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hold up all of these videos that preach

about spirituality and how happiness

comes from right within yet alright fine

but in the real world that stuff doesn't

really work for real people like you and

me what we need is some real talk that's

why this video is the best that's why

this video is so different from all of

the other videos out there I'm not going

to fill your head with loads and loads

of quotes saying that this is an easy

thing to do and all of this jars that

you know what living a carefree and

happy life comes easy to everyone it's

an easy walk in the pod

it's full of sunshine and rainbows and

butterflies cuz it's not it takes hard

work and ain't no walk in the park

leading a carefree and happy life comes

from not having to worry about the

basics anything more than the basics as


now in this video I'm not going to go

into detail about every single little

point because this be honest year ain't

no good time for that what I will be

doing though is I will be going over all

of the brief points that I myself have

used that has helped me lead a carefree

and happy life now at the end of the day

is entirely up to you whether you choose

to follow any of these points and

improve your life if not hey that's all

good why don't you leave a comment down

below and let let me know about some of

the things that you do to lead a

carefree and happy lifestyle to start

leading a carefree and happy life

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let's get into it take responsibility

for your actions you alone are in charge

of what you think and how you think when

you're thinking negatively you influence

all have loads of things around you at

the end of the day there are a lot of

things are out of your control what

people say what people do so you know

what forget it

take responsibility for yourself and

your actions and things will get better

allowing you to need a carefree and a

healthy life the other thing that you

have to do in order to lead a carefree

and a happy life is to list all of the

negative things in your life write them

down and see what you can take control

of what you can change and make it

happen you have to learn how to forgive

yourself and forgive others as well life

is too short to be spending so much

energy on worrying about things that

people have done that people have said

trust me by forgiving yourself by

forgiving others you will feel that

burden lifted you will feel light and

that energy and that carefree lifestyle

that you want will only come with that

get rid of all of those negative nancies

now how many times have you actually

been with somebody and you've had a

10-minute conversation with them and all

that's happened after those 10 minutes


you have felt so deflated like your

energy reserves have gone right down

yeah trust me how many friends do you

have that are always complaining and

moaning about one thing or another how

many friends do you have that can always

do something better than you can well

you know what get rid of them they are

gonna do nothing for you instead they

are gonna drag you down trust me you

need to surround yourself with people

that are thinking just like you with

people who have similar interest like

yourself with people who are going to

support you and not drag you down people

that are going to replenish your energy

and not suck that energy from you so

whatever negative nancies you have in

your life make sure that you get rid of

them get up dress up and show now look

this one doesn't take a lot of

explanation you get up in the mornings

you dress to the nines you put on your

favorite Cologne your favorite perfume

and you get out of the house now when

you dress it up you're not dressing up

to impress anyone

you're only dressing up to impress

yourself when you look good you feel

good when you smell good you feel good

and by getting out there no matter what

it is whether you're going to work or

even if you have to force yourself to go

for a walk it is gonna help you lead a

carefree and a healthier lifestyle go

with your gut we spend way too long

overthinking things analyzing things

worrying about things what if this

happens what if that happens man

whatever whatever will happen will


deal with it just go with it over time

we suppress our natural instinct our gut

feeling our sixth sense and do the

opposite of what is telling us because

why it's the safest option because

Society may not deem it appropriate

appropriate for who for them or for you

look at the end of the day if you

suppress this gut feeling the instincts

in the sixth sense that you have to do

something that your heart desires

within reason of course trust me you

will live a life full of regret do you

really want to be on your deathbed

saying what if don't compromise for

anyone or for anything the more often

you do things that you don't want to do

or you compromise you kill a bit of your

essence you kill what makes you you find

a job that doesn't crush your soul don't

go out if you don't feel like going out

just to impress your friends just to

make them happy make yourself happy

learn to say stop learn to say no you do

the things that you want to do even if

you have to do it alone because the goal

is for you to have a carefree and happy


don't settle for someone or something

that doesn't make you happy

because at the end of the day you're

going to learn to tolerate it and living

like that basically sucks it leads to

regret and resentment and no one wants

to live like that okay okay so granted

that does sound a little bit selfish but

hallo this is how the world works

everyone looks up for numero uno

everyone looks up for themselves first

and then they look out for other people

health is wealth what is the point in

living a carefree and a happy lifestyle

if you don't have the health to enjoy

your health is directly connected with

your mind and your mind controls your

mood and it's your mood that allows you

to lead a carefree and a happy life if

you're weak ill unhealthy your body's

chemistry changes meaning that your body

isn't producing the right chemicals that

you need to lead a carefree and happy

life and you'll make choices based on

that current state of mind health just

isn't about how strong you are how many

abs you've got mental health is a major

part of leading a carefree and

a lifestyle without a healthy mind

healthy body is useless so you need to

keep both your mind and your body

healthy follow your dreams with passion

not everyone is going to be as

passionate about the same things as you

but guess what who cares

they aren't living your life you are

they aren't paying your bills you are

therefore you should go out there and

follow your dreams and do it with

passion a life lived without passion is

just going from day to day until you die

doesn't sound like fun does it it's

passion that sets you aside from the

crowd it's passion that gives you the

escape from life allowing you to

recharge yourself it not only gives you

the energy that we need to lead a

carefree and a healthier life but is fun

and that's what following your dreams

passionately does it makes life fun and

in order to lead a carefree and a happy

life you've gotta have fun whatever you

do in life do it with passion

care less now hold up hold up let's just

get one thing straight there's a massive

difference between caring less and being

careless careless people don't pull

their weight they're negligent they


they're lazy and frankly they don't give

it about anyone what we want to aim for

is care ringless we gotta care less

about what our smelly co-worker who sits

in the corner picking their nose says

who cares what the negative nancies say

who cares what he did was she said care

less it's caring about the important

things in life like your family your

friends your health and forgetting all

of that other nonsense you save so much

more energy by caring less and that's

the energy that you gotta use to live a

carefree and a happy life know thyself

this is probably one of the most

important steps that you need to lead a

carefree and a happier lifestyle know

who you are know what you are know what

you want know what you like know what

you don't like all of these things are

going to lead to one thing that we need

to lead a carefree and happy lifestyle

self confidence when you have

self-confidence you will have the

courage and the ability to tell people

no when you don't want to do something

in a polite way of course but at the end

of the day the most important thing is

people would respect you because you

have your own opinion you have your own

thoughts no one likes a yes-man this is

where it starts and this is where it

ends don't let anybody stand in your way

these points are simply things that I

have done in my own life to allow me to

lead a carefree and healthy lifestyle

look they may work for you well they may

not but it's up to you to decide what to

do to lead a healthier carefree and

happy lifestyle yes your life is in your


let me know in the comment sections down

below what's work for you and if you

have your own suggestions on how to lead

and carefree and happier lifestyle