3 Texting Secrets Men Can't Resist - Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy

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oh hi I was just texting let's talk

about texting for a moment some people

say well I'm not a type of person that

texts I just don't like texting well if

that's the case then you're the weird

one because everybody is texting it

needs to be got over texting is one of

those things that can be an evil both

ways if you never text and you're the

person that only wants to be on the

phone then you miss vital opportunities

to flirt and connect and have fun for

example you might send a text that says

you looked cute today but you wouldn't

want to make a phone call for you

wouldnt want to call someone up and go

you looked cute today all right bye

weird but with texting you can send that

text it's easy on the other extreme of

course you have the person that takes 20

times a day and never calls that person

is an idiot have you ever been on a date

for example and found that having texted

and texted and texted and thought you

got close you suddenly realize it's

really awkward because you've never

actually had a proper conversation with

that person such other dangers of

texting there are three things that I

want to give you today the first one

give value in your text messages when

you say hey what you up to her hey it

both shows that you're bored and boring

at the same time when you say hey what

you up to it's the equivalent of you

saying please entertain me because I

couldn't be bothered to think of

anything interesting to send you you

entertain me so what are some

interesting things you can do by text

well one of them is sending a picture

message pictures are great because you

send a picture that reminds you of

someone or in some way triggers a joke

that you've both had or a memory you

send it to them with a little caption

saying why you think it's relevant I got

a text message recently in the last

couple of days that was a picture of a

house and outside there was a sign that

said Hussey house on the post box which

was funny

it could either mean a cute little

cottage or a house

number two was number two Jameson number

two eliminate some of the question marks

in your text messages I would much

prefer to send someone a message saying

hey I'm doing this thing this weekend

you should come then saying hey what are

you up to this weekend do you want to

come and join us when we do blah blah

blah one of them shows uncertainty one

of them shows complete certainty and

just you know it's going to be fun why

would you even ask if they want to come

just tell them to come don't need to add

the question mark and give them

something to reject just be assumptive

the certainty that comes with it

communicates a much deeper level of

confidence that you want someone to

seeing you and number three use text as

a as a way to assert your standards and

to communicate your standards it was on

radio recently telling the story of

someone I used to see in London we would

see casually each other I was travelling

I wasn't living in London okay so stop

judging I was there now and again

travelling and I'd be like hey you want

to get together and I'd be like I have

an hour between these two meetings let's

see each other she said I'm not really a

1 hour time slot kind of a girl

this was upon receiving a text message

from me she sent this I'm not really a 1

hour time slot kind of a girl but if you

want to take me on a date this week

that'd be lovely

she put a winky face at the end changes


it wasn't like I'm not really a 1 hour

time slot kind of a girl so if you want

to take me on a date this weekend that'd

be lovely there was a little wink you

know a little cheeky just fine it was

playful the tone was right but the

standard was there that's a great text

immediately I saw her differently and

the dynamic changed so those are three

things you can do add value eliminate

your questions and show your standard

through text messages by the way I have

something a little special for you a

mini texting crash course that's

complimentary I'm gonna give it to you I

don't even want to charge for it I just

want to give it to you these are

literally nine texts that you can copy

and paste from the document into your

phone if there's a guy that you're a

friend of right now but you want more

with him you can send him these texts if

there's someone that you're a lover of

right now your casual but you want more

you want a bit more commitment you can

send these texts they will revive a

situation that's gone cold if some

has lost its edge or its passion I hope

you enjoy them I enjoyed writing them

and in underneath each text I explained

why each one works and what the

psychology is behind it so here's how

you get this guide go to 9 texts dot-com

and it will be there waiting 9 texts

calm I'll link it up under the video as

well so you can click through and go

straight through and start using those

texts literally in the next few minutes

pull up a guy from your phone book right

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that's what needs to happen straight

after this video go