How to Lead a Family Devotional [Family Alter 04]

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a thank you again for joining us for

another family altar our prayer is that

you will make a small alteration for

home transformation this week we are

talking about how to lead a family

devotional and I am here with a special

guest this handsome young man who I am

privileged call my son can you tell them

what your name is seven years old and

just a wonderful wonderful son and so I

brought him along because we've been

talking lately about what it means to

have a family devotional and I told him

I said look up in a seminary I got a

couple degrees on this stuff I've

written on this stuff so I started

asking him questions about you know this

must be a real complex situation that we

do and you said it really was a complex

it was really what it was kind of easy

what we did I said well wait a minute I

think I know what I'm doing but I said

well what do we do and we have a family

devotional what are some of the things

that we do together as a family and

that's really it we pray we read the

Bible and we talk I think that's exactly

it and so as we go through it there's

just a certain kind of way that we do

this a lot of times it's not very I

guess mechanically great there's a lot

of distractions but we keep trying to do

it together as a family because we

really do believe that it's important

for a family to come around and share

God's Word together and so there are

actually some questions that we do that

sort of help and as we go down this next

step at least in our faith family at

Northside one of the things that we're

doing is we're providing some Bible

reading plans for your family and

they're a different depending upon the

age of your family or the size of your

family but starting this Sunday on our

website we're gonna have weekly Bible

readings we know that a lot of times if

you miss a baby because sometimes we

miss a baby week we do miss a day and we

feel really bad about it and if we miss

a lot of times we think oh no what we're

just off the plan and we don't continue

to do it but the reason we're doing a

weekly plan is so that you can go ahead

and no matter where you are start

reading through God's words and so

just take an example there are three

questions that we always ask when it

comes to a Bible reading is number one

what does this say about God because

ultimately the Bible is about God we

want to know what it says about him

right right

number two what is the it say about us

so is this passage does it say anything

about us and number three what will we

do about it we want to apply God's Word

so let's just take a Bible verse let's

do a little experiment show these people

here how we would do it in our house so

let's take I don't know let's start in

Genesis chapter one verse one do you

know that Bible verse yes what does it

say perfect okay so that Bible verse in

the beginning God created the heavens

and the earth what does that say about

God that's right so he created all

animals and people so you sort of answer

question number two in that one - way to

go overachiever doing great so God

create is the creator but he created us

so if God created Eli if he made Eli

just the way that you are just wonderful

what should you do about the fact that

he made you you know that's a great

point and we should do two things if God

made Eli just the way that it is the

best thing is that he could live his

life to help people to obey His Word and

to do those things right and so you see

what we did here it's not that really

complicated it's just opening up the

Bible talking through it and then you

pray and just sort of commit some those

Saints the Lord and sometimes will pray

around in a circle or I'll pray for you

and you'll pray for your sister and

she'll pray for whoever's around the

circle sometimes will pray for different

missionaries there's a lot of different

things you can do the most important

thing is though that you're doing it we

really do believe that it is the

family's role to be the primary

evangelists and disciple makers in the

home and so for us having a family

devotional is a pretty important thing

because what we want to show our

children is that the Word of God is an

integral part of our life you know in

Genesis chapter 18 just a few chapters

down from Genesis chapter 1 abraham is

getting ready and god has been calling

him to do some things tell

he's gonna have a sign and God is about

to go down in Sodom and Gomorrah you've

probably heard that story before where

God goes and does these things of sodom

and gomorrah he goes down and visits

abraham with these angels beside him and

he says shall I tell Abraham what I'm

gonna do and in Genesis 18:19 he says

because I want Abraham to do this and

you think man this is gonna be huge

what would he call Abraham to do I'm

thinking create this big learning

institution to train people too little

for God and this is what he says I want

Abraham to teach his children and his

household after him to follow me and

while that may seem very simplistic

that's the reason why you and I are even

having discussions about faith right now

because he was faithful and obedient to

that call that he went and just took it

a child in his house and his household

are the people there and they began to

teach them the word regardless of if

you're a part of the north south family

or not what we're gonna have on our

website every Sunday is a weekly Bible

reading plan that if you don't have one

I encourage you to use this one or to

find a plan that works as the main thing

is we want people in the word praying

together and it's just amazing that can

happen when you start drawing together

what God could do in your family when

you really focus on learning the

scriptures together praying together

talking together right is there anything

you'd add to that about family

devotionals what's important you just

look at verses and read them in fact

they're doing so much the reading is so

much the praying I'm sort of losing my

job and so my encouragement to you is

regardless of how often you've done this

I want you to make this small operation

for home transformation this week why

don't you try to spend a night or two or

maybe a breakfast time where you get

around and someone opens up the word and

you ask these questions what does it say

about God what does this say about us

and what will we do about it and commit

those extras the Lord you'll be amazed

to see what God can do in your home

through that key to them say thanks for