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So, I have a friend, she's a beautiful blonde woman and she was telling me about a guy that

she used to date.

And the way she described him, I was actually kind of shocked because she described this

guy as he's really not attractive.

In fact, he's overweight, he's out of shape, he's not a very nice guy, his personality

is pretty rude and he doesn't even have that great of a job.

And so, I'm looking at her, I'm like, well, Claudia why would you even have dated this


And, it turns out that he was an amazing texter.

Despite them having a long distance relationship and they're only seeing each other every other

month, this woman whenever she would get off the plane, she was like I could not wait to

see him.

I had we had built up so much anticipation, I looked past all those other faults.

Well, in today's video guys, I'm going to share with you five tips five secrets to build

up sexual anticipation through texts.


So, I know this isn't my usual affair here at Real Men Real Style, but I think that actually

being able to text correctly is important to be able to build relationships whether

you're single or whether you're married and communication skills in general.

Being able to master those is very stylish.

Now, to make this really useful for you and interesting, I brought in an expert, Claudia Cox.

She actually did the guest post which I'm going to link to right over here and it's

got some great tips.

But, in this video, I'm going to focus in on five which I think you're going to find

very useful for basically if you're dating someone, if you've been married for ten years

that you can get that person excited to see you and, well, guys you can take it from there.

Tip number one to build sexual tension through text is to text her something thoughtful.

I know guys not mind-blowing very simple, but most of us don't text her at all.

We assume that the women that, yeah, our wife or our girlfriend, she knows how we feel about her.

Well, no, she doesn't, you've got to actually send that message.

So, let me give you an example of something that you could text to a woman maybe that

you are just starting to date, someone that you may be work with you're doing projects with.

You could send her a message, You did a great job getting everything done for the conference.

I'm amazed at how you handle stress.

I'm also amazed at how cute you are.

A little bit of a smiley face emoji there.

So, having a little bit of fun with it guys and as you can see you're keeping it a little

bit professional.

You're talking about handling stress at the conference, but you're also at the end of

it pointing out that you find her attractive.

And, guys this always -- this is building up the anticipation.

Tip number two to build sexual tension through text is to show vulnerability.

Let me give you an example, Last night was one of those rare occasions I never wanted to end.

Okay. So, you are laying it out there and a lot of guys are very careful about this.

They they for some reason they want to have that tough guy look and I admit that looking

cool it definitely has its place and purpose.

But, it's okay to occasionally be vulnerable especially if this is someone that you've

already been dating especially if this is your wife.

Another example, It's not every day I meet someone like you.

I want to know more.

Okay, so you are definitely putting yourself out there for rejection, but understand gentlemen

this is something that we need to do.

If you never try, you're never going to succeed.

Tip number three to build sexual tension through text is to compliment her.

Let me give you an example, I'm sure you get this all the time, but, You are incredibly


I know some of you guys are saying, Antonio, come on, so you're stating the obvious.

Of course, you need to compliment her.

As we get into a relationship, we start to forget this.

So, this tip right here is really for those of you that have been in a relationship for

a while.

Take the time to send your wife a really nice compliment for no reason than you simply love her.

Start building it up saying I can't wait to see, you know, I just -- you've been on my

mind all day or, you know, that you -- what you are wearing this morning, I just loved

the way you look as you headed out that door.

Please come back home.

I mean stuff like that it's like when someone gets it, they're like, wow, like, you know,

it really it gets their mind going and that's it guys that's how you build that anticipation,

you get her thinking about you.

Tip number four, remind her of a shared memory.

And that's key gentlemen, it needs to be about both of you together and it needs to be something


The goal here is for her to remember and to associate you with that great feeling that

you two shared together.

Now, here's a couple examples, I can't find my favorite boxer shorts.

I wonder if they're under your bed?

So, obviously you're reminding her of a little bit of fun you guys had.

Here's another one, Sitting here at the office thinking about last night.

Your laugh, the conversation, everything was perfect.

So, that one is great for after you may be had one or two dates and, you know, that one

right there doesn't insinuate anything too much, but it just goes to show that you enjoy

spending time with her.

She thinks about last night, she responds back with her memories of something that she

enjoyed; the taste of the wine the way that you had prepared the food of seeing you get

excited whenever that movie ended up taking that interesting twist.

Those are shared memories and that's what life is about guys.

And you want to make sure to, you know, you express that and text is a great way to do it.

Tip number five to build sexual tension through text is to tell her how much she means to you.

Guys, and this depends a lot on the relationship.

Where are you at with the relationship, how long have you been together?

You know if you've been with someone for ten years, it's going to be very different if

the relationship is only ten days old.

But, it is something that you want to express your emotions.

Again, the goal here is to get across the fact that you're thinking about them so that

they start to think about you.

That builds the anticipation, it gets you both excited to see each other.

So, let me go to those of us that have been in relationships for over ten years.

Well, we're not probably doing anything like this very often.

Yeah, we say that we love the other person, but do we actually break out, you know, you

are -- you mean everything to me, you have given me four beautiful children, you make

my life so much better, I can't imagine life without you.

I love you.

Boom! Send it.


They should know I mean I think my wife should know that's what I think, but I need to put

that down because I don't do it enough times.

For those of you that may be are in ten-day relationship, send a simple one like this,

What are your best qualities besides being cute, smart, and sexy?

Dying to find out.

Well, that one right there is talking about the future and that you already know that

she sexy that she's cute that she's smart.

So, you're saying great things about her and you want to learn more.

You're saying that, hey, I'm curious, you're being a little bit vulnerable.

And, guys, that's what all of this is about.

All right, gentlemen, bonus round.

I've got two more points I want to throw in here because they apply to all five points.

One of you want to make sure to do, the other one you want to avoid.

So, the first one use emojis, show emotion.

Now, don't overdo it.

Don't send, you know, a hundred emojis, but maybe after every other sentence throw in

a fun little figure.

There's a lot of different options out there.

You're going to find them on pretty much any smartphone out there you'll be able to locate it.

But, by using those emojis guys there are studies out there that show that these guys

are perceived as more fun, more ambitious, more enjoyable to be around, and apparently

it leads to more sex.

Now, what you want to avoid is misspellings.

Guys, that's bad, you know, so be very careful.

Read things before you send them out and don't misspell things.

It basically makes you look bad and all of a sudden the intelligence level the perception

of how smart that person is that�s sending the text goes down and that can really offset

even if you use lots of emojis.

All right, gentlemen.

Now, it's your turn.

Let me know in the comments how we could have made this video better, maybe something that

we missed.

And if you've got a texting secret, why don't you go ahead and share it.

I love learning from you guys and the great community we built here at Real Men Real Style

is reflected in the way that you guys comment down there and add value to every single video

I put out.

Now, if you want more, I've got the support article.

In that support article, I actually go over a number of tips I didn't even cover in this video.

I also link you over to Claudia Cox over at Text Weapon.

She's the one who helped me put all this together.

She is the texting expert and if you want to learn how to text anybody and basically

get, you know, make yourself more attractive be, you know, it also applies to work and


But, if you want to learn how to text and be the man when it comes to texting, Claudia

is the person you want to check out.

Guys, that's it.

Take care.

I'll see you in the next video.