Network Marketing Success - 3 Ways To Grow A Network Marketing Team When You’re Brand New

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so how do you get people to join your

team when you are brand new you just

started your business and you haven't

created any results yet you don't even

know your tools or your process yet heck

your products maybe haven't even arrived

who the heck would listen to you or sign

up well in this episode that's exactly

what we're talking about I'm going to

share with you three ways that you can

create results fast right out of the

gate even if you're brand new if you're

in any of these positions and maybe

you're not brand new but you definitely

will want to stay tuned because you're

gonna need to teach this to your team so

it's coming up



welcome to episode 204 my name is Tanya

Eliza and I help entrepreneurs the

network marketers create success fast

well most importantly designing a

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along with today's topic now I want to

start with this if you tell yourself all

of the reasons why you can't or you

won't you won't all right so it's all

about what you can do there's a lot of

people out there that say well I'm not

in my product yet or I haven't gotten a

result yet or maybe I should wait before

I do anything I need to learn everything

I need to know everything it's all

mindset and I want you to know that you

want to the goal the goal the goal the

goal the goal you want to make sure that

you create a power story right out of

the gate you need a power story so you

can brag on your power story so imagine

saying to somebody hey I just got

started and in just a couple of weeks

this is what I was able to do so you

don't want to wait you want to follow

these tips in this video on how to get

some business stirred up even before

your product comes or your super new or

you've even created any results yet or

even if you know anything yet now before

I dive into my three ways you guys know

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you in your business so here's my three

ways that you can get started and create

a result fast okay number one you want

to share your story share your why and

get excited about it and have confidence

okay so that's number one I've got two

more for you but here's the thing what I

teach inside of my team is what we call

a why post so we teach our team right

when they get started to share why it is

that they're doing what it is that

they're doing why they're using the

product why they just ordered this

product or why they started the business

and we encourage them to get vulnerable

but get excited and exude confidence now

we typically get our team to actually do

this in the form of a Facebook live on

their Facebook profile to announce to

people what has gotten them really

excited why they're really excited the

position that they were in before what

they were looking for specifically and

what they found without saying the name

of the product or the name of the

company because we want to pique

curiosity and then we have a call to

action that that they use that they say

hey for anybody that's in a similar boat

or would like to learn more drop me a

message I love to share so we either

give them to do it in a Facebook lie but

not everybody is comfortable doing a

Facebook live right away so we also give

them examples of what they can post on

their social media to share their why

and why they either got started with the

product or why they got started with the

business number two you can share a

third party story and this is also on

top of sharing your why's this is

another kind of a post so when I got

started I share

all the time before I have my own

personal success story I shared all the

time my mentors story and now I've had a

couple of mentors in network marketing

now so there's a couple of different

stories that all balance off of from

time to time depending on what I want to

relate to with my audience and so I will

share a story of what I saw as far as my

mentors or how I met my mentors and what

kind of results they got what kind of

accomplishments that they've been able

to do so far or or accomplished so far

and I shared that until I have my own

story so what you want to do is you want

to get with your leadership you want to

get with your mentor and you want to say

hey I love to share your story as a

third party story before I create my own

on my social media can you give me some

hot points or some talking points that I

can use to share to get your story out

there to create curiosity and excitement

about what it is that we're doing so

that would be another way that you

should be using to create that result

with right out the gate when you're

getting started third way that you can

create results without knowing anything

being brand new is you want to make sure

that you lean on your leadership lean on

your leadership for the first 30 days

and make sure that you use your

leadership and let them know that you

need them when you do and so here's what

I encourage my team to do I know that

when somebody gets started on my team

they don't know much and I enough

definitely probably know more than them

hopefully I should hopefully you should

right and so what you want to do is you

want to tell them hey when you have

somebody that you're sharing the

business information or the product

information with then pop them into a

threeway group chat with me on facebook

Messenger or Instagram messenger and

then time a conversation and let me help

you guide them through the process and

let me help you answer any questions

that they have now what it does is it

provides a great training resource to

your new rep and to your new person as

well because you're the leadership can

help answer questions and if you're

brand new you can listen to how that's

getting done in the field so it kind of

serves two purposes

so just to recap you guys okay so share

your why and it get excited

get committed get confident and when it

is that you're doing share a third party

story or multiples third party stories

until you've created your own and lean

on the leadership that you have use them

in three wage hats when you're getting

started and make sure that you just set

your mind to hey I'm starting right now

and I am creating this power story no

matter what now protip okay maybe you're

watching this video right now and you

have gotten started in your business a

while ago but maybe you just haven't

done anything yet did you know that you

can always hit a reset in your business


so if maybe you haven't done anything in

a little while no big deal pick it up

start from here and go forward alright

and remember I've got a brand new

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