How to keep your team motivated

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is your team slacking that's the

question we've asked over 1200 leaders

and managers for the past 17 years when

people on your team are not contributing

they're not pulling their weight

literally in a very first demonstration

of this people were pulling a rope on

average people were able to pull 63

kilos of force per person you put those

people in two teams of three it goes

down to 53 kilos per person you put them

in teams of eight now we're down at 31

kilos per person this social loafing

effect has also been replicated in

intellectual challenges creativity tasks

complex reasoning and it occurs across

cultures India Japan Taiwan in addition

to the u.s. I had an opportunity to work

with the senior vice president at the

bulk Matic transport company

Brian's safety team at bulk Matic was

tasked with a really important project

how to install 500 smart drive cameras

in their tractors and produced coaching

clips and instill driver acceptance the

team had been working for several months

but there hadn't been any progress the

team wasn't engaged drivers were

quitting team members were not showing

up to meetings and when they did show up

they came 60 to 90 minutes late they

hadn't produced a single coaching clip

the phone calls were wandering off in

different directions so Brian and I put

our heads together and worked up a four

pronged intervention plan to increase

engagement step one develop a team

contract a team contract is a one-page

preferably half a page mission statement

of the team focusing on three things the

goal the responsibilities and the norms

everybody signs everybody commits Brian

called me the first day after he

introduced the contract to his team he

said this was the most productive

meeting the team had ever had and it

surprised him how much a simple tool

could increase the engagement of the

team step two short frequent meetings as

opposed to long drawn-out meetings the

research is in teams work to fill their

time Brian's safety team noticed that

the longer the distance

was between the meetings the more the

team started to drift off track so Brian

started hosting more frequent shorter

meetings and in each one of these

meetings they revisited the team

contract step 3

Stand and Deliver literally every week

team members need to stand up and report

out to the team what they've

accomplished that week

case in point Google Ventures weekly

Tuesday meetings everybody stands up and

reports out what they've accomplished

the research is in teams that stand up

are 34% more productive than teams that

sit down step four create a line of

sight when team members can see how

they're having an impact on the end goal

they're much more engaged let me give

you an example this was looking at

engagement in a fundraising organization

three groups one team had direct contact

with the beneficiary another group read

a letter from the beneficiary and one

group had no contact at all with the

beneficiary one month later the group

who'd had direct contact with the

beneficiary raised a hundred and seventy

one percent more money so what happened

at bulk matic the safety team

successfully installed 500 smart drive

cameras on schedule prior to the

intervention they had only installed 60

after several months and at-risk driver

behaviors cut to only 5% down from high

double digits the team contract was a

game-changer for bulk Matic and it can

be a game changer for your team as well