turn it into a

game collect five smiles before the

office you're still going to get to the

office at the same time as you would but

the only difference is am I gonna walk

in in a better mood or a worse mood your

choice based on how you process that

data now the other aspect to that if we

just rewind for a second understand that

everybody creates their reality through

those five senses and every single one

can be different for everybody else what

does that do for tolerance what does

that do for making you feel that you

have to have agreement from somebody

that your model of the world is right

give up the game seven billion people on

this planet and guess what seven

different versions of what this world

yeah it should look like according to

them yeah yeah get over the fact that

you know if you're using the equipment

called the five senses to process your

world and you come up with your

conclusion it is of course going to be

different from everybody else's even the

person sitting next year yeah and we

will filter it through our own story

beliefs upbringing cultural differences

yeah mood that we're in at the time and

yeah ad infinitum so as a result of that

you know what are you going to do today

that allows you to recognize that where

you thought you were stressed lower the

importance appreciate or find something

to appreciate concentrate on what you

can do to put a smile on somebody else's

face because another little sub bonus

here is the majority of stress if not

99% is usually caused by us focusing on

ourselves too much now that's yeah I'll

give you that one for free

and understand that you know you don't

need agreements from somebody else for

you to feel right it's your five senses

it's your way to manage that data it's

your way of creating your experience of

the world and nobody but nobody has the

right to tell you what's wrong nobody

but nobody has the right to try and get

you to convert to their way of thinking

and guess what vice versa so enjoy your

current reality lower the stress enjoy

life guys incoming as far as we're aware

we only get to remember this time around

yeah at once and you know I wish you an

outstanding and hopefully a little less

stressed week chill out go put a smile

on somebody's face and I'll speak to you