Vincent Kompany | How to captain your team | Pro soccer tips

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you know I don't think I became a

captain once I got given the armband you

know in my first season when I went to

sign for city and you know bear in mind

that I was never really I was never

really bought as a star player or

something you know but I've always had

the same attitude I've always believed

in my own qualities I've never really

been shy or thought of another playing

as being another player as being more

than me and I think way before I even

got the armband the thing that I had

already disrelated ship with the team

where they would listen if I was putting

something forward and obviously at that

time I think it was Carlos Tevez in

collar Tory we were captain and I'd been

a bit longer than them at the club so I

kind of knew how things were running and

I was just always helping them kind of

as a second and so it was very natural

for me when I got the captaincy because

since as young as I remember playing

football when I was six I've always kind

of been this type of person in the


answering a lot of questions sometimes

that why people already know the answer

on can we have an extra day off next

week can you please ask the manager you

go and ask the manager you know that the

manager is going to tell you no but then

you kind of get back you ask the manager

and he said no and this how you keep

people happy

you know keep organizing stuff for the

team trying to make sure that probably

nobody's forgotten as well you know that

we give the same attention to everyone

but more than anything else is to try

and be a good player for the team

you have the team from Patrick Vieira

the under-21 and quite a lot he comes

and ask us and the older players in our

team to go and talk to the young players

and give them some advice which will

always happily do it some you know I

think it's a good work environment

because everyone is trying always to

improve each other we train every day

which when really hard I mean when when

we're out on the pitch if there's a game

five against five or whatever kind of

game we play it's competitive there's a

lot of challenges and it's almost weird

because it's it's almost like the game

that we play the weekend doesn't really

matter it's about the game that we play

an hour we need to win it and if if

you're in the losing team there's a lot

of people in a bad mood so I hope I

think it's half top football should be

bro competitive when I was a kid 1718 as

I told you I was still the same

personality so I came into the dressing

room of other time and electon I had

very strong opinions and I was you know

not really shy to say anything and if

there was a group meeting I was a kid

standing up and saying no it should be

this way and then later on you realize

you say might have might have been

completely saying the wrong things back

in the days and that that's how you

learn I think and obviously I've been

lucky to share the dressing room with

guys like Patrick Vieira with other

unlucky was then Zetterberg and the

actual manager today busines Kazi and

you know I've learned a lot from those

guys but the main thing is be come take

your time and when you say something

make it count

yeah shout on the pitch a lot all the

time I shout before we go on the pitch

but if I need to say something you know

when you shout it's more to like Johar

will do it all day like come on guys

let's go and and it's mortify the guys

up so we got a few guys in the team who

can do that really well that's a really

important role I believe but um there's

moments where you have to bring a

message across and when you have to

bring a message across I think you

should become well there's two things in

it when things aren't going well on the

pitch first of all you need to try and

play better and then you know you need

to make sure that you make the team

believe that it's not over yet so yeah

you have to be more vocal than but I

think we have some great players in the

team to do like James Milner if we lose

what it's 4 or 5 mil will be the first

one shouting like we need to keep going

and then run more and and and the team

does pick it up and then the team does

raises it level so the first is the

attitude in a second of course you know

show with you know you're you're you

know shout it out that you're gonna you

know do it better

i justified on the pitch yet you need to

be the first in then and to calm it down

yeah kind of help the referee out

sometimes because it's not always easy

for them but depending on as well it's

sometimes defending your teammates

because they might be picked on by

another team and some clever experienced

team try and take advantage of you like

on you mentally so I'll always be in

there the first and you know make sure

that the voice of our team is being

heard was the referee or making sure

that you know the smaller players on the

team are being protected