How to have a Girl Scouts meeting

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it is helpful to have a prepared

activity for girls to work on as they

arrive girls do the activities alone or

in pairs with minimal supervision

this gives leaders a chance to meet the

girls and parents as they arrive

remember for each part of your meeting

be sure things are appropriate for your

troops grade level

opening activities should help the girls

focus on the meeting and begin

interacting as a group on the United

States of America and to the Republic

for which it stands one nation under God

indivisible a simple flag ceremony the

Girl Scout Promise a song like the

brownie smile song or a time set aside

for sharing are some suggestions for an

opening to help establish a tradition

your troop can always say the promise

before they start this way your girls

know that the troop meeting is about to


you may want to incorporate some time

for the girls to get their sillies out

especially if your troop meetings are

right after school a short game may be

just what you need to get the girls to

focus work as a team and have fun in the


this game called dragon tail is easy and

can be done in a classroom with open

space the girls get an aligned one

behind the other they hold on to the

girl in front of them by the waist the

girl in front is the dragon head the one

in the back the dragon tail and she has

a handkerchief hanging over her pants

the dragon head starts running after the

tail all girls are to stay holding on to

one another at the waist the head

catches the handkerchief and the head

becomes the tail the game continues

until all girls get a turn as the dragon



troupe business might include

announcements taking attendance

collecting fees planning for trips or

activities or making a new caper chart

caper is a special Girl Scout word for

chore a caper chart is a simple way to

rotate responsibilities with capers and

all troop business girls can get to try

out a variety of skills for example

Ashley's caper duty is to collect

permission slips from all the girls for

an upcoming field trip to the aquarium

the girls chose this field trip to

continue the troops exploration of water

the brownie ring or circle is a form of

troop government girls begin to lead

discussions and brainstorm ideas a

ringleader may be designated to lead

discussions but make sure that all girls

are given this leadership opportunity

when someone wishes to speak a special

talking signal is used it can be a

feather wooden spoon or a wooden doll

like the one you see here the Girl Scout

brownie ring is a good way to make all

of the major decisions in your troop

from how to spend cookie profits to

which badge to work on next

brainstorming allows all girls to share

shy girls may need more encouragement

Girl Scouts is a safe place for them and

no idea is a bad one girls may have

ideas that are far-reaching

encourage them and help them set

reasonable goals for the whole troop

there are many different techniques in

the voting process majority rules blind

vote show of hands

or debates every decision may call for a

different form of voting your girls can

decide how they would like to vote

Essex flakes yeah me okay okay girls

should never go to the restroom or

anywhere alone in Girl Scouts we always

use the buddy system the selection

process for badges and awards helps

engage the girls in the activities the

troop will be working on have the girls

look over the girls guide to Girl

Scouting in small groups each group can

decide on a badge they would like the

troop to work on once the groups have

picked a badge they should explain to

the whole troop why they picked that one

if the troop only has time to work on

two badges during the year have all the

girls vote on the tool they would all

like to work out using a calendar is a

great way to show the girls organization

and planning skills girls will discuss

what time of the year or which month

would work best for the activities they

would like to do throughout the year

well journeys help Girl Scouts learn and

practice the three keys to leadership

aid their communities and earn

leadership awards progressing up Girl

Scout ins ladder of leadership as they

do so there are three series of

leadership journeys each about a

different theme the girls in your group

can choose the theme that interests them

the most you can read more about each

journey in volunteer essentials or check

out a journey from the Research Center

to show your girls at the troop meetings

so they can decide which one they would

like to work on the girls in this troop

chose to work on the brownie wonders of

water journey as they dive in the

brownies try out new ways of working as

a team learn about the water cycle and

enjoy making their own rainbows as

brownies learn how precious water is

they can pledge to protect it and team

up to advocate for water conservation

una columna in this project from their

journey book the girls will be making a

rainbow girls are assigned to set up and

assist during the activity girls work

together and follow directions from the

leaders this activity shows the girls

how they can create their own rainbow

with just a few items like a mirror

flashlight water and paper so ILS en el

agua okay our necesito I am behind

Sandara flashlight yellow Baja poner

danda reflejo LX pay ho entonces la

victoria victoria su el papel eat rotted

a boca la Luz no pero tienen que mueve

Victoria hasta la cerca de aqui y Carlos

condo I want aloha want a low honki de

Madison opera no muta maha pueden ver

los colores Largo Erie

okay llamas estamos viendo ttaen see

tiene que mobile over como si Azul Azul

verdict want O'Connor tiene algo Erie

cuantos colores

vámonos a la pagina after the hands-on

activity this troop is gathering around

to read and discuss some more about the

wonders of water to help the girls

complete their first award from the

wonders of water journey

this next back in the quiz by said girls

assigned the snack caper should pass out

the snack snack can happen at any time

before after or even during the meeting

it may depend on what time of day the

troop meets if your troop meets right

after school it may be best to have a

snack in the beginning of the meeting if

a troop meets in the evening after

dinner you could save snack to the end

if your troop meets between meals you

could have the snack at the midpoint of

your meeting the troop can decide when

they want to have snack and if it will

be provided by the troop or if parents

will volunteer to bring a snack to each

meeting to share leaders can create a

sign-up sheet so parents can pick what

meeting they would like to provide a

healthy snack for

so mama Alek Ozaki the girls assigned to

the cleanup caper lead the effort

cleaning up should never be used as a

disciplinary tool all girls should

participate in cleaning up a Girl Scout

always leaves a room cleaner than how

she found it a good way to end a meeting

is to establish a traditional closing a

good closing is the friendship squeeze

you can add the closing to the caper so

that a girl leads the squeeze each

meeting everyone gets in a circle they

put their right hands over their left

and join hands the leader or the girl

leading the squeeze can ask everyone to

close their eyes and reflect on the

meeting the leader or girls can start

the squeeze by going to the right until

it comes around to the person who

started the squeeze then we'll all turn

out and say goodnight Girl Scout sisters

be sure that you know how each girl will

get home and that each girl is met by a

parent or guardian

there are many additional resources

available to volunteers

volunteer essentials

the Bluebook basic documents


journey and girls guide to Girl Scouting

books which are available for every

level of girls

all resource centers are located

in Kenosha Racine no Berlin and

Milwaukee our Girl Scout staff is

available to answer your questions as

our volunteers at your area meetings

regional conferences and other trainings

our website is