Tired of missing doves? Try these tips

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you know the national average out there

is four or five shells for every dove

that's harvested and for some people

it's significantly more than that and

you know let that's that's fine out

there a lot of people like to shoot they

went all the action but when you got a

lot of your buddies around you don't

want to miss you want to be that guy

that they go back and you know see that

guy can shoot well there's a few things

that you can do that obviously going to

help you be more prepared one is shoot

more you know go out in the offseason

get you an auto trap though I spend some

time practicing you know busting some

clays and things along those so that

your eyes hand-eye coordination tracking

targets is a little better another thing

I like to tell people is pick up some

shotgun shells that are you know

high-quality those are going to allow

you to overcome your mistakes because

most people are generally speaking not

giving a bird enough lead so you want

something to get there faster against

the more expensive shells you're going

to deliver shot they're a little faster

than the cheaper ones so you can save

money a lot of times by having the

better ones finally you know another

little trick that I've started using

recently as the high besides you know

they allow me to focus so much better

because it's I've got a bright light

pipe at the end of my shotgun that

allows me to pick up my sight picture

and line it up quicker with the bird

which results in once again less shots

which makes my buddies think I'm a

better shine at the end of the day and

hey that's where something cuz you don't

get razzed all the time when you miss

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