How to Build an Engaged Team in Direct Sales- Leadership

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hey there in this video Brady and I are

gonna show you oh I found him oh I found

it um we're gonna show you how to grow

your business organically is that the

word we're looking for well anyway

you'll see what I mean

ok let's break it down this is how to

build your business without stocking

your friends and family ok so this is

literally how I built my business and I

want to share it with you because I'm

just not a pushy person I just want

everyone to be my friend and that's

always been my approach that's how I am

with everything I do in my business so

if you met me you wouldn't be like dude

she's crazy she's like always gonna talk

about our business you probably wouldn't

even know what I do

that's how passive I am about it and

it's it works so because I have I've

gotten a lot of great things out of my

business and it's changed my financial

future forever which sounds so cliche I

hate it and saying max that sounds

cliche but whatever but it has and

that's the truth so um so I'm going to

share with you how to get out of your

friends and family and build this

awesome business from just a few people

and so at the bottom when you're brand

new you're in the ice cream cone stage

of your business what is that that is

you have to go out and pound the

pavement a little bit and ask your

friends and family if they would like a

free ice cream zone

ok your business might be different you

might not be offering free ice cream

cones my business we offer free facials

ok so so anyway you got to go out now

offer ice cream cones and I want you to

think about if you really worked for an

ice cream shop and your boss said hey go

out and off we're giving away free ice

creams vanilla cones go out and see who

wants one you go out into the street and

you're like hey free ice cream cone it's

vanilla the first lady's like no I'm

lactose intolerant can't eat that next

person's like yeah I would love it they

take it and I eat it the next person's

like no dude I only eat spatio the next

person's like what no sprinkles are you

kidding me I'm not eating that and then

the last word is like I only do

chocolate swirl

are you kidding I'm not having that okay

so you get some people that will eat

your ice cream cone and some people that

won't same is true of our business and

some people will just ignore you they're

gonna walk right by they're gonna be

like I am in a rush don't don't you even

know like where I'm going to go

somewhere hello I'm ignoring you and I'm

going to take your ice cream cone okay

so you're going to get a mix of that in

your business right and so it's kind of

like 1 out of 10 people that you offer

your ice cream cone to they will accept

it because you know what you might have

caught them at a bad time they literally

they're like toilet just exploded at

home and they're like going on their way

to like the store to get a plunger to

fix the toilet mess in their house and

so when you stop them to offer them an

ice-cream cone they're like are you

breathing like do you even know what I'm

going through right now so they

are you okay so there's a multitude of

things that can happen with you getting

your ice cream comes out so when you're

new it's a little different because

you're offering these ice cream cones to

your friends and family you're offering

your service to your friends and family

and your friends and family you have an

emotion attached to them you know your

aunt Bertha you know your sister Sally

you know your mom and so when they

ignore you or when they say no because

of whatever's going on their life you

feel sadness in your heart because

you're like what her family can't

believe you would leave would say that

okay so you get sad but I'm going to

tell you something

this business gets a whole lot easier

when you can get out of ice cream cone

stage and you get up into these smiley

face sunshine heart stage and that's not

even tell you how to do so your only job

is to get five ice cream cones out you

want to get five ice cream cones out and

then your goal with those five people

that you are in front of is to

accomplish one of four things number one

you want to either book a party with

them so that they'll introduce you to

their friends number two you want to

sell some product to them they fall in

love they want to buy stuff great if not

that's great too number three you want

to get referrals from them referrals

will lead you to the people you're meant

to meet in this business and number four

you want to find a new team member and

that might happen so that's ultimately

your goal so okay first ice cream cone

you finally get your ought to sit down

with you and our businesses are all

different but here's what I say to get

people in front of me is I've got a

little script and here it is it

basically says hi Katie how are you okay

random questions so I'm now out whatever

your company name is beauty consultant

and part of my training is to give 30

women a free facial in my first month

basically you get a satiny smooth hand

treatment and anti-aging facial a spa

microdermabrasion treatment expert

foundation matching any chance you could

be one of my thirty so that's what I say

and I do it by text message even better

I don't call anyone I offer that and

some people say yes to the ice cream

comes and some people say no so let's

say this is your opera the first ice

cream cone there she says yes cool now

she is that the appointment she may buy

something from you she may not she may

look something she may not in this

particular situation she played the

fabulous referral game which if you

haven't played a referral game at your

parties you're missing the boat there

cuz that'll change your whole life that

like literally changed my whole life

like I will never run out of leads in my

whole entire life forever because of the

fabulous referral game so anyway Google

that it's on my youtube channel so

you'll play the fabulous referral game

and then from there - she gives you 20

names and out of 20 you'll get 1 out of

10 will book an appointment 1 out of 10

stay with the ice cream cone some people

are going to fix their toilet they don't

have time for an ice cream cone so

people like pistachio so people watch

sprinkles some people are lactose


okay whatever so they don't know don't

know they say no or they ignore you but

whatever one out of ten will book an

appointment so you got 20 names from her

you book - those two people become

Smiley's little Smiley's they're happy

new clients they buy from you they had a

blast and while they were there they

played the fabulous referral game those

two Smiley's they didn't book a party

because just one their thing but they

played the fabulous referral game and

what happened from smiling number one

look at you met somebody who joined your

team and then you met another person who

see that smiley that little smiley

booked a party and look at all the

people she introduced you to okay and

then the other smiley she sent you

someone who was a sunshine what's a

sunshine it's just happy people they

just bring sunshine and referral they

don't buy anything from you but they

make your heart hat because you made

them feel pretty and they feel good when

they leave and that is part of our

business is to just help people feel

beautiful and pretty okay so you met a

sunshine person and then you met someone

who bought something and booked a party

okay so this is a very normal scenario

and so as this continues on what you

start to see if the ladies that book

parties gets you to five more people and

those five people lead you to five more

people or one more person or whatever

and along the way yeah you meet some

smileys that are happy new clients

sometimes you meet some hearts you're

happy new team members that joined your

team and sometimes you meet sunshine and

you know what's funny is sometimes you

meet a sunshine and you're like I didn't

do anything

I hope consultants it'll call me they're

like I'm quitting it two appointments in

a row and I didn't book anything and

sell anything and I'm quitting and I'm

like dude was it was a sunshine if you

quit at a sunshine look at all of the

things that come from the sunshine like

all the pleads that you're likely

on the table like it's incredible so

sunshine should bring you joy should be

like dude I just got 9 million referrals

from the sunshine and I'm so happy I'm

like sunny and I'm dancing around and

you're like feeling so happy like a

rainbow you should be happy so I like


they all are part of our business and so

that is how I felt my business really

kind of organically friendly without

being pushy and crazy and if you're in

the ice cream cone stage I will tell you

that's the hardest part of your entire

business once you get up here and do

this happy land of hearts and Happy's

and Smiley's and Sunshine's you're like

floating on air and that's where you

want to be so yes you're on the hardest

stage but that's okay get the ice cream

cones out there and get on with it and

it's going to be so much easier so

successful women they feel the fear and

they do it anyway and that is honestly

what I ran with in the beginning I just

knew that and I also knew that you had

to kind of fake it a little till you

made it I was so uncomfortable at my

first 60 faces that I saw I was just

uncomfortable I know what I'm saying

what I was doing but I just knew I could

just fake it till I made it it would it

would eventually get easier

I'm making my hair fall off oh you got

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