10 Ways To "MAKE" Her Want To Sleep With You & Feel SAFE In The Bedroom | 2019

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I'm about to rock your world by revealing the number one myth about

women and sex ready for it women want sex just as much as men do if

not more women are sexual sensual beasts waiting to be released by the right man

in just the right way which is why in this video I'm going to tell you ten

ways to get her in the mood whether you're dating seducing or in a long-term

relationship so keep watching I'm not gonna give you a long-winded boring

intro about women and sex because I know you just want the goods the insider

information about how women work and what makes us tick so here's my list of

ten ways to get us in the mood number one get her out of her head the

number one thing that blocks or stops women from enjoying a sexual sensual

experience is that thing on top of her shoulders her head for women sex is far

more mental than it is physical the more you help make a woman feel accepted

attractive and safe during any sexual act the more free she's going to be when

you provide a safe space it allows a woman's mind to free at Sullivan

Securities and actually enjoy being in the moment

if you ease her mind you'll loosen her body number to calm her nerves my

nickname in school was the kissing bandit which was a very fancy and nice

way of calling me a huge prude so when I was 18 I went backpacking in Australia

and safely kissed my way up the East Coast that is until I met a guy who

broke me out of my shell I met him at a club and we went back to our hostel and

started making out with each other prude Marnie instantly kicked back in

and I clenched and I got really uncomfortable but the amazing thing is

that this guy noticed unlike other guys before him who pushed past my discomfort

and kept going for what they wanted he noticed my quick change and behavior so

he stopped he looked me in the eye and he said to me I want you to be

comfortable if I do anything that makes you nervous or uncomfortable just slap

my hand I'm gonna stop immediately and he literally took my hand and slapped

his own and I can tell you there was no hand slapping that night and I quickly

got rid of my child nickname number three tell her exactly

what you want it drives me wild when a man tells me exactly what do you want to

do to me it's exciting and sexy and really good be a man say exactly what

you want and you'll get to beat around a bush but in a very different way number

four pay her a real compliment not an

exaggerated one give a woman a real compliment about her inner core rather

than her exterior evolutionary psychologists show that women are

programmed to be skeptical of what men say it's their way of protecting

themselves from manipulative men who don't want to commit to a relationship

the moral compliment is tailored to that specific woman the more intimate and

effective it is number five treat her like a lady yes there is a part of most

of us women that has the I want to be treated like the naughty sexual woman

that I am but that does not mean we want to be treated just like a whole all the

other fantasies and sexual scenarios can come into play but you first have to see

us look at us be with us treat us with respect as a woman and we'll make all

your fantasies and the bedroom come true number six

without your intelligence now this may just be me but I get a total female

hard-on for men who are uber intelligent not the arrogant ones who want to

attempt to school me on how much they know

man's planning the ones that just seem to know about stuff and talk about it

with confidence and authority so use your intelligence as a foreplay and then

transition it to more number seven tease her in public I'm not talking about

pulling her hair and telling her that she smells I'm talking about being

covertly inappropriate while out in public for example while sitting across

the table from friends talking about politics slide your fingers up her thigh

and just around the underwear line do this for about 15 seconds and then

remove your hand do it a couple of times a night and she'll attack you as soon as

you walk in the door number eight bring out your inner caveman nothing puts me

in the mood faster then when I can feel my man

craving me women love to feel the desire of a man that they're into give your

girl an unexpected passionate kiss grab her hair gently and run your hands

through it as your lips lock and when dinner's over pick her up throw her over

your shoulder and carry her into the bedroom and toss her onto the bed number

9 start flirting at 9 a.m. anticipation is one of the most amazing

aphrodisiacs send her 3 to 4 texts throughout the day telling her what

you're going to do to her in the evening tell her how hot she is that she turns

you on and then tell her you like it when she does X Y & Z X Y & Z being the

thing that is unique to just her so that she knows they're not kin lines one note

don't get offended if she does not respond right away or even at all many

women are not comfortable with this type of form earnest because they don't know

how to respond just keep going this shows where you're comfortable being

sexual and she can be to number 10 touch her slowly

I just got shivers with this one nothing turns me on more than when a man slowly

touches me all over my body starting with a light massage at my feet then

working his way up the leg to the inner portion of my thighs moving on to

caressing the sides of my belly and my chest and ending by brushing my back and

neck with his lips absolutely amazing guys who understand these things about

women are incredibly incredibly rare which is why the few who do get it also

have way more sexual options and they can handle and that's what I'm here to

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