How To Ride In A Group - Group Riding Etiquette

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that's as important as the technical

elements running in the group is the

ability to show the appropriate

etiquette now the rule of thumb is three

others the way you want to be treated

and that way you'll remain a respected

member of any riding group when at the

front of a group is coming towards a

road junction or turn take

responsibility to call out respective

action ie right or left as well as

making a clear arm hand signal to the

riders behind consecutive propria action

to take the junction or turn smoothly

and safely when you sat several riders

back the view is often obscured one of

the most important things in relation to

safety about riding in a group is making

sure the front riders point out any

obstacles in the road this could be

stones rocks or even or even throat

furniture right obviously the riders

behind having got clear vision and can't

see what's coming up it's vitally

important that we point things out now

every now and then will arrive and all

of us have done it before let's admit it

we are going to find the need to spit

but no matter how close you are with the

other people in the group they're not

really going to want a face ball of your

phlegm so if you've got a bit of a

greenie you want to dispose off swing to

the left take a check behind and the way

she goes

everybody's a winner this especially

applies to recovery and steady long

rides half wheeling is when you're

riding on the front of a group as a pair

a one rider nudges their wheel in front

of the other whilst gradually increasing

the tempo the other rider dares to draw

level don't do it it increases the speed

unnecessarily and can be immeasurably

frustrating experience if you're on the

receiving end it's not a good way to

make friends

you've also be in danger of being

labeled half wheeler which is not what

you want

now most group rides especially the

bigger groups climbs would definitely

see the group break apart so to keep the

group together and be safety reasons to

ease off over the top and where it's

safe to do so stop put in here it's

always important that somebody does a

bit of a headcount hurry up okay rule

here it's now safe everybody's on board

we can be on our way don't leave someone

struggling to change your tire or repair

a broken chain alone always make sure

someone helps out

it has the benefit of actually speeding

up the time spent to the side of the

road vital in cold or wet weather and

also ensures a harmony remains within

the group so be nice

rather than reveling in someone else's

agony when they're suffering give vocal

encouragement and work as a team even a

push if someone's really struggling on

the hills and sharing food can also help

out practice waiting back by the way

remember that next time it could be you

everybody's a winner

because everybody is right you can cut

that bit out I did pause