How to Mindfuck a Guy (Use The Rule of 3 to Make Him Obsessed With You)

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you know what's up ladies this is Alex

from mindful attraction 2.0 and in

today's video we're gonna be talking

about a very controversial topic I'm

getting a lot of people subscribe to

this channel my god this is it no more

so much [ __ ] no it's good it's

called how to mind [ __ ] a guy all right

now a warning this is not how to make

him love you this had a mind [ __ ] home

in order to make him obsessed with you

so when you use these tactics realize

that the attachment that arises from

this is very unhealthy

it makes them attached to you it makes

them seek your validation so it's gonna

be very emotional to you he's going to

be act to you he's not gonna be himself

around you because he's gonna be afraid

but he's gonna be longing for more of

that validation it creates an addiction

so this is more of a warning that if

you're gonna be using is make sure to

use in moderation very extreme

moderation and also have good intentions

happen ever learned intentions don't

have an elephant intentions because this

could really [ __ ] what a guy it could

really mess him up for his whole life if

you have bad intentions so I trusted you

guys on our Evo and [ __ ] up in the

head right and they're not gonna use

this for bad things okay so anyways I

started so we're gonna be using what I

call the rule of three which is creating

comfort through establishing a pattern

creating pain to removing that pattern

and breaking it and then rewarding right

so simple the comfort is in the form of

pattern for example let's say like I

text you every single day at 8 a.m.

right what happens you begin to

anticipate that and then suddenly it's

81 day I stop texting you you notice

that why because it's been a pattern the

pattern that we have of the Sun the Sun

always rises in the morning it's a

pattern if it doesn't happen we're

[ __ ] screwed first of all I think

what we like what the [ __ ] is happening

this usually doesn't happen our minds

begins to focus in on that one thing

that breaks the pattern so you show

validation you show that you like you

you really do you really show that you

like him you you actually become


you know you text them a lot you text

him in the morning and you show that you

appreciate at home right and then

suddenly what you want to do is to break

that pattern is to create pain so what's

gonna happen is that when you inflict

pain he thought he had you he thought

that he had your validation and if you

containing that pattern he is going to

lose attraction because he's going to

take that for granted

you see so he's gonna begin to become

interesting other people so what you

want to do then is to create pain now

this pain comes in many different forms

right one second okay this pain can come

in many different forms for example like

showing less enthusiasm for a couple

days in the relationship if if you

usually call and you're very excited and

you're very curious about his life and

what he did in a day you don't text him

that much and you don't call him that

much and when you do call you don't

you're actually you break you stop the

conversation short or you tell him

you're gonna call him back and you don't

call him back like you start acting

suddenly unattractive I mean

unattractive term but being less

enthusiasm because enthusiasm is a mark

of a good relationship when you don't

have a lot of enthusiasm for what

happens you bored and the person feels

that especially if you were excited and

you showed a lot of attraction this also

means that it takes is gonna take

self-control on your part and being able

to relax in the midst of chaos because

you're gonna feel the need to show how

much you like him but you're gonna be

doing this because the lack of

enthusiasm is gonna make him desperate

for you he's gonna make him think why is

she acting this way another way to

inflict pain is to like for example like

a tennis salsa class why because when

you attend thousands of class what

happens you're dancing salsa and you

tell him I'm getting started in his

class and his mind is gonna immediately

realize one thing what is other guys

there right and that pain that thought

create pain it makes me realize [ __ ]

are the guys it puts them in a sexually

competitive state so what happens he is

gonna be looking for your validation

he's gonna be showing more attention

because you inflated a pain now the door

over heart is open for your validation

now any form of validation any form of

Attraction any form of attention hits

harder and resonates even better he's

not gonna see it

as needy because if you kept the pattern

or showing validation what happens he's

gonna begin to see you as needy but if

he show validation and then break the

pattern by flicked in pain like on a

sow's a class or doing things the way he

knows there's other guys there or even

being less enthusiastic and for the

relationship for a couple days tell him

that you're gonna call him and I call

him back not showing a lot of emotions

when you're texting for example we move

in the haha' and then lol's for a couple

days so that he could get you screwed

and very basic text it makes a guy

wonder what's going on what's the

different let me call her and she seems

less enthusiastic right and when you

call on me you sound less enthusiastic

you time you're gonna call them back and

you don't back in flex pay because it

makes you feel uncertain and now when

you do that then whenever you show

attraction it hits better because it's

like ah [ __ ]

thank you she really does like me she

really does love me so and that's why

when you do it that's why that's

actually one of the best things to do

because it maintains the attraction but

don't do this in excess do this in very

light ways just be less enthusiastic for

one day and then just stop right just

just let them think just for one day

don't go hard be do this in very

moderation but if you okay so use this

but don't do use it often you see what

I'm saying don't don't use your outfit

because it's gonna [ __ ] with God you you

have to be aware that if you continually

make a guy feel insecure it's gonna [ __ ]

my house otras pee pee no be madder

about this all right I'm hoping that you

guys are evil and [ __ ] up in the head

I'm not gonna use this the wrong way all

right I trust you guys you guys met it's

here right yeah I trust you guys yeah

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