10 Minute Guided Imagery Meditation | City of Hope

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10-minute guided imagery script

please make yourself comfortable close

your eyes

and let yourself relax take a few

slow deep breaths and notice

that as you exhale you can feel yourself

becoming more

relaxed you can continue to relax

as i speak to you and each time you


you can feel yourself becoming more

and more relaxed more

and more relaxed

soon you will experience relaxation and

you are probably wondering

what that experience will be like i want

to assure you

that no matter how deeply relaxed you


you will remain in complete control

you will stay in control even when very

deeply involved in the experience

of relaxation as i speak

you can feel yourself becoming more and


relaxed but no matter how relaxed you


you will hear my voice and you will be

able to respond to my suggestions

if you become at all uncomfortable you

can readjust your body

and make yourself comfortable again and

that won't get in the way

of your experience of relaxation

just begin to feel a spreading

sense of calm and peace

letting go of all your cares and


let them drift away like clouds in the


dissipating more and more

at peace more calm

more comfortable and secure

nothing to bother nothing to disturb

more and more deeply

relaxed let your right toes relax

relax completely and your left toes

letting your toes relax more and more

more and more relaxed

and let the relaxation spread from your


into your feet and let your feet relax

let them become more and more relaxed

as you can feel so calm and

so at ease and now pay attention to your


and your calves i wonder if you can

begin to let go

let go and relax as you feel perhaps

a comfortable sense of warmth in your


or your calves or perhaps it is a cool

and easy feeling in your right leg

or in your left leg let your legs relax

more and more relaxed

more and more completely relaxed

and the relaxation can spread into your


your thighs can relax more and more

just letting go and you can let your

pelvis relax

relaxing more and more

relax your stomach let your stomach

become completely relaxed

just let it go loose and limp

loose and limp and let the relaxation


upward into your chest let all the

nerves and muscles in your chest relax

completely relaxed

loose and limp

feel the peace spreading as you feel so

at ease

so secure your body

and mind so relaxed and

at peace and now your back can relax

end your shoulders let yourself

feel the relaxation in your back and

your shoulders

more and more relaxed

loose and limp completely

relaxed let the relaxation

spread through your arms down into your


and your fingers focus

on the feelings in your arms and your


do your fingers feel more heavy than


or more light than heavy

focus on your right upper arm

your right lower arm your right hand

and fingers relaxing

completely more and more

relaxed completely

relaxed and now your left arm

relaxing completely so

relaxed completely

relaxed i wonder if you can go

even deeper now deeper

and deeper just as you wish

just as comfortable and as deep as you

would like to go

would it feel even better to relax the

muscles of your neck

just let go and relax

loose and limp completely

relaxed and relax

your jaw muscles just let them go

limp all the nerves and muscles in your


relaxing completely and relax all the

rest of the muscles in your face

your mouth your nose

eyes eyebrows

eyelids forehead

all the muscles going loose and

limp loose and limp completely

relaxed at peace

calm and relaxed completely

at ease

you might like to imagine being

somewhere peaceful and relaxing

i like to imagine lying on a quiet beach

on a warm sunny day with a beautiful

blue sky

and just a few billowy clouds floating


i can imagine feeling a soft gentle


smelling the salt sea air

but you can imagine being anywhere you


it might be some place you've been or

some place you'd like to be

or just a place in your imagination it

doesn't matter

all that matters is your comfort

your peace wherever it is

it is so peaceful and calm

someplace where you can just be you

where you can feel completely at ease

and content and you can imagine yourself

being there seeing in your mind's eye

all the things you would feel hearing

all the sounds you would hear smelling

the smells

and while you are in your perfect place

i'm going to count

from 1 to 10 and with each count you can

drift more

and more deeply into relaxation

more and more able to experience

whatever you want to experience

one drift

drift deeper two

more and more centered

and balanced three

four deeper

and deeper five

halfway there six

seven even deeper than before

so deep that you can experience

whatever you wish to experience

eight nine

ten very deep now

very deep completely

at one with yourself completely

engrossed i would like you now to focus

on your special place just be there now

and know that you are at peace calm and


there is no tension no anxiety

concentrate on this feeling and know

that you can take it with you

throughout your day no stress

just peace contentment satisfaction

well-being and calm

nothing can disturb your special place

if you don't want it to you will be


and relaxed hardly noticing

any pain at all it is almost like your

special place

protects you from these discomforts

just calm relaxing sensations

peace and comfort healthy

and at ease now preparing to return to

the present

i will count backwards from five to one

and as i count you will continue to feel

perfectly relaxed but will become more

and more aware until when i say one

your eyes will open and you will be

fully awake

aware calm and relaxed

five for

more and more awake three

two feeling wonderful

one fully awake and eyes open